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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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American Health Insurance Compromise or Hypocrisy

17-08-2009 16:02

To Hell with THIS kind of CHANGE

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Italy, Germany and Japan: Former World War II Axis Nations Repudiate Bans agains

17-08-2009 15:42

U.S. military, especially air, bases in Germany, Italy and Japan have been used in every major military campaign waged by the Pentagon from the Korean War to the current one in Afghanistan for basing bombers and for the transit of troops, weapons and equipment.

So despite constitutional requirements to repudiate and renounce and bans against preparing for war, the three former Axis nations have indeed been partners to a series of armed conflicts for sixty years.

But for most of that period, indeed for almost a half century, the nations' legal prohibitions against direct military aggression have been observed even in the breach.

With the return of Germany, Italy and Japan to waging and supporting wars and the revival of Nazi sentiments in Europe a student of the future could be forgiven for thinking that the Axis powers were the victors and not the losers of World War II and that the Nuremberg trials had never occurred.

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Mass murder of Afghan infants by US, UK, NATO & Australia

16-08-2009 12:42

The "annual death rate" for Afghan infants is about 7%, this proving what an utter sham "democracy" is in Occupied Afghanistan and the war criminality of the US Alliance Occupiers, the US, the UK, NATO and Australia.

Would the Afghan parents and family members of these innocent victims willingly vote for puppets of the US Alliance mass murderers of Afghan children?

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Clinton Threatens War in Horn of Africa

16-08-2009 08:24

Secretary of State Clinton deployed language identical to George Bush's to justify U.S. military intervention in Somalia, and made bellicose threats against neighboring Eritrea.

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Nuclear Power Trashing the Climate

15-08-2009 12:42

The Joker
Nuclear Power produces EMISSIONS MUCH MORE POWERFUL THAN CO2 - not to mention nearly 500,000 tonnes of Co2 last year from Sellafield's gas plant. The barrage of pro nuke propaganda is aiming to bounce the country into nuclear new build. MP for Copeland Jamie Reed has been handsomely rewarded for consistently lying to Parliament about "homegrown, climate friendly and safe" nuclear power.

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Afghan War: NATO Builds History's First Global Army

14-08-2009 19:02

Two months before the eighth anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan and the beginning of NATO's first-ever ground war the world is witness to a 21st Century armed conflict without end waged by the largest military coalition in history. Never before have soldiers from so many states served in the same war theater, much less the same country.

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Open Letter to the Presidents of the Union of South American Nations

14-08-2009 13:25

"Clearly, faced with the progressive and democratic advances in our continent, the U.S. Empire - which in the past one hundred years exercised its hegemony over the life of our republics - has launched a retrograde and anti-historic counteroffensive, with the aim of rolling back the union, sovereignty and democracy of our continent, and imposing the restoration of imperial domination in all spheres of life of our societies."

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EF! Gathering location announced

14-08-2009 11:57

Details of how to get to this years Earth First! Summer Gathering have just been announced

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ID – Behind the Card

14-08-2009 07:25

With the ID card pilot set to hit Manchester this autumn, Dave Page from Manchester NO2ID tells us exactly what we’ll be getting.

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Of Power, Incarceration and Revolution (Part I)

12-08-2009 23:19

Incarceration being the domain of dogma is based upon false presumptions of capitalist power. The cunning revolutionist will attack it with stealth from the sanctity of the social power base.

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Yes-Men entertain, then anger audience

12-08-2009 16:50

The simulataneous screening of the new Yes Men film yesterday first entertain, then disappointed in a big way.

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Whose the Real Hypocrite Secretary Clinton?

12-08-2009 14:20

"In recent days, Narco News has reported that, in the three months prior to the June 28 coup d’etat in Honduras, the US-funded Millennium Change Corporation (MCC) gave at least $11 million US dollars to private-sector contractors in Honduras and also that since the coup it has doled out another $6.5 million.

The latter revelation – that the money spigot has been left on even after the coup – comes in spite of claims by the State Department that it has placed non-humanitarian funding “on pause” pending a yet-unfinished review."

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More than a movement -- the search for 9/11 truth is an awakening

12-08-2009 13:04

As I’ve dug deeper into who’s really out there spreading the truth about 9/11, I’ve found an inspiring assemblage of ordinary people from all walks of life.

Beyond the basic questions of who really did it, and all the hows and whys that go with it, diving into 9/11 truth for many becomes a personal and even spiritual process. It stirs us to ask deep and profound questions:

Who am I and what do I really believe? How do I know what I know? How would it change my life if I admit that “Dad” or any authority figure is really capable of the unthinkable? What does it mean to wake up and tell the truth every day -- to myself, first, and then to those around me who may ridicule me for what I say?

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Bombshell: Bin Laden worked for US till 9/11

12-08-2009 07:56

Former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds dropped a bombshell on the Mike Malloy radio show, guest-hosted by Brad Friedman (audio, partial transcript).

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Ralph Nader Was Right: Liberals Are Going Nowhere With Obama

12-08-2009 07:32

The American empire has not altered under Barack Obama. It kills as brutally and indiscriminately in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan as it did under George W. Bush. It steals from the U.S. treasury to enrich the corporate elite as rapaciously. It will not give us universal health care, abolish the Bush secrecy laws, end torture or “extraordinary rendition,” restore habeas corpus or halt the warrantless wiretapping and monitoring of citizens. It will not push through significant environmental reform, regulate Wall Street or end our relationship with private contractors that provide mercenary armies to fight our imperial wars and produce useless and costly weapons systems.

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12-08-2009 00:54

... for the empire was important to Britain in other, less material ways too.

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Football and Big Business

11-08-2009 16:26

So another Premier League season is about to start. Last year yet again the top four was made up of the same four clubs who generate the highest revenue. Is the virtual monopolisation of English football by wealthy businesses inevitable, or are alternatives possible?

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Honduras Coup: Template for a Hemispheric Assault on Democracy

11-08-2009 07:39

"Honduras resists!"
As Eva Golinger has convincingly documented1, the United States took part in conceiving, planning, and staging the coup. The U.S. ambassador in Tegucigalpa, Hugo Llorens, coordinates a team of high-ranking U.S. and Honduran military officials, and creatures from the old Bush administration, using the Soto Cano (Palmerola) U.S. air force base.

But when the army, machine guns blazing, assaulted President Zelaya’s house, kidnapped him, and dumped him in Costa Rica – still in pajamas – their actions forged unprecedented unity in Latin America and the Caribbean against the coup regime, and enraged hundreds of thousands within the country.

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Radical Jewish Website Launched -

10-08-2009 21:59

The UK based radical Jewish group Jewdas have launched a new website with the hopes of it being a hub for critical and comical cosmopolitan minded Jews and gentiles alike.
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