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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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24-09-2006 07:39

Announcing the second comic book/coloring book from

ABOLISH RESTAURANTS: a worker's critique of the food service industry

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Nothing Right

23-09-2006 14:16

The one glaring undeniable fact regarding the Bush administration is the fact that they have failed in ALL their endeavours – in other words they have done nothing right. The latest display of neo-con ineptitudes by John Bolton and Condoleezza Rice regarding their tactical inaction during the conflict in South Lebanon reveals the essential ideology/philosophy of the neo-cons – not only [to], ‘GIVE WAR A CHANCE; but also, WAR IS THE ANSWER’! [Thank you John Lennon.]

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22-09-2006 23:38


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The Problem With...Plastic

22-09-2006 23:14

There are few substances that provoke so much ire amongsts environmentalists as plastic, but is that a fair reputation for such a useful material, or does the problem go much deeper than just litter and landfill?

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UK/USA:Establishment joins"radicals",success 4 sentience, minderbinder panics

22-09-2006 15:36

- IN CASE PEOPLE MISSED IT - WE HAD A KEY MOMENT YESTERDAY - things are moving - the "royal society" is the oldest scientific organisation in britain, invented after 1649, then put into practise after the "restoration" - its about as establishment as it gets . . . .
- the reaction was shocking too, though - revelatory, for some, in fact -

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22-09-2006 15:21

Can we really reconnect to Nature in order to overcome the "challenges" posed by Global Warming? Is reconnection truly an option or is it too late and we really should make way for the next species?

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Solomon Islands PM publicly denounces Australian government

22-09-2006 01:01

The second time in a few months
This is the second time in a few months that the Howard government has embarked on a dirty tricks campaign to destabilise a neighbouring government. Just three months ago, East Timor’s prime minister, Mari Alkatiri, was forced to resign on June 26 and the former foreign minister, Jose Ramos-Horta, who made no secret of his sympathies for the US and Australia, was installed in his place.

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The Cottage of Content Occupation: Summary

21-09-2006 21:36

A week has past since the forcible eviction of the occupiers of the so-called Cottage of Content. With no official word from Birmingham City Council, the buildings’ future function looks uncertain.

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Divisionism is Death

21-09-2006 14:55

A well-known method of subjugation utilised by conquerors and rulers alike is, “divide and conquer”; this strategy applies equally in times of war and peace. It may surprise many but this method remains the principal means of social control in today’s western societies. The primary divisive structure today is the (separate, ‘closed-door’) nuclear family and the principal divided unit is the psychically isolated, competitive individual. [It should be noted that the ‘individual’, as distinct from the group, is a relatively recent social creation.]

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Pakistan's intelligence service threatens defendants relatives

21-09-2006 12:52

A defendant in a UK terror trial has revealed in his testimony that the Pakistani ISI "played a role in training Islamic militants". The ISI then threatened his family in Pakistan and he has refused to testify anymore.

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Climate change sceptic Bjorn Lomberg on radio 4

21-09-2006 09:39

Caroline Lucas featured prominently on the radio 4 programme Iconoclasts last night which was a debate with the maverick political scientist Bjorn Lomborg who was trying to convince everyone that not only is climate change not a real threat, but that trying to do anything about it is a big waste of money.

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Middle East: Imperial Assault And Tasks For The Left

21-09-2006 08:18

The present interview with Alex Callinicos was performed over several weeks by email spanning late July to mid September. The early questions took place at the start of the Israeli attack on Lebanon. The last five questions were answered in one go in mid September. Because of the length of the interview it was not possible to pose any further questions arising out of these answers.

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21-09-2006 06:34

How the US pursues its imperial aims

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IMF out of the Philippines and South countries now, protesters demand

21-09-2006 03:13

IMF out of the Philippines and South countries now!
On the occasion of the Annual Meeting of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) together with the World Bank in Singapore, the Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC) and other civil society organizations blame “the Fund” for being the single most influential factor for the worsening poverty in the Philippines and other countries in the South.

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Ex-UK Intel Official says Liquid Explosive Claims "Fiction"

21-09-2006 00:35

This is the exclusive story that the entire British media establishment ignored. It's a story that almost every major newspaper was offered, but didn't want to print. It's the story of how the British and American governments, for all intents and purposes, invented a terror threat in August 2006, to trigger a climate of fear and paranoia convenient for the legitimization of a political agenda of intensifying social control at home, and escalating military repression in the Middle East. And in so doing, they diverted the attention of the police and intelligence services toward a phantom, and away from a very real threat that remains intact, and that the government refuses to deal with.

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Australian government’s role in ousting East Timor’s prime minister Alkatiri

20-09-2006 20:11

Ousting of Alkatiri
The record of the Howard government in the ousting of Alkatiri demonstrates yet again that Canberra will stop at nothing to assert its economic and strategic interests in East Timor and throughout the Asian Pacific region. Having dispatched troops to the island in 1999 and 2006, the Australian government, with US backing, is determined to undercut its rivals and install a compliant regime.

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Marxists wreck productive body

20-09-2006 19:49

K. Marx and Ricardo states that wages not depend on production but in necessaries that tippify a slavery society not a mercantil systm. This conducts a marxists in govern to destroy productive system and to serve as clerks of financier capital.

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20-09-2006 17:50

You guessed it - as a member of management of Notting Hill Housing Trust we had to ban this site - far too much of the truth is being known by the public and the taxpayers - and worse of all the slimy shite tenants. So we just put that extra bit of pressure on those who work at Indymedia - it works like a dream!

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Nestlé, York, the Philippines and the boycott

20-09-2006 17:40

Nestlé has just announced lay offs in York. Meanwhile in the Philippines trade unionist five years into a strike prepare to mark the first anniversary of the assassination of their leader. Nestlé was wining and dining trade unionists at the TUC a little over a week ago and is sponsoring a fringe meeting at the Labour Party Conference on Monday. As with the baby milk issue, it puts its own profits first while engaging in PR to divert criticism.

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What Future for Haiti? An Interview with Patrick Elie

20-09-2006 15:42

A new grassroots movement will have to form that comes from the street and grassroots mobilizations. Lavalas is this movement, but Lavalas and Fanmi Lavalas, although related, are different things. Fanmi Lavalas is a political organization. Lavalas is a political philosophy, not a party. Lavalas and the popular movement are one in the same. It was the name coined for it by President Aristide. But he did not invent the reality of it, he just put a name on it. He doesn’t own it. It owns him.
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