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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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The Need For Industrial Unity: a question of anarchist organisational imperativ

08-10-2009 13:27

The situation we face calls for anarchists to push industrial unity, not sectional or ideological interests. Libertarian socialist group L&S has look what why this is, and what this means for our movement - if we are to be a movement.

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Media Lens: The Westminster Conspiracy

08-10-2009 12:52

Former BBC Director General, Greg Dyke, On The Media-Political Opposition To Radical Change

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Analysis of the EON Kingsnorth decision

08-10-2009 10:38

Blogs, twitter and the MSM are buzzing with last nights news that Eon has shelved plans to replace it's aging Kingsnorth power plant with another coal burning dinosaur but are these reports telling the whole story?

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Workshop on Animal Rights Activism in Britain at the Anarchist Bookfair 24 Oct

07-10-2009 22:50

A meeting to discuss the development of grassroots animal rights activism in the past 10 years since the closure of laboratory cat breeder Hillgrove Farm. This was widely seen as the beginning of a new phase in the struggle for animal rights and anti-vivisection but have the hopes of campaigners at the time been fully realised?

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"Human lab rats: they're only animals"

06-10-2009 11:46

My name is Michelle Julien, I am the author of a book about the people testing our drugs - the invisible, those whom consumers ignore or whose existence they'd rather ignore. I participated to about ten clinical trials in France and in the United Kingdom.

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Shut down Pagani! Azadi*! An evaluation of the no border camp in Lesvos

06-10-2009 06:37

Never before have we experienced a noborder camp on the outer borders of the EU at which political protests and social struggles for the freedom of movement were as intertwined as they were in Lesvos. International press coverage about the detention centre at Pagani was considerable and we return with many new impulses for transnational networking. Even if meetings were characterised by strong disagreements, our evaluation of Lesvos is overwhelmingly positive.(1)

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Climate Change, Energy and the Politics of the Future

05-10-2009 21:51

Sheffield Cathedral, working in partnership with the Diocese of Sheffield, is proud to be hosting a major series of lectures on environmental issues. Climate Change, Energy and the Politics of the Future: exploring the practicalities of political planning for climate change, will explore the political and economic implications of climate change, featuring three prominent speakers from industry, academia, and economics.

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The Anglo-US Drive into Eurasia and the Demonization of Russia

05-10-2009 19:23

"In reality, the Cold War did not start because of Soviet aggression, but because of a long-standing historic impulse by Anglo-American elites to encircle and control Eurasia. The Soviet Union honoured its agreement with Britain and the U.S. not to intervene in Greece, which even came at the expense of Yugoslav-Soviet relations as Marshal Tito broke with Stalin over the issue. This, however, did not stop the U.S. and Britain from falsely accusing the Soviets of supporting the Greek Communists and declaring war on the Soviets through the Truman Doctrine. This move was a part of the Anglo-American bid to encircle the Soviet Union and to control Eurasia. Today this policy, which existed before the First World War and helped spark the Second World War, has not changed and Anglo-American elites, such as Zbigniew Brzezinski, still talk about partitioning Russia, the successor state of the Soviet Union."

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Venezuela: Big Brother invites us to take our daily Novartis Chip

04-10-2009 20:33

Look around, our corporate Father, Big Brother, is already taking up full fascist control of 'Chip Globe'.

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Zhibin Gu: China's communist dynasty: politics history of 60 years in review

04-10-2009 13:07

What is really inside Communist China since 1949? What is really behind China's politics, business, economy and international relations? Is China's communist corruption going to ruin the nation in light of global financial crisis? Get powerful reviews from a new posting by provocative Chinese thinker George Zhibin Gu of World Association of International Studies at Stanford University.

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Obama Makes Up IAEA Rules for Iran

04-10-2009 10:15

The occasion of Tehran's report to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on September 21, 2009 that it is in the process of building a low-capacity second uranium enrichment plant near the holy city of Qom provided President Barack Obama with a new opportunity to backtrack on one of his outstanding presidential campaign promises of engagement and normalization of diplomatic relations with Iran.

