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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Wikileaks under mass distributed Denial of Service Attack

28-11-2010 17:36

Wikileaks announced today at 17.00 that the Wikileaks website is under a sustained and distributed Denial of Service Attack.

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Climate Change: Avoiding Catastrophe

28-11-2010 14:37

The revelation that carbon dioxide emissions are set to increase this year by over 3 per cent, despite temporarily falling 1.3 per cent between 2008 and 2009 due to global recession, signals an urgent warning that current efforts on climate change have simply failed. Even while we are still in the midst of recession - where the recovery is so fragile that another bank bailout is being pushed through in hopes of preventing a full-blown eurozone crisis - fossil fuel emissions have never been higher, and are projected to accelerate in coming years.

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A brief history of “kettling” and why The Police Riot.

28-11-2010 05:13

Following the events of the least few weeks we need to take time to re read:

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New article from Shift Mag: Immigration Rights and No Border Struggles in Europe

26-11-2010 15:47

New article from Shift Mag: Immigration Rights and No Border Struggles in Europe.
Read it here

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A new era of policing protest?

26-11-2010 13:02

Cop say Day X marked an end to protest as we know it. I think not...

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The Rise of North Yemeni Islamism in Birmingham

25-11-2010 23:14

One of the reasons generally given for the rise of extreme Islamism is the Arab defeat at the hands of Israel in 1967 in the six day war. It is theorised that, from this defeat (or Nakba as the Arabs refer to it), loomed the beginning of the end of Arab Nationalism and other, largely secular ideologies, which had hitherto led the struggle to liberate the Middle East from western domination and zionist colonialism. This defeat created the vacuum political Islamism has supposedly filled since..

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President Gul: NATO missile plan is in line with our expectations

25-11-2010 14:05

Obama, Gul, Papandreou and Cameron, NATO Summit, Lisbon, 19 November 2010
Ever since the November 2008 US Presidential elections, Turkey’s political establishment has been pretending to have an anti-imperialist stance against the threat of a possible war against Iran.

Actually, the signing of NATO’s new Strategic Concept by Turkey and all the other members of NATO at the November 2010 Lisbon Summit was the clearest indication of Turkey’s total capitulation to NATO and Israeli war plans against Iran.

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london: behold ye sacrificial van!

24-11-2010 13:24

Once again sky news focuses on a police van stuck in a sea of protesters, this time in Westminster. It is all to easy to place such a tempting target, covered in slurs denigrating our porcine friends (the animals, not the type of authoritarian commonly called 'pig') as a choice target for the inevitable scrum of state photographers. The price paid at Euston, for the N30 was heavy. MASK UP IF YOU'RE GONNA RIOT! Why aren't the poilice defending their property??? Why is it in the middle of the road, not near any government building? Clearly they don't want their pretty buildings blackened by smoke from burning hydrocarbons.

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Are you getting what belomngs to you? All benefits left unclaimed

24-11-2010 11:41

Ian Duncan smith has been reported to be the saviour of Britain’s economy. This is because he is stopping the welfare payouts by the British state. At least that is what the Con-Lib coalition publicists are saying. So what is the truth?

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Killing a Mockingbird: Letter to my unborn daughter

21-11-2010 09:20

There is something about education that confers dignity and breaks chains. It is the reason, dear daughter, why I cannot wait to read you this book once you are born. What Jem and Scot know at 10 and 6 years of age, many adults do not know at 50 and 60 years of age

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Three Alternative Reforms for a Different Future for Higher Education

20-11-2010 17:06

The British university system is at a crossroads. The recent Browne Review combined with the Lib-Con spending cuts spells out a dire future for the university. The proposal to remove the cap on fees, to slash funding for teaching in all the arts and humanities, and the continued imposition of market models on research and teaching are leading to far more than a ‘tightening of the belts’ – they will completely change the nature of the university.

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Poss. human rights challenges to social housing reforms

20-11-2010 16:49

Eviction for good behaviour to be enshrined in social housing! This CAN'T be legal!

