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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Sequani 6 Trial Coming to an end at Birmingham crown court

18-04-2008 23:48

The trial of the 6 brave animal liberation defendants fighting sec 145 Socpa is nearing an end after 3 and a half months at Birmingham crown court.

The jury may well be sent out Monday 28th April.

Thank you to all that donated and supported the 6 throughout this long trial.

The Animal Liberation/ Rights/ Welfare movement will never forget this support

The trial will commence 21, 23, 24, 25, 28 April 08.

10.30am - 4.00pm daily Brum crown court,court9.

Keep On Keepin ... .. .

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Nottingham Zimbabwe demo calling for release of election results

18-04-2008 21:53

On Friday (April 18) there was a demo on the Council House steps next to the right lion, Market Square from 12.30-2pm. The demo was being timed to coincide with a similar event outside the Zimbabwean Embassy in London organised by Action for South Africa (ACTSA).

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Brighton Council Release On The Verge Censorship Papers

18-04-2008 20:50

internal BHCC email 18/3 explaining events (redacted)
Under the Freedom of Information Act Brighton and Hove Council have released a handful of documents related pulling of Smash EDO anti-arms trade campaign film On the Verge on March 17 2008

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Scientology, the Metropolitan Police, and Number 10

18-04-2008 19:37

A cult is trying to influence the British police. Why is the government ignoring it?

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San Isidro. In their own words.

18-04-2008 14:26

The imprisoned villagers shortly after they were beaten by the paramilitaries.
Below is a translation of a document produced by the people of San Isidro Aloapam which explains in detail the history of the forest dispute. Also the corruption they have faced at every level. The picture below shows the injuries sustained by six of the villagers at the hands of the paramilitaries.

For details on how to show practical solidarity to those who have been beaten, tortured and imprisoned click here:

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SOCPA - the dirt behind the imprisonment of barbara tucker

18-04-2008 11:52

a high court hearing and a document given 'charity sweet' blow a huge hole in the decision to imprison her - now the matter of her imprisonment will be added to the forthcoming judicial review of various aspects of the constitutional campaign of harassment against her.

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Mass Graves of Canadian Children Revealed; Catholic Pope Issued Letter of Demand

18-04-2008 09:41

At a public ceremony and press conference held yesterday in downtown Vancouver, the Friends and Relatives of the Disappeared (FRD) released a list of twenty eight mass graves across Canada holding the remains of untold numbers of aboriginal children who died in Indian Residential Schools, most of them run by the Catholic Church.

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Facsist Home Attacked

18-04-2008 08:54

Bedfordshire Fagin Facsist Home Attacked

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Success for DAN at the DWP‏

17-04-2008 22:34

D.A.N Action Report - 17th April 2008.

Today more than twenty disabled activists occupied the foyer of Adelphi
House, where the Department of Work and Pensions is based. At 1.30 p.m.
campaigners breezed in, taking over the foyer, leafleting and asking to hand
deliver a letter to James Purnell, Secretary of State for the Department of
Work and Pensions. Members of D.A.N. the Disabled people's Direct Action
Network refused to leave until a meeting was arranged with James Purnell to
discuss Incapacity Benefit and the changes which are forcing one million
disabled people into poverty and unpaid work placements. James Purnell was
out of the country, so D.A.N. activists met with representatives from the
DWP and Sally Witcher from the Office for Disability Issues and held long

The result of these discussions is, D.A.N. have been promised a meeting
with James Purnell, the date of which is to be confirmed. We are very
confident that the meeting will happen as we have promised to come back for
another visit if it doesn't.

Best Wishes.

Mike Higgins
(On behalf of the DAN Press Team)

Tel: +44 (0)114 225 8676
Mob: +44 (0)7956 856060

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Police repression of activist film

17-04-2008 18:52

come and see the film they tried to ban

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You know you're doing something wrong when...

17-04-2008 17:05 get criticised by Jon Collins.

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'You don't have the right to silence'

17-04-2008 16:05

Yes, that's what officer 0801 from West Midlands Police told me today at Birmingham Airport when I said "No comment" to his surprising question: "Have you been involved in organising any protests in this country?" And since I was held for one and a half hours to be asked such silly questions, I thought I would waste another hour and a half writing about it.

Related: Recruiting Spies at British Airports | Is It Really About Terrorism? | My Special Branch friends | Indymedia and British Intelligence Services

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SOCPA - barbara tucker freed from prison today

17-04-2008 15:46

pics © d viesnik
babs was freed from hmp holloway just before midday today. several supporters were waiting in the morning for her. she is at the high court tomorrow morning for a 'habeus corpus' hearing when the legitimacy of her prison sentence will be contested

high court hearing at 10 am tomorrow morning - support welcome

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Pavilion facing bankruptcy?

17-04-2008 15:43

The Housing Corporation has admitted that at least ten housing associations are facing bankruptcy in the growing credit crisis. Is Pavilion Housing Association one of this select group?

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Action: Disabled Campaigners are planning to protest against the DWP

17-04-2008 13:30



ACTION: Disabled Campaigners are planning to protest against the DWP
(Adelphi House, 1 to 10 John Adams Street, WC2) at lunchtime today (17th

We will be delivering a letter for James Purnell (Work and Pensions
Secretary) and will be requesting a meeting with him.

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Peaceful eco-campaigners persecuted by Police

17-04-2008 12:23

Five members of the Edinburgh Clown Army (1) were detained and charged after a peaceful and humorous biofuels protest in Bruntsfield (2). They were charged with a breach of the peace on Wed 16th, despite eye witness accounts stating that they were peaceful and friendly. The Clowns were all treated badly, and one woman was singled out and intimidated by the police while she was in custody.

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15th anniversary of Lucasville prison uprising

17-04-2008 09:40

‘They rose above their status as prisoners, and became, for a few days …what rebels in Attica had demanded a generation before them: men. As such, they did not betray each other; they did not dishonour each other; they reached beyond their prison “tribes” to reach commonality.’ Mumia Abu-Jamal

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Babs Tucker "... it's the Kids ... stupid"

17-04-2008 06:49

Video of arrest on 26th February 2008

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Zimbabwe Demonstration: Friday

16-04-2008 19:38

This Friday (April 18) there be a demo on the Council House steps (Left Lion), Market Square from 12.30-2pm. The demo is timed to coincide with a similar event outside the Zimbabwean Embassy in London organised by Action for South Africa (ACTSA).

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Pavilion threaten critics

16-04-2008 15:18

Pavilion Housing Association are behaving like spoilt playground bullies, threatening and intimidating their critics in a crude attempt to shut them up.
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