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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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just alone

20-03-2008 07:16

people in europe suffer their own problems

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Peace movement enters a New Phase

19-03-2008 23:53

A 15 minute video documenting the demonstration in London on Saturday 15th March. This is a video of what the people had to say...

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The victorious trip

19-03-2008 23:20

In the light of these news reports, which are increasing by the hour, was Cheney’s a victorious trip or not?

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Aussie PM scandalized over 'Chinese Controller' connections

19-03-2008 22:15

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is appearing to be one of the most compromised publicly elected officials in the history of Australia. How such a person can offer impartial decision making in a democracy is an important question. Does he plan to represent the interests of ‘Australia’ or is he beholden to promises and obligations extending from his ever expanding folio of global business connections? As recent media reports show there is certainly a need for a parliamentary enquiry to establish whether Kevin Rudd is a fit person to hold office. May be time to check those ministerial guidelines that you rolled out last November Mr Rudd.

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How to Get Out of Iraq

19-03-2008 18:01

Five years into the war in Iraq, the primary source of instability is the continuing presence of U.S. troops. Iraqi public opinion and attack statistics strongly indicate that more than 80 per cent of the violence is directly or indirectly attributable to the U.S. military occupation. It follows that a ceasefire predicated on a decisive U.S. withdrawal of all troops and bases will actually help stabilize the country.

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The Crisis In Scottish Prison Service Industries

18-03-2008 12:59

Scottish Prison Service Industries have fallen on hard times recently - sales are plummeting and staff are leaving in their droves. Given the deafening silence in the mainstream media we at CAPS thought you might like to find out just what is really happening.

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After Yet Another March - What is Relevant Anti-War Activity 5 Years In?

18-03-2008 10:15

..and why no mention of the Raytheon 9 by the Stop the War Coalition?

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Shades of 1929: Bear Stearns collapse signals deepest crisis since Great Depress

18-03-2008 05:10

However the events on Wall Street play out during the next few weeks, there is no question but that a crisis of historic magnitude is now unfolding. After a generation of relentless media propaganda, which touted the infallibility of the capitalist market and the genius of Wall Street’s financial wizards, the United States economy now stands on the very brink of an economic breakdown on a scale not seen since the Great Depression.

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After the Bear Stearns bailout: Fears of more Wall Street failures

17-03-2008 17:04

In the aftermath of Friday’s emergency action by the Federal Reserve Board to prevent the immediate collapse of the Wall Street investment bank Bear Stearns, US and global markets are bracing for signs that other major US financial institutions will similarly implode.

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Global Recession: Global Breathing Space

17-03-2008 15:11

Was it just my imagination, or did I hear a small ripple of applause from the forests, the wetlands and the glaciers, as the news of the collapse of Bear Stearns leaked into the public realm.

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More evidence of MI5’s network of informers and provocateurs in the IRA

17-03-2008 02:45

According to the Observer, shortly before taking him into “protective custody,” it was MI5 itself that warned Roy McShane that he was in danger of being exposed as another British spy close to leadership of the Irish Republican Army (IRA).

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Meltdown: Global warming by the numbers

17-03-2008 01:47

The IPCC estimates global warming to be between 2.4 and six degrees by the end of the cnetury. Recent research is putting warming on the order of four and 7.6 degrees C. This is 'dangerous' warming that will cause runaway feedback processes leading to a warming of ten to fifteen degrees over the next couple of centuries; the lifetime of your grandchildren.

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Re-Remembering Rachel Corrie - The selfless teacher of Moral-Activism

16-03-2008 21:36

On the 5th anniversary (March 16, 2008) of Rachel Corrie's supreme self-sacrifice to stand up to tyranny on behalf of a beleaguered peoples.

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Rudd “Sorry” and will dump nuclear waste to prove it

16-03-2008 21:24

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd had much of the Australian population in tears with the long heralded “Sorry Day” commemoration. Of course, successive Australian governments have so much to apologise for, suggestions are now coming forth to make “Sorry Day” an annual event.

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Chile´s Coming Collapse

16-03-2008 18:21

Chilean Socialist Government loses ground in its effort to hide corruption .

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White Working Class Documentaries on the BBC......

16-03-2008 14:09

Documentary series purporting to look at white working class. If you look at 'working class' you must define what 'working' means and stimulate a real discussion! I argue that in these programmes you're really looking at the effects of a society that has nurtured and brutalised an underclass. The programmes......

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Griffin Takes Powerful New Approach to 9/11 Contradictions

16-03-2008 13:21

9/11 CONTRADICTIONS by David Ray Griffin is the fifth of his books to examine the official account of the events of September 11, 2001. This brilliant and highly readable book takes a new yet simple approach to the truth about 9/11. It focuses entirely on contradictory statements made by members of the Bush administration, government departments and agencies, and official bodies such as the 9/11 Commission. All the statements that Griffin examines are official claims in direct conflict with other official claims. How could this be? Why would the government keep changing "the official story"? The public, of course, is expected to take all the statements as incontrovertibly true, yet they directly conflict with one another.

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Who's editing Wikipedia?

15-03-2008 17:48

Find out just who is editing one of the biggest information sources on the net.

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Fed rescue of Bear Stearns raises spectre of Depression-era crash

15-03-2008 17:47

The Federal Reserve Board on Friday took emergency action to prevent the collapse of Bear Stearns, the fifth largest US investment bank and one of the world’s largest finance and brokerage houses.

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Defending the Wild

15-03-2008 15:55

To defend the wild is no small thing, because it is the Earth that is being defended. The Earth is wild and that is more important than we are. When groups like Sea Shepherd or EarthFirst! defend the wild, they are condemned as ‘violent’ and ‘extreme’, but they are working to continue the wild, the life that exists independently of us. The wild Earth that does not need us, does not know us, but is threatened by us. The wild Earth needs no defence but it needs more defenders.
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