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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Turbulence e-Newsletter 7

23-01-2009 16:50

To subscribe to the very low-traffic Turbulence e-Newsletter, follow this link:

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Nottingham Loses Out again

23-01-2009 01:36

Notingham City Council has had its Governement grant towards Discretionary Housing Payments for the sixth year running due to mismanagement by the Housing Benefits Service.

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French Co. loses contract due to illegal Israeli project!

22-01-2009 20:11

First major blow to a company implicated in Israeli violations of international law
VEOLIA Loses 3.5 Billion Euro Contract in Sweden
VEOLIA, the French company involved in the "Jerusalem Light Rail" project, connecting Jewish colonies in the Occupied Palestinian Territories to West Jerusalem, lost the largest public transportation contract in Europe.

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Dukes, Squatters, Travellers and Mortgages

22-01-2009 19:32

Three very different and apparently unrelated housing stories appeared in
today's news: 92% rise in repossessions, parklane squatters and a High Court decision whih woll mean the eviction of Dale Farm, a Irish Traveler Site in Essex.

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Semiotext(e)'s translation of Guy Debord's letters

22-01-2009 18:49

the entire book is thus both an Orwellian suppression of these relevant and important historical events, and an implicit validation and approval of the similar suppressions that preceded it and made it possible.

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Noam Chomsky: exterminate all the brutes

22-01-2009 02:07

Noam Chomsky writes about the latest attacks on Gaza.

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Black Reagan

20-01-2009 13:36

When Barack Obama started praising Ronald Reagan the candidate's apologists claimed he was just paying respect to a dead president. Now it's clear that Obama's affection for the raging old reactionary was heartfelt. With his latest pronouncements on cutting "entitlements," Obama "has proven himself to be a true believer in the Reagan revolution."

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PFLP: Our position on the "ceasefire," "calm" and the weapons of the resistance

20-01-2009 03:31

PFLP statement on the so-called ''ceasefire'', 18/01/09.

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Israel in Gaza: Beyond Disproportionate

20-01-2009 00:12

Marching amid the 50,000 protesters in London bearing witness against the Israeli offensive on Gaza, I spotted a hand-made placard inscribed with the words of the radical Brazilian educator Paolo Freire: “Washing one’s hands of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless means to side with the powerful, not to be neutral.”

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Why Israel won't survive

19-01-2009 23:49

The merciless Israeli bombardment of Gaza has stopped -- for now -- but the death toll keeps rising as more bodies are pulled from carpet- bombed neighborhoods.

What Israel perpetrated in Gaza, starting at 11:30am on 27 December 2008, will remain forever engraved in history and memory. Tel al-Hawa, Hayy al-Zeitoun, Khuzaa and other sites of Israeli massacres will join a long mournful list that includes Deir Yasin, Qibya, Kufr Qasim, Sabra and Shatila, Qana, and Jenin.

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Israel's Next War: Today the Gaza Strip, Tomorrow Lebanon?

19-01-2009 22:11

The objective in Lebanon is "regime change" and to repress all forms of political opposition. But how to bring it about? The forecast of the 2009 general-elections in Lebanon does not look favourable for the March 14 Alliance. Without an internal political or armed option in Lebanon, which could result in the installation of a U.S.-sponsored "democracy," Washington and its indefictible Israeli ally have chosen the only avenue available: a military solution, another war on Lebanon.

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500 pigs, 20 horses, 16 dogs, 2 starbucks - Sat 17th London Gaza march banned

19-01-2009 12:29

arbitrary roadblocks on Haymarket
Following Israel's announcement that they'd killed enough Palestinians to be going on with, London's lamest decided to celebrate the military success by going on a rampage through the West End, terrifying the decent people going about their normal business, with helmetted hordes and triplets of SWAT-style vans speeding in every direction chasing shadows and shebab.

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John Mearsheimer: Israel's Real Purpose In Its Atrocities in Gaza

19-01-2009 10:31

John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago, co-author of the paper (available online) and subsequent book (with Stephen Walt) _The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy_, presents a concise timeline description and absolutely the clearest account of the true reason behind Israel's wanton atrocities in Gaza.

Mearsheimer argues that diminishing Hamas or stopping their rockets are subsidiary goals for Israel, to Israel's more central goal of controlling all of historical Palestine via an "Iron Wall" policy that would permanently subjugate the Palestinian people and ensure Israeli control of all Palestinian land, air, water, borders/sea, and economy.

Mearsheimer points out that this goal cannot be achieved, and certainly not by the brutal method of a total war on the Palestinian people. The likely outcome even in the case of relative Israeli success is a permanent Apartheid, which itself will [thankfully] doom Israel as a chauvinistically and exclusionary "Jewish State"[and its racist state ideology of Zionism].

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Birmingham Gaza Demo and the SWP

18-01-2009 22:22

Members of Wrekin Stop War and Wrekin Anarchist Group collectives have just returned from a demo in central Birmingham in support of the Palestinian people under attack in Gaza.

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Sheffield: Row over "No To IDF No To Hamas" Placard

18-01-2009 00:15

A placard held by Alliance for Workers Liberty (AWL) supporters at the protest against the imperial genocide in Gaza in Sheffield on 17th January 2009, which read, "No To IDF No To Hamas" was taken down by the Chair of the Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

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Blood Coltan

17-01-2009 00:54

"4 million people have died in the past 13 years. THe violence feeds on the abundance of natural

-Blood Coltan

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Dissident Island Radio tonight - Mobilising '09

16-01-2009 14:02

In anticipation of the year ahead tonight's show focuses on some of the fun activities we can all look forward to in the UK and beyond.

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Anarchists force tory politician to resign!

16-01-2009 13:19

Background info:

First blood in the pension scandal!

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Big Underspend on Payments to help Poor Tenants

16-01-2009 01:55

Nottingham City Council has consistently underspent its allocation for Discretionary Housing Payments, despite rent arrears evictions going through the roof.

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Israeli War on the Gaza Strip: "The Birth Pangs of a New Palestine/Middle East"

15-01-2009 23:24

What is taking place in the Palestinian Territories is related to what is taking place across the Middle East and Central Asia, from Lebanon to Iraq and NATO-garrisoned Afghanistan, as part of a broader geo-strategic objective.
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