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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Police Violence at Hebron Anti Roads Protest

15-02-2005 16:30

Grnadfather Prays for the sanctity of his land
The local Palestinian community of Hebron, attempt to protest against construction plans for an illegal settler road which would destroy part of their ancient grave yard, but are prevented from even gathering to protest by IOF and Border Police. One Grandfather was arrested as he prayed for his land.

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15-02-2005 14:15

Two campaigners found guilty of libelling McDonald's have won a ruling that they should have been given legal aid by the British Government.

Helen Steel and David Morris were dubbed the McLibel Two during a landmark 314-day trial - the longest civil or criminal action in English legal history.

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Victory for McLibel 2 against UK Government

15-02-2005 11:18

This morning (15th February) the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg declared that the notorious and long running McLibel case was in breach of the right to a fair trial and right to freedom of expression. The McLibel 2 (Helen Steel, 39 & Dave Morris, 50) had launched legal proceedings against the UK government arguing that the marathon 'McLibel trial' which lasted 313 days - the longest trial of any kind in English legal history - and UK libel laws, breached the European Convention on Human Rights Article 6 (right to a fair trial) and Article 10 (right to freedom of expression).

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Brian's evivction from Parliament Square Comes ever Closer

15-02-2005 10:01


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Fight Psychophobia: Join the EADP

14-02-2005 17:58

Join the last great civil rights movement. Fight psychophobia! End the barbarism done in the name of psychiatry! Join the European Association for Democratic Psychiatry (EADP)

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atrocities in fallujah

14-02-2005 14:32

what the newsmedia and govt dont want you to hear or see

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pathfinder schemes

14-02-2005 14:28

In the name of urban renewal, creating sustainable communities, social cleansing on a vast scale is being pushed through unchallenged.

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Inform on US President Bush about the secret genocide of Europe 2005

14-02-2005 11:05

The secret genocide of Europe & Belgians politicians & concerned members of Justice !.

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9 days till arrival

13-02-2005 21:56

bush arrival
mark off Bush's empire

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G8: Activists Being Monitored - Border Controls Considered reports Scotsman

13-02-2005 19:39

Scotsman roundup of security measures re G8 Summit in July 05 - including assertion by Tayside Chief Constable that "known activists" were already being "monitored" by "undercover officers" both in the UK and mainland Europe, and that police are "talking to the Crown about a range of issues... ...including restricting access to Scotland". John Vine, the Chief Constable of Tayside Police said: "In extreme situations we may apply to prevent entry into Scotland".

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Men who batter women are terrorists

13-02-2005 03:57

In the U.S. , the FBI definition of "terrorist" also describes men who beat and rape women.

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my definition of a boombasta afrougiosie vs rebels unlimited

13-02-2005 02:28

while we get right wing extremist sellouts = condi rice, colin powell
and barack obama ("afrikan"?) -- 60yr old white women, pissed off white
kids, natives youth and 12yr so called "arabs" are doing more for the
cause of justice, light and freedome than the north amerikkkan so called
"afrikan"....remember the main point in the f.b.i and, prior to that, the colonial powers, in the directive to the control the, what william carlos
williams refered as, "pure products of ameri(kkk)a" (blacks in north
amerikkka) was to insure they did not get a black "messiah" and to
destroy the black male.

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Killers without Borders

12-02-2005 01:27

How do americans look at themselves in the mirror? The are such disgusting greedy pigs that can support the constant murder of innocent people as if it doesn't really matter...

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Civil Liberties under threat - James Welch of Amnesty speaks in Oxford

11-02-2005 21:26

James Welch, Legal Director of Amnesty, spoke on current threats to civil liberties at a meeting in Oxford Town Hall on 10 February, called by OSTWC (Oxford Stop the War Coalition).

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Muharram the month of revolution

11-02-2005 20:44

Equity in economic distribution ought to be firmly instituted
As the month of Muharram, the month of revolution, the month of resistance to the aggressors and resistance to injustice,...We can see from the actions of the Amerikkkan Empire today that it is hell bent on acting out it's plans for global hegemony,..., to usurp such resources from the poor and destitute and re-apportion them to the fatcats that helped to create and sustain the Empire. To spread the corruption and vice that infects it's own society and that it's own people speak out against.... from those inside Occupied Amerikkka, to those in Occupied Iraq, Occupied Palestine, etc.

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Austrian woman arrested in Turkey

11-02-2005 19:56

Sandra Bakutz, an Austrian citizen, was arrested at Istanbul Airport on the way to join a delegation observing a trial. She has been charged with belonging to a banned organisation and has gone on hunger strike. Below is a statement dated February 11, 2005:

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Elections under occupation

11-02-2005 18:37

The territories occupied by Israel that should constitute a future Palestinian state (the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem) are just that - under military occupation. It is currently the longest military occupation in the world, dating back to 1967. In the run up to this past 9th of January, the Palestinians here did everything they could to run an election as professionally as possible under harsh constraints from the Israeli state. Contrary to the racist picture painted every day in the western media, the Palestinian people understand what democracy is and how to get it. And they understand that the primary thing preventing democracy is the Israeli military occupation. Democracy under occupation is an oxymoron. Since the first intifada in the late 80’s it has been crystal clear that the vast majority of Palestinians recognise the fact that Israel exists and is not going to go away. Even before this, the “rejectionist Arabs” of Palestine had in reality been trying to find ways to live alongside Israel. At every turn, these moves are blocked by the US government, which -beyond the rhetoric- has been rejectionist in practice for a long time, supporting Israeli state terrorism no matter which political party is in government in either country.

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Oppression and Resistance in Idhna

11-02-2005 18:23

After my first stint in Hebron over election day, I went back to Jerusalem to gather my thoughts, do some laundry and decide on my next move. After a few days, I decided that I would go back to Hebron for the last week of my trip as the limits of spending a day here and a day there had become clear to me. As luck would have it, the Hebron ISM group came to Jerusalem to spend the night because they had been to a nearby meeting in the afternoon, so we had a mini reunion. Far too early the next morning (the 14th of January) we headed back down to Hebron. We met one of the ISM coordinator’s downtown and headed off to Idhna - yet another area soon to be devastated by the Wall. A demonstration had been planned there and our coordinator had arranged for us to meet with some local families too.

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US Lawyer 'Guilty' of 'conspiring to aid terrorists'

11-02-2005 18:00

As US civil rights lawyer is facing up to 35 years in prison after being found guilty on 5 counts of conspiring to aid terrorists.

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The day in the basque country

11-02-2005 14:24

Unai Romano, before and after be tortured for the spanish police
Today we are suffering a new great attack from the spanish and french states. 42 youths are being judged because belong to basque youth organisation Segi. The spanish state asks an overall punishment of 642 prision years for all of them (from 10 years to 112). They, too, arrests today two monks and another youth
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