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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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07-01-2006 13:59

A weekly segment review of news and opinion
A weekly segment and review of news and opinion review of news and opinion, recorded, from the Indymedia Newswire. With times and freqs for seeing and listening at home.2 files-broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. The world.

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Haiti: $100,000 NED Grant to Batay Ouvriye- A

07-01-2006 07:19

Recently declassified National Endowment for Democracy (NED) documents reveal that a "leftist" workers' organization, Batay Ouvriye (BO), which promoted and called for the overthrow of the constitutionally elected government of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, was the targeted beneficiary of a US $99,965 NED grant routed through the AFL-CIO's American Center for International Solidarity (ACILS). Listed in NED's "Summary of Projects Approved in FY 2005" for Haiti, the grant states, "ACILS will work with the May 1st Union Federation- Batay Ouvriye [ESPM-BO] to train workers to organize and educate fellow workers."

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Asylum America: Bush’s Charade

07-01-2006 04:06

Pat Robertson, noted American Christian fundamentalist and mental deficient, claims that Ariel Sharon is being punished by God for “dividing” Israel. Pat Robertson remains in ‘care’ and is happy to reside in the most affluent psychiatric institution in the world, the USA!

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Earthquake delegation. Incredible survival story exposes media apathy.

06-01-2006 22:30

Naqshah Bib in hospital in Rawalpindi.
For 64 days Naqshah Bib lay in the ruins of her kitchen. The earthquake flattened her house and the rest of the refugee town of Kamsar. She survived by drinking stream water that had trickled through the ruins, scraps of rotten food were found around her. She was discovered barely alive by her cousins and pulled from the rubble. Before being found she was just another of the many missing people from the town.

The nurses caring for her at Rawalpindi hospital are unsure of her chances. Her body has wasted and she is unable to communicate, barely aware of her surroundings. We don’t stay long, wishing her well and leaving some flowers. Her father who also survived has lost both his legs.

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Exposing record delyas and brazen corruption in London Councils

06-01-2006 14:48

Rotten Boroughs as never seen in any news reports in the UK. coming here exclusively for Indymedia readers

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GenderRecognitionAct 2004 - Holes & Poles and all things to all men

06-01-2006 12:59

Commentary on the Gender Recognition Act …and why it fails us.

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Silverstein Answers WTC Building 7 Charges 9/11; Smoking gun

06-01-2006 10:19

World Trade Center Leaseholder Larry Silverstein
Says "pull it" meant to evacuate firefighters, but there were no firefighters in the building

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Oh Brother!

06-01-2006 09:31

Is Big Brother ready for Gorgeous Galloway's charm offensive?

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Wrong Doers Versus Whistleblowers: How Patriots Act

06-01-2006 05:49

Remorse and religion is the standard of those representatives pleading guilty to government bribes and lies. Courage and conviction is the standard of American whistleblowers, Sibel Edmonds and Bunnatine Greenhouse. Is there a Patriot Act that can protect whistleblowers and reflect the standards of how patriots are free to act?

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06-01-2006 00:39

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. Netherlands, Cuba, China, and Russia.

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U.S. Government Report confirms Key 2004 Stolen Election Findings

05-01-2006 21:18

As a legal noose appears to be tightening around the Bush/Cheney/Rove inner circle, a shocking government report shows the floor under the legitimacy of their alleged election to the White House is crumbling.

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Stop the attack on Iran!

05-01-2006 09:44

This is a short piece about the proposed March attack on Iran.

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Stop Institutional Violence

05-01-2006 08:58
Institutional Violence In Review

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Nuclear War against Iran

05-01-2006 00:35

"The implications are overwhelming.

The so-called international community has accepted the eventuality of a nuclear holocaust."

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Intelligence Indications and Warnings Abound as Bush finalizes Iran Attack

04-01-2006 21:56

January 2, 2006 -- Intelligence and military sources in the United States and abroad are reporting on various factors that indicate a U.S. military hit on Iranian nuclear and military installations, that may involve tactical nuclear weapons, is in the final stages of preparation.

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Fresh corruption charges rock US government

04-01-2006 20:41

When it rains, it pours!

With climate chaos reeking havoc in the US with flood and wildfires, the US suffers another blow in the form of a massive bribery and corruption scandal that is implicating dozens of politicians.

Sadly, with all this going on, a previous unresolved corruption story might find itself squeezed out of the US media for the second time as the trial of the fattest cats of Enron begins in a couple of weeks time.

Watch the film - Enron 'the smartest guys in the room' at the weekly free cinema at rampART this thursday 5th 8pm

Enron was big. WorldCom even bigger. If it hadn't been for 911 and subsequent 'war on terror' then the fall out over the big corporate scandals of 2001 may have been bigger.

Now, will the Abramoff scandal blow the lid off democracy for sale in the USA or will it be quickly swept under the carpet and blamed on a few bad apples. Disgraced lobbyistis, Abramoff is now cooperating with the prosecutors, and many in Washington have reason to worry about what he is saying. Abramoff, who raised at least $120,000 for the Bush re-election campaign, pleaded guilty last Tuesday to conspiracy, tax evasion and fraud. He also agreed to help investigators trying to piece together the scope of his lobbying and fundraising activities. Watch this story - it is set to grow and grow!

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The Day the Music Failed

04-01-2006 19:20

A reflection on 6 months after the Live 8 concerts, the broken G8 promises and the silence of the campaign leaders.

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Civtas anti PC booklet

04-01-2006 16:39

Rightwing lonie tune think tank Civitas publishes booklet that attacs PC culture. The author claims that PC culture has helped spread HIV ! amongst other cobblers

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Brick Lane London E1 Area Manifesto 2006 against the Crossrail hole Bill

04-01-2006 15:06

Part B of the Brick Lane London E1 Area Manifesto 2006 for the scheduled May local council election to the east London borough of Tower Hamlets Council. That Council has been controlled by elements that are pro
Big Business and pro the city of London interests. The result is that a serious assault on the East End of London under the Crossrail hole Bill is due to be made lawful. The best way to stop[ this is to make the local Council representative of the community which needs and deserves fullest support and defence by its 'elected local council'. This manifesto has been drawn up to hell that defence.

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Mindwalk 25: Looking For Excitement

04-01-2006 10:12

Margaret Cho talks about Bjork and activates Al-Gay-da. Michael Parenti on the haves and the have-nots. Barry Pateman touches on Anarchist morality as does Norman Nawrocki. Finally Auld Lang Sine flavored by Indiginous Artist Raymond Lafferty. Happy New Year from Upstart Radio.
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