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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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New Radical Newsletter launched in Cardiff

24-11-2011 14:43

Cardiff has a new radical/anarchist newsletter. Faultlines aims to publish on social justice issues such as housing and migration from a radical perspective, and in particular focusing on Cardiff and South Wales.

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Black Flag 234 released and 233 set free

23-11-2011 17:35

A bit belatedly, Black Flag would like to announce the free online release of issue 233 of the magazine, along with our customary teaser article for the most recent issue - the one we need you to buy to keep us printing!

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The 1%'s New Battle: Selling War on Iran

22-11-2011 19:38

In the face of all that presently ails America--stagnant economy, staggering income disparity, high chronic unemployment, mass demonstrations coast to coast--a remedy is desperately needed. For a ruling elite concerned only with maintaining power, only one solution can address these concerns and those that are forthcoming. Yep. It’s time for another war.

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On the Murder of Gareth Williams of Wales

22-11-2011 17:48

In his new article, CIA analyst Trowbridge H. Ford writes about murdered Welsh intelligence man Gareth Williams.

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Bankers Rule - OK?

21-11-2011 22:34

The continued erosion of citizen democracy occurs on two levels. The first at the government level as demonstrated by the examples in Greece and Italy where non-elected figureheads have been imposed upon the citizens of these countries. The second level is over the brutal attacks upon the peaceful demonstrations against the current effects of the economic and financial crisis.

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We Are 0%

21-11-2011 19:14

The concept of 99% turned itself into the mass of tended-to-be-represented folks not different from former 100%-ers represented in “we are all humans” system - usually named as bourgeois democracy.

We are outside from 100% of statistics based paneconomism which is deeply racist at its core.

We’re against oppression by plutocratic 1%-ers or that established by manipulative majority.

We are unmanageable multitude of selforganised zeros.

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The City of London: a cost / benefit analysis of the moral and economic cancer a

20-11-2011 18:27

Whilst not even having a positive impact on the UK economy, let alone society, the City of London places British people at the centre of an international network of tax havens which facilitates the harsh realities that the majority of people in this world have to live with everyday. Just as we banned slavery, we have another opportunity to change the world for the better right on our doorstep, we just have to take it.

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25th Nov John Holloway talks in Brighton

20-11-2011 17:52

John Holloway talks on 'Crack Capitalism' at the University of Brighton

John is also talking the day before up at the University of Sussex.
That talk is entitled 'Rage Against the Rule of Money'

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Prof. Anthony J. Hall: Syria next scalp demanded in the '10th Crusade'

19-11-2011 13:42

BCfm’s weekly politics show
At five: discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world
After six: straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers and Marina Morris

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Slowly slowly falling apart any illusion of democracy or the real face of civil justice

18-11-2011 22:49

Slowly slowly falling apart any illusion of democracy


the real face of civil justice.

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UG#576 - Is 5000 Years Enough? (Debt, Morality & Fiat Currency)

18-11-2011 18:06

This week in hour 2 we start a new series of readings, from David Graeber's Debt, The First 5000 Years. We start the show with ex-financial regulator, William Black, telling his experience of systemic financial fraud in US since the S&L fraud. Then an explanation of fiat money, inflation and central banks by Edward Griffin.

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UG#577 - Money = Debt = War (The Rothschild Formula and The Myth of Barter)

18-11-2011 18:02

More of money's dark secrets this week. We begin with Edward Griffin on the connection between debt, central bankers and their direct financial interest in perpetuating war and the threat of it. We conclude by reading The Myth of Barter, chapter 2 of David Graeber's Debt, The First 5000 Years.

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Occupy Movement: where next?

18-11-2011 11:48

Now is a critical time for 'Occupy', as repressive forces bear down on them. This article puts out a few ideas to help us regroup, in order to carry the struggle forward.

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Matthew Gould and the Plot to Attack Iran

14-11-2011 14:28

Matthew Gould photo
This is an article from, analysing the Fox/Werrity saga further than the MSM have been prepared to, in connection with drumming up support for military action against Iran. It was offered as a paid article to a number of newspapers but appears to have been too hot for them to touch. As some readers will know, Craig was the only diplomat to have fallen out with the FCO (Foreign Office) over the policy of extraordinary rendition and torture-tainted intelligence. Permission has been given to re-publish/re-tweet this article anywhere - please do so!

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Nuclear powered crime: EDF hacking conspiracy directors jailed

12-11-2011 01:04

BCfm’s weekly politics show
At five: discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world
After six: straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers

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After Nov 9: Where do we go from here?

11-11-2011 10:45

Front of Student March - rikkiindymedia[at]
Were the Nov. 9th protests a game changer as we suggested they could be in a previous post? The answer is yes but certainly not in the way that we were hoping events would turn out! The hoped for meeting up of the sparks and students to unite as one protest was shafted by what can best be described as ‘total policing’ tactics from the Met aimed at intimidating and frustrating protesters every step of the way.

From the reports we’ve heard so far, the electrician’s action was pretty lively with roads being blocked for a while but the cops soon moved in with the result that the sparks ended up being kettled. You have to go back a long way to remember the last time plod took action against striking workers in this way. What is happening with the sparks action is having a resonance by word of mouth with other construction workers as doubtless they potentially face the shafting the electricians are confronting. We passed a few construction sites yesterday and the march was definitely getting the thumbs up from the builders watching us pass by. What is frustrating and quite scary is the almost total media blackout of the sparks dispute. The journalists are aware this dispute is going on but it’s hard to escape the suspicion that pressure is being applied from high up to keep this story under wraps.

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Papademos: the first of the Banktators

10-11-2011 15:34

The imposition of unelected technocrats in Italy and Greece is just the sharp edge of a general slide away from democratic values in Europe. That fact that this is coinciding with an economic crisis highlights the incompatibility of neo-liberal capitalism and democracy itself. In this contradiction lies both the cause and solution to the crisis.

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Hope Not Hate & Searchlight: civil war?

08-11-2011 21:37

In the last few weeks there have mean major cracks developing between Searchlight magazine & their cash-cow dummy front organisation 'Hope Not Hate'. Clearly, arguments about money are not exclusive to the BNP...

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Seven Billion ... And Rising

08-11-2011 13:18

The world’s population surpassed 7 billion on October 31. But except for perhaps the anti-family planning lobby, this was a milestone that few were in a mood to celebrate.

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Facing Up To Mike Weatherley's Fearsome Gauntlet

08-11-2011 13:03

I take your gauntlet and use it to apply a slap across your filthy chops, Mike.
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