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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Water on Mars but not on Earth

23-06-2008 17:50

"It is with great pride and a lot of joy that I announce today that we have found proof that this hard bright material is really water ice and not some other substance," said Peter Smith, the primary investigator for Phoenix, at the University of Arizona in Tucson speaking of the news that the NASA probe on Mars had found water.

Meanwhile every 9 minutes a child, a human child, not space going monkey - dies of thirst. Every 20 seconds a child dies from diseases associated with a lack of clean water.

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Millennium Development Goals, The setting of the agenda

23-06-2008 15:06

The social context the Education, Gender Empowerment, Poverty Reduction MDGs are critically analysed. It is suggested that the evolution of such goals are instituionally embeded and not only are they far from being attained, but there very definition is deviod of the an understanding of cultures and local goals and objectives such as family and society. The approach emanates from the reconstruction apprroach of the Marshall plan which is difficult to apply to issues of development.

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Bomb Iran? What's to Stop Us?

22-06-2008 22:18

It’s crazy, but it’s coming soon – from the same folks who brought us Iraq.

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All diamonds are still blood diamonds

22-06-2008 16:58

Diamond diggers in Sierra Leone
The movie, the celebrities and the publicity have come and gone. Now the conditions for the people of Sierra Leone are worse than ever. The popular Africanist Movement is struggling to change that.

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Quietly and without sorrow: purging the undesireable in a Scientologist world

22-06-2008 14:34

The Church of Scientology is an international cult founded by science fiction writer L Ron Hubbard. Hubbard was an authoritarian with delusions of power, who sought to have his movement conquer the world and have his teachings form the basis of the new society.

But every utopia has its dissidents, every Eden its snake. And Hubbard was ready for them.

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Labour refuses to answer Davis’s by-election challenge

21-06-2008 12:05

Labour will not contest the by-election forced by the resignation of shadow home secretary David Davis, which he says is intended to initiate a public debate on the government’s attack on democratic rights.

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Coming war against Iran: Increasing Anglo-American pressure on Turkey

21-06-2008 11:54

Covering the period of March-June 2008, this article will try to highlight the political pressure applied by the US and UK governments on Turkey in view of their war plans against Iran. It is complementary to an earlier article titled “Will Turkey be Complicit in Another War Against Another Neighbour?”

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Israel's moral meltdown - the hidden price of Occupation

20-06-2008 12:43

The financial cost of Israel’s occupation of the West Bank is crippling the Israeli economy. But the price exacted by 40 years of occupation goes beyond a mere monetary debit – no more so than in Hebron.

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EU lifts sanctions on Cuba - "Beans & Phones"

20-06-2008 00:44

Now read that carefully before you wet your underwear. The EU has decided to lift sanctions on Cuba despite opposition by the USA, which will now continue as the only state sanctioning Cuba. As the BBC European editor Mark Marsdell put it very pithily on his blog "The foreign ministers' dinner finished about half an hour ago. They've decided to lift sanctions against Cuba". Meanwhile the Spanish language press has produced pages and pages of this and that spinning the decision any which way just in case tomorrow's first editions don't have a decent terror or escaped human story.

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Reading Marx's Capital (free lectures)

19-06-2008 13:01

Announcing a New Open Course

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KENYA: Impact of climate change on three Masai families.

18-06-2008 19:33

Climate change is threatening the livelihoods of thousands of people in Kenya. One of the hardest hit communities is the Masai. Up to 80 percent of those living in Magadi, in southern Kenya, have lost their cattle due to drought, which is becoming more frequent as a result of global warming.

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Ex-UK Army Chief in Iraq Confirms Peak Oil Motive for War

18-06-2008 09:28

A former senior British Army official in Iraq, James Ellery, admits the link between peak oil and the Anglo-American occupation of Iraq. Currently director of British security firm and US defence contractor, AEGIS, Ellery also whitewashes the massive corruption in Iraqi reconstruction projects.

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Brown assures Bush more troops for Afghanistan, no Iraq withdrawal

17-06-2008 19:33

At a joint press conference with US President George Bush yesterday, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced that more troops would be sent to Afghanistan, taking the UK’s contingent in the country to its “highest level.”

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Conservative MP forces by-election to challenge Labour’s anti-terror legislation

17-06-2008 19:26

Britain’s political establishment was thrown into turmoil by the unexpected resignation of the Conservatives’ Shadow Home Secretary David Davis on Thursday.

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Prestigious Breckenridge Film Fest Hosts World Premiere of “Washington, You’re F

17-06-2008 18:50

High drama, suspense and political intrigue drew audiences from the four corners of the nation for the World Premiere of “Washington, You’re Fired” at this year’s 28th annual Breckenridge Festival of Film.

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London Free Film show: Doc on Revolutionary black unions in Detroit 1970's

17-06-2008 17:14

Free Film show: FINALLY GOT THE NEWS - Revolutionary black unions in Detroit, 1970s
Saturday 28th JUNE, 8pm Pullens Centre, 184 Crampton St, London SE17
Followed by discussion and chat. With speaker Brian Ashton, an ex-car industry shop steward.

Hosted by 56a Infoshop and Mute Magazine

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British Government rejects Scientology petition - again

17-06-2008 17:08

Earlier this year, a petition was submitted to the British government calling for an investigation into links between UK Police and the Church of Scientology, a notorious international cult with an array of front groups at its disposal. The petition was dismissed out of hand, with a quote from a representative not even involved with the forces in question.

More recently, a second petition was submitted, this one calling for the British government to refrain from granting the Church of Scientology religious (and therefore tax-exempt) status. Today Number 10 issued its response. Take a guess what it was.

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The Irish 'No' vote and lessons for global democracy

17-06-2008 10:38

Is the Irish rejection of the European Union Lisbon Treaty democracy in action or proof that referenda are flawed? What are the lessons for the Simultaneous Policy campaign which aims to address global problems. A personal view.

Full article

What really happened in Beirut?

16-06-2008 12:42

The following article appeared on yesterday. It details what recently happened in Lebanon (armed clashes between Opposition and Loyalist forces), with some background and analysis of the deep, and sometimes hidden, reasons behind the conflict. The reason why I'm reposting it here is that most of what we read about the incidents was so distorted, misinformed or simply simplistic. Even a journalist like Robert Fisk sometimes went for the easy line: "this was a proxy war between Iran and the US".

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G8/08 Hokkaido/Japon

15-06-2008 21:25

Enjoy the arbitrary of self-defense rule and respect towards an EU-mimicry of Israel as full embedded member of our fight!

International Brigades will sojourn the fight against white power deploy!
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