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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Planned Attack on Iran: Bush Will Expand War Before Blair Resigns

16-01-2007 22:44

According to the un-named sources cited in the Arab Times, the US timetable is being driven by the retirement of George Bush’s major ally, Prime Minister Tony Blair.

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Criminal Empire

16-01-2007 12:36

Move over Mafia, Cocaine cartels, Russian, Balkan, Cuban groups, Triads and numerous other criminal organisations – the U.S. State is taking over! Today, the methodologies of the American State cannot be distinguished from the methods of organised crime. The latest executions of Saddam’s cronies and the newly signed deal to allow American Oil Companies unprecedented access and open slather exploitation of Iraqi Oil reserves leave little doubt regarding the real intentions of the illegal invasion. The Washington line of spreading ‘liberty’ and ‘democracy’ will go down in history as a feeble and transparent charade. Nevertheless, America has proven that caveman tactics of brute force and mindless violence (over 655,000 dead) succeed in satisfying immediate needs. It has also become apparent that the USA is unable to see the untenability of its actions in the long term – America has failed to assess the real costs of its morally bankrupt actions!

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Paradoxes Doom Bush’s ‘New Strategy’ in Iraq

16-01-2007 08:40

President George W. Bush’s paradoxical “new strategy” in Iraq is doomed by its own contradictions as much as by Iraqi and regional paradoxes and would in no time prove that the U.S. president’s go-it-alone approach will only extend the failure of the 2003 military invasion in developing into a permanent occupation, amid wide spread world and American calls for withdrawal and political solution.

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Global Research Feature Article: The Harper Government and Canada's 'War-on-Terr

16-01-2007 00:01

More right wing
Global Research Feature Article: The Harper Government and Canada's 'War-on-Terror' Immigration Policy

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Bush's Iraq Plan: Goading Iran into War

15-01-2007 12:42

President George W. Bush's address on Iraq Wednesday night was less
about Iraq than about its eastern neighbor, Iran. There was little new
about the US's strategy in Iraq, but on Iran, the President spelled
out a plan that appears to be aimed at goading Iran into war with the

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"It's 1938"

15-01-2007 11:12

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is making the rounds in the media with his "new" slogan designed to scare American Jews and Christians into supporting the bombing of Iran.

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Are Iranians sleepwalking into a disaster?

15-01-2007 02:15

Never in the long history of Iran has a threat had such disastrous
potential as the current threat of US attack. In the past when the
Greeks, Arabs, Mongols, etc. raided, destroyed, divided the country, there
was always the potential for a strong leader to rise up in the future and
re-unify the land.

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Conferencia en Corvera en la Xornada escontra la represión (12012007)

14-01-2007 22:59

En la Xornada escontra la represión organizada por la plataforma de la mocedá de la comarca d'Avilés tuvo lugar el coloquio que sobre el mismo tema dieron 5 ponentes vinculados a la represión a través de la conflictividá laboral.

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Islamophobic Australians attack peaceful Aussie mufti

14-01-2007 20:51

Peace Shiek
January 15, 2007 - Aussie mufti Sheik Taj al-Din Hilali's recent comments during an Egyptian TV interview have triggered more Islamaphobic outrage in Australia, with a number of politicians, including Federal Immigration Minister Senator Amanda Vanstone, laughing him off as an "irrelevance" or demanding he "stay in his native Egypt if did not like Australia."

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FOIA,U.S.A.G.Alberto Gonzales and SEC Chairman Chris Cox's Enron conflict

14-01-2007 20:32

And there is every reason to believe based upon where these shares are ending up in boiler rooms around the world and dumped on investors through Refco,vFIN,UBS, CHARLES SCHWAB AND OTHER MARKET MAKERS AND STOCK BROKERS IN THE U.S. AND AROUND THE WORLD THAT THEY CAN AND DO AID FAR RIGHT CRIMINALS AND ELITES TO LAUNDER MONEY FOR WHATEVER CAUSES THEY WISH !