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Sweden issues international arrest warrant for WikiLeaks founder Assange

19-11-2010 18:30

"Assange has repeatedly offered to be interviewed, first in Sweden before he left that country, and subsequently in Britain, “either in person or by telephone, videoconferencing or email and he has also offered to make a sworn statement on affidavit. All of these offers have been flatly refused by a prosecutor who is abusing her powers by insisting that he return to Sweden at his own expense to be subjected to another media circus that she will orchestrate,” explains Stephens. He continues, “This behavior is not a prosecution, but a persecution.”
A letter from one of Assange’s Swedish lawyers, Björn Hurtig, has also been made public, which documents the numerous attempts by his legal team to organize Assange’s questioning by Swedish authorities, to no avail.
Stephens concludes his press statement, “Our client has always maintained his innocence. … As a result of these false allegations and bizarre legal interpretations our client now has his name and reputation besmirched. Thousands of news articles and 3.6 million web pages now contain his name and the word ‘rape.’ Indeed, three out of four web-pages that mention Mr. Assange’s name also now mention the word ‘rape’—a direct result of incompetent and malicious behavior by Swedish government prosecutors.”
In a separate comment to the media, Stephens explained that he had “never seen anything like it in 30 years of legal practice.”
In July 2010 WikiLeaks released 77,000 secret Pentagon documents on the war in Afghanistan, and followed that up in October by making public nearly 400,000 more documents on the Iraq war."

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Global warfare: After NATO summit, U.S. to intensify military drive into Asia

18-11-2010 23:28

Barack Obama, the latest rotating imperator of the first global empire, will arrive in Lisbon on November 19 to receive the plaudits of 27 North Atlantic Treaty Organization allies and secure their continued fealty on issues ranging from the war in Afghanistan to a continental interceptor missile system, the continued deployment of American tactical nuclear weapons in Europe, participation in the Pentagon’s cyber warfare plans and expanded military missions in the planet’s south and east.

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'Wills', Kate and the Return of the Ghost Town

17-11-2010 11:34

The happy couple
According to BBC News, this morning's biggest story is the engagement of William Windsor to Kate Middleton, following a what is being called a "marathon eight-year courtship". And maybe it is significant in a way. Not for the wedding itself of course - which will just be two people saying some words in a building - but for the way it will be used, and the way it will be viewed.

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documentary screening: 'OUTFOXED'

16-11-2010 09:48

Free documentarary showing - Tuesday 16th November
Documentary showing with the Mule and Open Media society.
Tuesday 16th November 2010
University Place - Theatre A
University of Manchester

All welcome - including non-students. FREE ENTRY

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Welcome to ghetto Sheffield

14-11-2010 17:54

Planned changes to the housing benefit system could permanently alter the economic landscape of Sheffield.

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The Next Crisis: How business-as-usual will kill us all

12-11-2010 10:31

2008 was the year of crisis convergence. Escalating oil price spikes coincided with similar spikes in the prices of staple foods, both driven by a combination of production-supply constraints, rocketing demand, and the ensuing bonanza of commodity trading on futures markets. Then the banks collapsed, prompting massive government bailouts designed to shore-up a crumbling financial system.

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War on Want calls on BT to "Hang up on the Occupation!"

11-11-2010 12:33

On November 11th, War on Want campaigners assembled outside BT's HQ in London to protest against BT's complicity in Israel's crimes against the Palestinian people. Activists held up a seven foot high replica of the Apartheid Wall, unveiled a banner and disseminated flyers calling for BT to cut ties with Israeli telecommunications company Bezeq International.

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G20 summit dominated by specter of currency, trade wars

11-11-2010 09:21

The G20 summit of leading economies opens today in Seoul, South Korea under conditions of mounting international currency and trade conflicts exacerbated by Washington’s drive to gain a competitive trade advantage over its rivals by devaluing the dollar.
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