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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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London Anti-Authoritarian Festival

26-04-2005 14:45

London Anti-Authoritarians festival on 29th and 30th April at The Institute For Autonomy in Central London. On Friday there'll be a benefit from 8pm until 1am, with Rhythms of Resistance, bands, djs, vegan food. On Saturday there'll be an afternoon of films and discussions from 1-7pm.

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Smash EDO Press Release

26-04-2005 13:27

Don't forget to come to the demo this Thurs 4-6 pm

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Sainsburys Big Brother Con

26-04-2005 11:35

Sainsburys has been caught out deliberately lying to its customers. Digital cameras at it petrol stations are not "linked to the police" as big warning signs claim. Often there are no cameras there at all! Now the fake "poloce" signs are coming down.

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Landless Movement against Green Desert needs support

26-04-2005 06:38

letter from a friend travelling in South America; concerning a settlement of the Movimento Sem Terra (MST, landless workers' movement) in Brasil that is fighting the growing ecological menace of eucalytpus monoculture as part of their own struggle for land and justice. We all need to know about this situation, and they all need our support. thanks.

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Kurdish blogger's open letter to George Galloway

26-04-2005 04:29

An Iraqi Kurd has recently written an open letter to Respect Party candidate George Galloway in the lead-up to the British general election.

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Smash Edo High Court latest

26-04-2005 03:44

Judge Gross yesterday deferred judgement on the injunction being sought by lawyers Lawson-Cruttenden at the High Court on behalf of Brighton war-mongers Edo/MBM.

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Triumph of Spirit: Israeli Whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu April 2005

25-04-2005 21:08

It is one year since Israeli Whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu was released from a cruel and barbarous imprisonment into a 1948 British Mandate that keeps him further imprisoned by a state that does not want him but does not wish for him to go free or live free.

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Jack "Dodgy Dossier" Straw besieged in Blackburn

25-04-2005 21:03

***Why not join us this Saturday for another weekend of sunshine and strawbaiting?***

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Derby G8 arrestees' bail dropped

25-04-2005 15:30

The 12 people arrested at the Derby G8 protests last month have had their bail dropped.

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More Asbo abuse

25-04-2005 14:17

The abuse of Asbos continues .....

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OzAsIs Forum under attack: 40 hours old!

25-04-2005 04:24

Monday, 25 April 2005
OzAsIs Forum under attack: 40 Hours old.

Author –

Less than 40 hours after informing the Federal and Queensland State Polictians of Australia, an Australia Free Speech Forum was hacked and defaced before the astonished eyes of the onlooking readership. The intensive focus of the site is the Beattie Government in power in Queensland and more specifically, Mike Renolds (Minister for Child Safety), Member for Townsville.

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Traveller support public meeting

24-04-2005 15:51

An evening of film and discussion about the travelling community in Britain. Weds 27 April, 8.30pm, the Bharat Bhavan (old Mill Road Library).

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Disruption and Intimidation in Carterton, Oxfordshire

24-04-2005 13:33

Brize Norton Peace Camp banner
“I reasonably believe that it may result in serious disruption to the life of the community or that the purpose of the persons organising the public assembly is intended to intimidate others to do or not to do something they have a right.” - Assistant Chief Constable John Donlon of Thames Valley Police, imposing conditions on the peace march and rally around Brize Norton on 23rd April 2005.

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This is Camp Xray - An evening responding to injustice

24-04-2005 08:03


Birmingham Indymedia goes live on May 1st with the aim of promoting grassroots, non-corporate and non-commercial coverage of important social and political issues.

On bank holiday Monday May 2nd, at the Custard Factory Birmingham, the kollective in association with the Birmingham Guantanamo Campaign [ Report ] and the South Asian Alliance will be screening 'This is Camp Xray' along with some short films. There will also be music provided by DESERT GROOVE DJs + INQLAB COLLECTIVE plus infostalls all on the theme of responding to injustice.


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Cyber Terror: New Privacy Co-op Targeted

24-04-2005 07:32

Sunday, 24 April 2005
Cyber Terror: New Privacy Co-op Targeted

Less than a week old, one globally based Counter Surveillance Co-operative is more than aware of the new strategies employed in the effort to bring rampant censorship across the Internet.

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President Bush in the Netherlands: Censorship and curtailment of freedom of spee

24-04-2005 07:17

George Bush will visit the province of Limburg in the Netherlands to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Europe’s liberation on 8th of May. He will also attend several bilateral talks in the region around Maastricht on May 7th. Local activist groups and students are planning demonstrations to receive Bush in Maastricht. However, a website created to disseminate information about these protests has been censored and taken off air.

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'Battle of the Beanfield' Jun85: Film Night & Exhibition: Nottingham

23-04-2005 23:27

It's 20 years, since the major trashing of my community, travelling on the way the make the "Peoples Free Festival of Albion" at Stonehenge. It was a regular event on the calender. On Wednesday 20th April, the exhibition moved to The Sumac Centre in Nottingham. It is up until 12th May.

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21-04-2005 00:14


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Very Important

20-04-2005 23:05


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Bringing the Noise to EDO MBM - Brighton's Arms Dealers

20-04-2005 20:09

Over 60 people at today's noise demo, possibly the last one if EDO get their proposed draconian injunction in the High Court on friday.
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