Thanks for aiding world wide terrorism by allowing money laundering and illegal pump and dump scams,Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales.You are one of terrorism's and international criminals dream come true.

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ASEAN Civil Society Conference (ACSC II)

14-01-2007 02:54

ASEAN for the People
Statement of the 2nd ASEAN Civil Society Conference (ACSC II)

10-12 December 2006

Cebu City, Philippines

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If you only read the US press, you must be very confused about Venezuela

13-01-2007 22:11

If you only read the US press, you must be very confused about Venezuela. The extreme levels of distortion, lack of fact checking and source verification and outright manipulation of information in the US media on Venezuela is quite troubling and dangerous in a nation that has waged wars based on false data and misleading policies.

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Australia: Press Statement - Aboriginal Tent Embassy, Canberra

13-01-2007 21:01

Australian Map
35th Anniversary of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy Canberra & Aboriginal Sovereignty Day, 26th January 2007, Canberra. "Aboriginal Peoples must unite and assert our Sovereign Custodianship of our Lands. We must commence coming together as a united front, many nations one voice under the longest serving Sovereign, political protest site in the country. The Aboriginal Tent Embassy. The Land must go back to the Peoples. Land Rights is Human Rights. Land Rights is a Sovereign Right."

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Holiday Hypocrisy

13-01-2007 18:45

The corruption of US holidays for patriotism and profit.

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Media coverage of Guantanamo protest on January 11th 2007.

13-01-2007 18:38

Notes from the media coverage of the Guantanamo protests with four related photos.

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American Congress: Failed Institution

13-01-2007 03:44

Democrats have failed the American people (and civilised world) by allowing the lunatic U.S. President to re-introduce nuclear warfare in an already unstable world. Two extremely disturbing indications from Bush’s ‘new strategy’ spell madness in the clearest possible terms but the Democrats have made it clear, they will adopt the role of spectator, satisfying themselves with an ‘I told you so’ attitude AFTER the calamitous event. The non-interventionist attitude of the Democrats confirms INCOMPETENCE as a malaise that extends throughout the entire body of government in the USA. Any government that would plunge the world into a future holocaust earns for itself the status of nuclear target – where does it end? The only two nations likely to utilise nuclear weapons today are Israel and the United States, as has clearly been indicated by Bush and his echo, Condoleezza Rice, in their recent address:

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Will Bush Start a War With Iran?

13-01-2007 02:01

A number of articles are posted predicting a US war with Iran. And a Google search on this subject showed 104 million articles. Searching "US Nuclear War With Iran" showed 24.7 million articles. Therefore, a lot of very thoughtful people are deeply concerned, and writing about, this subject. And there are many indications that this nightmare will begin soon, just as there were before the illegal US bombing, invasion and occupation of Iraq began in 2003.

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Bush Speech: Full Steam Ahead on Iran Attack

12-01-2007 20:49

Bush said the U.S. intends to take action against Iranian proxies in Iraq, and vowed to find and destroy the networks supplying these groups with weapons and training.” In addition, and ominously if not predictably, Bush “also promised that the U.S. would work ‘with others’ in order to block Iran from developing nuclear arms and dominating the region.”

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Town centres – a tale of two councils

12-01-2007 15:01

Farnborough town centre – empty streets, boarded-up shops
Two councils, one which worked in collusion with a developer to destroy a town centre for a superstore, the other that said no to Tesco, now has a thriving town centre with several small retailers, bucking the national trend of closures.

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Why the US Is Not Leaving Iraq: The booming business of war profiteers

12-01-2007 11:38

Neither the Iraq Study Group nor other establishment critics of the Iraq war are calling for the withdrawal of US troops from that country. To the extent that the Study Group or the new Congress purport to inject some "realism" into the Iraq policy, such projected modifications do not seem to amount to more than changing the drivers of the US war machine without changing its destination, or objectives: control of Iraq’s political and economic policies.
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