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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Kurds Celebrate Newroz in Trafalgar Square

15-03-2009 23:08

Most people at Newroz wore Ocalan t-shirts
On Saturday 14 March, KUrds celebrated the Newroz New Year festival in Trafalgar Square, calling for freedom for Ocalan and peace in Kurdistan. Boris's message to the Kurds was yet another gaffe by London's clown mayor. Photographs Copyright (C) 2009 Peter Marshall, all rights reserved

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SHAC Time For Action 4 - 21st March Launch

15-03-2009 21:51

Video Brighton Vegan Fayre 2009
The launch of the new Time For Action movie from Stop Huntingdon Annimal Cruelty (SHAC) will take place at Brighton Vegan Fayre - on 21st March.

The video documents the global struggle against Europe's largest and most exposed vivisection lab, Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) in 2007-2009. SHAC info & merch stalls will be included - See you there!

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Right to Stay Now! A Documentary

15-03-2009 16:14

On 19 December 2008, approximately 150 undocumented migrants and solidarity activists occupied the Prediger Church in Zurich (Switzerland) for more than two weeks. The squatters demanded a just implementation of the hardship provision, the abolition of the prohibition of work and the legalization of the status of all undocumented migrants. Now, a 30-minute documentary about the action was published.

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Teaching the High Court Australia, the Rule of Law and basic Human Rights: when

15-03-2009 12:12

Teaching the High Court Australia, the Rule of Law and basic Human Rights: when is Ignorance NOT an excuse?

The article demonstrates the stranglehold lawyers have on the media. We make Judges out of these people! No wonder the country is in a mess. Lawyers refuse to accept HREOA1986 as law, because it makes their monopoly profession, an illegal one, and without discrimination, anyone can be a lawyer/advocate.

Combine it with our Notice of a Constitutional Matter, Writ of Mandamus, Lets see if we cant celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the year that Australians get confirmation of their already passed and underused Bill of Rights

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Bristol 21/22 March - EDO Decommissioners defendant solidarity events

15-03-2009 12:07

Prison solidarity poster
Solidarity picket of Bristol prison – Saturday 21 March at 3pm
This event is an act of solidarity with all the EDO Decommissioners awaiting trial, but especially the 2 defendants remanded in prison since January 17 2009. Of these 2, one Robert Alford remains in HMP Lewes in Brighton, whilst the other Elija (James) Smith), is now held at HMP Bristol.

AND - Solidarity dinner plus talk & film with Ciaron O'Reilly – Sunday 22 March from 6.30pm

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More proof of a police state?

15-03-2009 09:40

Police fly flags over 'conquered' houses.

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IMHRO condemning arrest of Sufi’s in Kish Island

14-03-2009 16:55

According to Radio Farda “The Iranian government arrested 3 men by the names of Reza Entesari, Mehran Assad poor and Abdulreza Godarzi, All belong to the Sufi Branch of Nimatullahi- Gonabadi in Kish Island”

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All travel plans to be tracked by Government.

14-03-2009 10:33

From now on all movements in and out of UK will be logged.

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Human Rights Commission defends regime – not youth

14-03-2009 05:55

This article discusses the Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission’s role in covering up human rights abuses and in denying Australians access to an effective remedy to severe school bullying and education discrimination under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) signed by Australia in 1976, The Rights of the Child and The Rights of the Disabled which form part of Australia’s human rights legislation.

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Abolish Immigration Prisons Picket- 21 March, Edinburgh

13-03-2009 23:04

No one should be imprisoned for trying to seek a better life for themselves and their families. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the circumstances under which people are held are scandalously poor, and private companies like G4S profit from human suffering.

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Activists detain Immigration Minister's

13-03-2009 20:01

Activist's from Manchester No Borders currently detaining immigration minister Phil Woolas.

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Report into police tactics at Kingsnorth climate change protest released

13-03-2009 13:25

A new report about the policing of the recent Camp for Climate Action at Kingsnorth was launched yesterday by, Liberal Democrat Shadow Justice Secretary, David Howarth with the climate camp legal team.

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Police 'turn themselves in' over abuse of power claims

13-03-2009 13:08

After yesterdays presentation in parliament of a report into the abuse of police powers during the climate camp protests at Kingsnorth in 2008, the Kent Police have taken the unusual step of reporting and turning themselves in to be investigated by the IPCC. They will investigate claims that the police engaged in a systemic campaign of phycological terror against the campers which included sleep deprivation through helicopter overflying late into the night, mock night and dawn raids by tooled up riot police, and the infamous 'Flight of the Valkyries' incident.

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LGC calls for independent inquiry into UK involvement in extraordinary rendition

13-03-2009 11:19

Over the past few weeks, evidence has been emerging and pressure has been growing for an independent inquiry into the UK's involvement in extraordinary rendition, both of British nationals/residents and foreign nationals with no ties to the UK, by being complicit in torture, facilitating the "rendition" (kidnap and torture) of individuals in Iraq, Pakistan, Gambia, etc. and allowing "rendition" flights to stop over, fly over or refuel on British territory. Calls have been made by politicians, including Conservative Party leader David Cameron, for an independent inquiry.
Take action - write to your MP and the Foreign Office now and demand a full independent public inquiry!

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Kurdish protest outside the Syrian embassy in London

12-03-2009 22:48

Kurdish refugees from across the country held a demonstration today at the Syrian embassy in London to commemorate what has come to be known as the Qamishli Uprising. Like every year, organisers had agreed with the Metropolitan Police on a designated area opposite the embassy, but were surprised to find on arrival that this had been shifted onto a street island in the middle of the busy road, which wasn't very safe, to say the least. Protesters, however, stood mostly outside the metal barriers, waving banners and placards and shouting anti-Syrian regime slogans.

Previous protests: March 2007 | March 2008 | May 2008

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Attorney General misleads the people

12-03-2009 22:12

This article looks at the merit and veracity of a speech given by Attorney General Robert McClelland on Australia's democracy and the rule of law. The following article will disprove all his points and comments.

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The economic third world war has begun long ago already?

12-03-2009 21:40

Is Marx the first theoretician of globalization obsolete?

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RampArt eviction attempt - in pictures

12-03-2009 17:33

photos of todays eviction attempt of the london RampArt social center

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Police Raid 3 Houses Of Palestine Supporters In Swansea

12-03-2009 12:57

Three houses of Palestinian supporters were raided yesterday morning and two people were arrested on suspicion of 'conspiring to commit racially aggravated criminal damage', the third person was not at home. Police seized three computers and papers relating Palestine and Israel. The 3 are outraged at the racist slur implied by the charge.
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