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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Foot & Mouth & Climate Camp?

04-08-2007 08:19

Is there a connection?

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Anti-deportation march - Saturday 11 August 2007.

03-08-2007 17:34

There will be an anti-deportation march in Manchester on Saturday 11 August 2007, in defence of all asylum seekers.

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Bacton, Norfolk. Locals show solidarity with Shell to Sea

03-08-2007 12:45

A small gesture of solidarity from the North Norfolk Coast

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Video of July ride of London Critical Mass.

03-08-2007 07:09

Video Police videoing sound system rider
As usual at the start of the ride the police were threatening riders with sound systems with arrest if they dare to play them within the SOCPA zone around Parliament. Something they do not do to motorists with sound systems. The photos show police hassling a rider with a sound system.

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Real Reason for Haiti raid

02-08-2007 23:24

Guy Philippe, the target of the raid, avoided capture and is now in hiding. He has since been heard on Haitian radio claiming his attempted arrest was for political reasons.

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Britain: Recruiting Kids to Kill

02-08-2007 18:31

Child Soldiers
In the UK children of sixteen can be recruited, an age too young to legally drive a car, drink a pint, or have a credit card. School Students Against the War are a vibrant, informed organisation, growing across the U.K.. and have launched a campaign in response: 'Troops Out of Our Schools - Troops Out of Iraq'.

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Iraq Success exposes politicians’ failure

02-08-2007 16:29

Iraq’s wildly celebrated victory in the Asian Cup on Sunday provided a stark contrast to lawmakers who appear hopelessly deadlocked over legislation designed to promote national reconciliation.

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'Seven Years On' KRAFT Seeks Sanctuary

02-08-2007 14:15

A report of KRAFT (Kirklees Refugees and Friends Together) seven year on celebration which took place in July

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Breaking News - Jean Charles de Menezes

02-08-2007 14:11

Jean Charles - shot dead by armed police
The official report from the IPCC has confirmed that the senior counter-terrorism police officer, Andy Hayman, misled the Met Commissioner over the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes in 2005.

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Yet another front-group joins the BNP's fast-growing collection

02-08-2007 13:48

That makes twenty-five, no twenty-six, no twenty-seven etc etc

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Campsfield Detentainees Confront Home Office Officals

02-08-2007 12:35

Following Tuesday night's large, disciplined yard-protest and Wednesday morning's hunger strike, two Home Office representatives were called to Campsfield on Wednesday afternoon to hear the detainees' grievances. The pair, including the Assistant Director of Escorting Services at the Borders and Immigration Authority (Philip Schoelenberger?) were confronted by an angry, articulate, multi-national delegation of 22 detainees in a meeting that lasted 2 and a half hours.

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MEDIA RELEASE: Australian Film Crew Questioned by Chinese MIlitary in TIbet

01-08-2007 07:33

South Australian independent filmmakers, Lara Damiani and Alex Alexander, have overcome many obstacles since first deciding to make a documentary about Tibet in
November last year. The latest involved questioning by Chinese military police while filming in Tibet.

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Lady of 83, student of the British Constitution - stands alone against our TREAS

31-07-2007 23:56

When she discovered that her council tax bill was being used as a vehicle to extract money from her for a European Union inspired regional assembly, she went on the offensive.


She launched four legal cases against the government citing erosion of the Constitution, Breach of Contract, Breach of Trust and for Treason and Legal Fraud. Each time her paperwork was sent back marked “No such case known in Law”.

Now she is refusing to pay the local tax on her Old Vicarage house in Alston, Cumbria, and has been the subject of considerable harassment by bailiffs.

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UK Greens Back British Environmental Activist Imprisoned in Iceland

31-07-2007 18:17

31 July 2007

Twenty three year old British Saving Iceland activist Miriam R. has been arrested by the Icelandic police. She was protesting against the Icelandic government's support for heavy industry, in particular Rio Tinto Alcan's Straumsvik smelter in South-West Iceland. Reports suggest she is still being held by the police. (1)

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State Harassment of Saving Iceland Activists

31-07-2007 18:02

Gi'uncle as kiss!
Saving Iceland demands that:
*The activist currently in prison is either moved to a womens prison with a full apology or released immediately for lack of state resources.
*All stolen passports must be released immediately, according to international law.
*An end to the criminalisation and state harassment of environmental activists.

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Icelandic Media Lie that No SI Prisoner is Being Held!

31-07-2007 17:56

Arrests at the Rio Tinto Alcan smelter in Iceland
Both National Broadcaster RUV and TV station Stod 2 claim that no SI
prisoner is being held. Both news departments quote the police as a
source for this.

This is typical of the kind of massaging of the truth that both the
Icelandic police and media are used to getting away with.

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Call for support by Anarchists Against the Wall

31-07-2007 12:28




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Open letter to Chief Constable Merseyside Police

30-07-2007 18:02

In the afternoon of Saturday, 14 July 2007, 6 people, wearing a bit of artistic make-up, costumes and accessories for the occasion, arrived outside the fashion store, Cricket, in Mathew Street, Liverpool, to leaflet the public and protest the shop’s return to selling fur, after having promised earlier in the year not to do so.

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Stop Homophobia in Poland campaign to march at Brighton Pride

30-07-2007 14:11

The British Youth Council are calling on the UK government to denounce human rights abuses in Poland by marching at Brighton Pride on August the 4th, 2007.

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Jean Charles de Menezes: still no justice two years on

30-07-2007 13:24

light up the house!
The Jean Charles de Menezes campaign projected this image on the houses of Parliament on Friday of last week. They were commemorating two years since the 27-year-old Brazilian was shot dead by police. For more go to >
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