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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Joseph Guzman, Survivor of NYC Police Shooting of Sean Bell, Live Sunday

02-05-2008 18:39

Joseph Guzman
Joseph Guzman, Survivor of the New York City police shooting of Sean Bell, will speak on the verdict and struggle for justice.

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Update on Worthing election arrest

02-05-2008 18:09

MORE details have emerged about the dramatic arrest at the Worthing council election count today. Here is an updated report:

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Turkey: 30 000 cops against mayday

02-05-2008 14:51

30,000 cops were deployed to prevent Mayday marchers from rallying at Taksim Square. Many hundreds have been arrested, and an unknown number injured, during the ensuing fracas. Although police stopped journalists from broadcasting in Taksim, some videos and photos are starting to show up online.

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Novartis - Spying upon employees

02-05-2008 13:20

Recent scandals of Lidl, Penny, Schlecker and other companies in Germany show that spying upon employees. is common. Novartis is a dedicated and ruthless exploiter of animals, nature and mankind, also an avantgarde in spying.

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Video of May Fayre in Mayfair, London.

02-05-2008 12:53

Mayday celebrations have a very long history of social disobedience countered by State repression.


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Titnore candidate arrested at count

02-05-2008 12:00

A CANDIDATE supporting the Titnore Woods eco-protest camp in Worthing has been arrested at the election count.

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Support Sequani Six Letter

02-05-2008 10:35

A Letter of Thanks, to the Supporters of the Sequani Six:

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Protests Along Hong Kong Torch Relay Route

02-05-2008 05:43

Police before crowd turned ugly
Protesters in central Hong Kong were clearly outnumbered by Olympic relay supporters but taking a stand and showing the Tibetan flag was worth it

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Continuing Conflicts that Create Refugees, April 2008

02-05-2008 05:19

Eight actual or potential conflict situations around the world deteriorated in April 2008, and three improved, according to the new issue of CrisisWatch

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M1 Conspiracy Case Thrown Out

01-05-2008 13:04

Seven climate camp activists against the widening of the M1(1*) had the
case against them dismissed from Sheffield Crown Court yesterday. Charged
with conspiracy to cause a public nuisance Judge Robinson said that:
"there was not a jot of evidence" for a jury to infer an endangerment
of any member of the public.

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Freedom to Protest: What Does the Proposed Repeal of Sections 132-38 of SOCPA Re

01-05-2008 08:47

An analysis of the result of the Goverment consultation 'Managing Protest Around Parliament' and the possible outcome from the call for evidence by the House of Commons Joint Committee on Human Rights addressing the issues of policing and protest.

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On the Verge Censorship:Sussex Police Release Little Bit Of Paper

30-04-2008 16:50

An FOI request to Sussex Police for all communications with Brighton Council relating to the banning of SchMovies On The Verge premiere screening on 17 March 2008, has produced a redacted photocopy of a tiny entry in a police notebook .

The response letter below explains that although their maybe far more interesting documents out there, suusex police are not in a position to confirm or deny their existence and have refused to do either.

The identity of the officer who called the Council to complaint about the film has been concealed.

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Lambeth Council bans Trade Union from Staff Conference

30-04-2008 12:23

Lambeth’s Labour-led Council has sunk to new depths by refusing the trade union UNISON, which represents more than 2,000 council staff, a stall at its conference for staff in the Regeneration and Housing Department on 6th and 8th May 2008.

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SHAC May Raids Anniversary

30-04-2008 09:42

Picture from TFI France: ALF torch HLS supplier HQ / redistributed by UAAF-TV
As most of you probably know it will be a year tomorrow since the "may raids", when police (i.e. NETCU & co) raided twenty-nine UK homes, searching two addresses also in Holland and one in Belgium, see picture below.

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Campaign for Free Assembly Next Day of Action - Saturday 3rd of May

30-04-2008 06:50

Photograph by D. Viesnik
The next Day of Action for Free Assembly will be held this Saturday 3rd of May. We will gather at 1pm at the ‘Charles I Island’, the roundabout on the South side of Trafalgar Square (fyi: this place is just on the border with the SOCPA exclusion zone). Come with your mates and decide with them what you want to do with the day. Bring placards, banners and anything else you can think of. Let them know you won’t be easily silenced.

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Global Famine: The Lords of Capital Decree Mass Death by Starvation

29-04-2008 14:42

The men who profit from such mass murder use terms like "structural adjustment" and "economic fundamentals" to attach a veneer of rationality to a chaotic system they have created on the fly for the sole purpose of mega-theft.

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The Tumbledown Dick

29-04-2008 12:03

protest rally to save Tumbledown Dick
The Tumbledown Dick, an old pub, an old coaching inn in Farnborough, faces an uncertain future as it has closed down and been boarded up.

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Farnborough town centre - unsecured demolition site

28-04-2008 15:25

unsecured demolition site
Sooner or later someone is going to be killed or seriously injured in Farnborough during the town centre redevelopment. Officials at the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor conveniently choose to look the other way and turn a blind eye.

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Mars Attacks!

28-04-2008 15:15

Fairtrade venue boarded up with workers still inside!

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Copwatching at Novartis/SHAC march

28-04-2008 14:22

The usual suspects
Pictures from the march/demo at Novartis headquarters, AKA: Primate Research Centre. World Week for Lab Animals, Saturday 26th April 2008.
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