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Iran - The War Dance

01-10-2009 13:51

On September 19, the Irish Times reported:

“Israel has rejected the call by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and open up its atomic sites to international inspection.” (Mark Weiss, ‘Israel spurns nuclear watchdog's call to open atomic sites to inspection,’ Irish Times, September 19, 2009;

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The Decapitation of Pakistan by its own Military!

30-09-2009 18:16

Pakistani military helped destroy Afghanistan, and they are now helping to destroy Pakistan. No Pakistani civilian I know, including myself, ever authorized the Pakistani military to destroy Afghanistan, or aid the United States in its own hegemonic plans on the Grand Chessboard. Do you know anyone? So from where did they get their mandate? I would rather have clean drinking water in my tap, damn it! What good are the bloody nukes when they become the raison d'être for our very destruction in this manner without ever firing a single missile at the drones that are killing our own peoples?

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Second Coup Fails, as Lonely Oligarch Plots Third Honduran Coup of 2009

30-09-2009 15:36

"Facusse’s proposal is in effect on behalf of The Third Coup, or at least a trial balloon toward its attempt. But beyond its whacky proposals above, The Third Coup has an even more fatal flaw: It was developed in a back room by rich and powerful magnates, without so much a consulting, much less dialoging with, a single worker, or farmer, or student, much less their organizations that represent the great mass of the mobilized Honduran people. For it is their power from below that has prevented both malicious coups this year from triumphing. No regime - not any more - can hold on to power in Honduras unless it sufficiently satisfies the amalgam of social movements that are now popularly referred to as The Resistance.
Furthermore, to attempt to reward Micheletti just two days after he bared his despotic teeth – in effect, betraying his other coup plotters in their lust for portraying this pustch as “not a coup” - with a lifetime unelected post in Congress, as Facusse’s proposal does, indicates a mindset so far removed from the realities demonstrated over the past summer, so profoundly out of touch with the overwhelming sentiment of the majority of his countrymen and women, that it offers a glass window into the mysterious mind of the oligarch, trying one more time to extract advantage over everybody else, even as his best made plans come crashing down all around him."

Full article

Honduras RESISTE! (by Latuff)

29-09-2009 11:47

Honduras RESISTE!
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Key facts to keep in mind while opposing war against Iran

29-09-2009 09:16

Nicholas Sarkozy, Gordon Brown and Barack Obama at the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh
Representatives of Iran and six of the world's most powerful countries are scheduled to meet this week in Geneva, one of a series of events that increasingly looks like a rerun of the build-up to the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq.

Now is the time to reaffirm a simple principle that ought to be the bedrock of our anti-war movement: every country that has been oppressed by U.S imperialism has the right to determine its own destiny.

Full article

Nestle's threats to farmers in Zimbabwe

29-09-2009 03:38

An article in the Daily Telegraph profiles Nestlé under the headline: "Nestlé: the world's biggest food company and one of the 'most boycotted'" and reveals that the company is purchasing 1 million litres of milk per year from Grace Mugabe, wife of the President Robert Mugabe, despite sanctions due to human rights abuses by the regime.

Full article | 21 comments

More Lies, More Deception

28-09-2009 06:56

Nicholas Sarkozy, Gordon Brown and Barack Obama at the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh
Iran is insisting that the US government abide by the non-proliferation treaty that the US originated and pushed and that Iran signed. But the US government, which is currently engaged in three wars of aggression and has occupying troops in a number of other countries, insists that Iran, which is invading and occupying no country, cannot be trusted with nuclear energy capability.

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Honduras Crime Scene (by Latuff)

28-09-2009 00:55

Honduras crime scene
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

Full article | 9 comments

SHAC's Operation Liberation – Open letter and pics of cops!

27-09-2009 14:42

Cops from the Operation Liberation demo and an open letter!
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