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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Dangerous progressives

03-07-2009 08:33

Self-styled “progressives” tend to think of themselves as another tribe entirely, untainted by American chauvinism. This is especially evident in the Age of Obama, who “has continued some of the worst Bush administration policies, but still receives nearly universal support from progressives.”

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Netanyahu’s “Peace Plan”: Ethnic Cleansing as a State Policy

02-07-2009 19:14

Netanyahu demanded that the “Palestinian population,” and not the Palestinian people -- who live “in Judea and Samaria,” and not in the Israeli – occupied Palestinian territory, where there is an “Israeli presence,” and not an Israeli military occupation -- should first agree to a recognition that Israel is “the nation state of the Jewish people” worldwide, and not the nation state of the Israelis.

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Coup d'etat underway in Honduras: Obama's first coup d'etat

29-06-2009 08:24

School of the Americas Graduate and Coup Leader Romeo Vasquez
In the early morning hours of 29 June, soldiers took President Zelaya of Honduras to the air base and flew him to Costa Rica.

The modus operandi of the coup makes clear that Washington is involved. Neither the Honduran military, which is majority trained by U.S. forces, nor the political and economic elite, would act to oust a democratically elected president without the backing and support of the U.S. government.

Many believe the coup has been executed as a method of ensuring Honduras does not continue to unify with the more leftist and socialist countries in Latin America.

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Military Coup in Honduras: Global Terrorism showing its true face

29-06-2009 03:06

Will the USA as the accustomed "world cop" now, all of a sudden, NOT meddle in the internal affairs of Honduras and other countries? As the world is awaiting a clear statement, anything can happen to the defenseless people in Honduras, who have been left literally in the dark and without communication.

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America's "Bases of Empire"

27-06-2009 05:05

US military troops and bases around the world
Besides waging perpetual wars, nothing better reveals America's imperial agenda than its hundreds of global bases - for offense, not defense at a time the US hasn't had an enemy since the Japanese surrendered in August 1945.

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Public meeting: After the Iranian 'Elections' - Solidarity with Iranian workers

25-06-2009 22:05

Public meeting and discussion
7.30pm, Wednesday 1st July
at the International Community Centre,
Mansfield Road, Nottingham.
With Sam Azad an Iranian socialist based in Nottingham

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Mass Protests Rock Iran: No to All Wings of the Mullah Regime!

25-06-2009 13:38

For more than a week, Iran has been convulsed by mass demonstrations denouncing election fraud. Hundreds of thousands have repeatedly taken to the streets to denounce the government, which is now threatening, and beginning to carry out, a bloody crackdown. This time around, imperialist intervention is veiled: the White House feigns neutrality, the Western media go all out for the opposition, while in the background various agencies provide vital technical aid. In reality, all candidates in the presidential vote swear allegiance to the Islamic Republic, and the supposed moderate reformers are no less butchers and enemies of poor and working people than the conservative "populist" government. The situation cries out for revolutionary leadership independent of all factions of the theocracy, to wage a struggle for workers revolution against imperialism and clerical reaction.

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7/7 London Bombings - What Really Happened?

25-06-2009 10:22

Commentery about 7/7 which has resurfaced in the comment section of the previous posting about disgraced holocaust denier Dr Nick Kollerstrom:

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Why does the Catholic Church treat Berlusconi with kid gloves?

24-06-2009 21:26

This (abbreviated) letter was written by Fr Paolo Farinella, priest and bible scholar in Genoa to his bishop, Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco. It examines the Berlusconi scandal from the point of view of a priest, asks and explains why the Catholic Church in Italy condones his behaviour

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Selective Sympathy for Iran

24-06-2009 19:13

Concerned human rights activists find themselves in a difficult situation. While they have justifiable concerns about the treatment of anti-government protesters, they must always keep in mind that warfare is the worst human rights abuse of all. The greatest risk to the Iranian people comes from the American president, who had already proclaimed that military action against Iran should not be “taken off the table.”

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FLASHBACK: Imperial Playground: Marching East of Iraq

24-06-2009 08:36

map of "The New Middle East"
The Anglo-American policy in the region is still focused on efforts of destabilization of the countries, and thus, provide both an excuse and a feasible situation to maintain control over the region.

Afghanistan and Iraq, often seen in the public view as two wars in the US-led ‘War on Terror’ which hopes to ‘rid the world of terrorism’, yet, in reality, these two major theatre wars are simply two geopolitical pivots in the broader strategy of Middle East and Eurasian imperial conquest.

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Nottingham City Council Freedom of Information Petition

23-06-2009 01:46

Sign the petition calling on Nottingham City Council to publish all Freedom of Information requests on its website.

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Iranian Elections: The ‘Stolen Elections’ Hoax

22-06-2009 09:06

What is astonishing about the West’s universal condemnation of the electoral outcome as fraudulent is that not a single shred of evidence in either written or observational form has been presented either before or a week after the vote count. During the entire electoral campaign, no credible (or even dubious) charge of voter tampering was raised. As long as the Western media believed their own propaganda of an immanent victory for their candidate, the electoral process was described as highly competitive, with heated public debates and unprecedented levels of public activity and unhindered by public proselytizing. The belief in a free and open election was so strong that the Western leaders and mass media believed that their favored candidate would win.

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BBC Caught In Mass Public Deception With Iran Propaganda

22-06-2009 08:26

Los Angeles Times, 16 June 2009
The BBC has again been caught engaging in mass public deception by using photographs of pro-Ahmadinejad rallies in Iran and claiming they represent anti-government protests in favor of Hossein Mousavi.

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Murdering Cop to Face Murder Charges… The Struggle Continues

19-06-2009 16:26

Six months after the killing of Oscar Grant, on June 4, Judge C. Don Clay ruled, after a preliminary hearing, that former Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) cop Johannes Mehserle will go to trial for murder. This ruling sets the stage, and new stakes, for the battle for justice for Oscar Grant. And the twists and turns of this case as it heads into trial need to be closely watched. People need to continue to speak out, resist and bring the truth about this murder, part of a nationwide epidemic of police murder, to the world.

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FLASHBACK: Long history of Anglo-American covert provocation and action in Iran

17-06-2009 18:11

Written in July 2008, this article provides a historical context for the CIA and MI6 funded "Green Revolution" that is unfolding in Iran today.

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Afghanistan's Operation Phoenix

17-06-2009 12:27

On June 15, AP reported that "Gen. Stanley McChrystal, a four-star American general with a long history in special operations, took charge of US and NATO troops in Afghanistan (today), a change in command the Pentagon hopes will turn the tide in an increasingly violent eight-year war."

McChrystal is a hired gun, an assassin, a man known for committing war crime atrocities as head of the Pentagon's infamous Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) - established in 1980 and comprised of the Army's Delta Force and Navy Seals, de facto death squads writer Seymour Hersh described post-9/11 as an "executive assassination wing" operating out of Dick Cheney's office.

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Finnish Police telling lies to mass media and blocking unwanted web pages outsid

17-06-2009 12:22

Why Finnish Police is placing web-pages on Finnish Human Rights violations on an abandon list? Why some of these pages can be seen from by using foreign Google engine, but not if one uses

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15-06-2009 20:10

With exiled Iranian socialist Yassamine Mather and Israel socialist Moshe Machover.
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