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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Spooks at Google and MySpace, PayPal, YouTube, Ebay, and Yahoo

27-10-2006 21:57

Big Brother

It comes as no surprise that Google is in bed with the CIA, or rather it is no surprise the CIA ate Google and has turned it into yet another front company. “A former clandestine services officer for the CIA who also maintains close relationships with top Google representatives says that the company is ‘in bed with’ the intelligence agency and the U.S. government,” writes Paul Joseph Watson for Prison Planet.

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Australian Government Enforces Racism

27-10-2006 20:21

Racial Scapgoating
What concerns us most of all is that decent people, and there are very, very many of them, would also be very upset about racial scapgoating for the war criminals war on terror that killed over 665,000 innocent musilm men, women and children in Iraq and their having a tough enough time as it is.

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Sat 28th: Please join United Friends & Families Protest Against Custody Deaths

27-10-2006 15:59

8th Annual Rememberance Procession
including Silent procession along Whitehall

Saturday 8th October 2006

Meet at Trafalgar Square, Central London
Assemble 12.30pm
Nearest Tube: Charing Cross

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David Blunket Sanctioned The Machine Gunning Of Rioting Prisoners

27-10-2006 10:52

The true mentality of former Home Secretary David Blunket and his political supporters within the government was chillingly revealed in October of this year with the revelation that he had ordered an ex-Director General of the prison system to sanction the machine gunning of rioting prisoners at Lincoln jail four years ago.

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This Weeks SchNEWS - Hamas-ive Attack

27-10-2006 09:55

A SchNEWS correspondent reports after a visit to the Occupied Territories

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SOCPA - Maya Evans book launch tonight @ Housmans, London

27-10-2006 09:53

the crime scene
Maya Evans will be reading from her book and signing copies of "Naming the Dead - A Serious Crime" tonight 7.30pm, Housmans Bookshop, 5 Caledonian Road N1 9DX (tube: Kings X). SOCPA regular PC Paul McInally, who arrested Maya, will be signing copies at Charing Cross Police Station on the between 5pm to 7:30pm on the 8th November...

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Latest campaign to demonise Islam and intimidate the Muslim Community

27-10-2006 09:43

Demonising Islam
“The public furore ignited in response to the reported comments made by Sheik Taj Al-Din Al-Hilali has little to do with the question of crime or culpability. What is clear is that a consistently negative view of Islam and Muslims is being generated in this country with the aim of demonising Islam and silencing the Muslim community.”

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Three jailed for racially-motivated bombing but who cares?

27-10-2006 03:17

Another explosives case that's lipped under the radar...

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Craig Murray: Legality, Morality and the War on Terror

26-10-2006 23:55

Video Craig Murray in Sheffield
Video of a talk by Craig Murray [former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan], Legality, Morality and the War on Terror, recorded at Sheffield Hallam University on 9th October 2006.

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Former CIA Official: Stop Belittling the Theories About September 11

26-10-2006 22:26

Bill Christison is a former senior official of the CIA. He was a National Intelligence Officer and the Director of the CIA's Office of Regional and Political Analysis before his retirement in 1979. Since then he has written numerous articles on U.S. foreign policies.

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CIA tried to silence EU on torture flights

26-10-2006 22:23

In other words, the US offered to follow International Law in one instance, if Germany would ignore the CIA's massive violations of International Law as general policy ..

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The McDonaldization of Society ( or would I say McDonaldization of 'Neuro.....

26-10-2006 18:43

The McDonaldization of Society ( or would I say McDonaldization of
'NeuroDiversity', 'Difference', DisAbility.)......

I wonder if the creators of 'The-Borg', within StarTrek; The Next Generation based their ideas on 'The-Borg' (The-Collective), from the ideas of Ritzer and 'McDonalisation', or was it reallly that 'the-truth' is that these ideas came from the 'Ivory-Towers' within East Riding of Yorkshire Council..."Resistance is Futile"..... that's how I feel living 'with' this Oppressive lot here....

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Liverpool Fingerprint Frenzy!

26-10-2006 17:29

The last two days has seen the Echo/Daily Post publish two stories about compulsory fingerprinting in Liverpool. These are a couple more steps down the line to creating an Orwellian nightmare in a city that already has more CCTV cameras per person than any other in the country, and where police have floated the idea of using military-style 'drones'.

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International Action Day "Free Erdogan"

26-10-2006 11:11

action in basel, switzerland, in support of erdogan e.
Switzerland wants to send political refugees back to turkey, where they will face torture and death. We want to stop this and ask for international help.

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SA Foreign Minister ambushed in London

26-10-2006 10:56

South African Foreign Minister, Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, was ambushed by 10 black Zimbabwean human rights activists in London last tonight (Wednesday 25 October 2006).

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25-10-2006 22:45

Che Tricolour
An account of the campaign in Glasgow to challenge recent Labour Council Bylaws which ban political material outside Celtic Park. A report on the latest development which saw the open display of explicitly political material.

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December 7: Day of Solidarity with Green Scare Indictees & Political Prisoners

25-10-2006 21:05

The term Green Scare refers to the Red Scares of the early twentieth century, made famous by the McCarthy hearings and the House Un-American Activities Committee. The Green Scare demonstrates a similar systematic criminalization of dissent as the U.S. government is using all its tactics (e.g., grand juries, specialized legislation, paid agents provacateurs) to target the radical environmental and animal rights movements, those who publicly support them, and others who struggle for a healthy, diverse eco-system and the rights of animals.

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The oppression of Hungarian protesters in the shadow of 1956

25-10-2006 18:42

Outlines and gives background on the October 23, 2006 protests in Budapest, Hungary from the front lines, which is a very different picture than that which is posed by the international media. Protests involved tens of thousands of people around the country who have been demonstrating since September 18th in response to discovering major lies from the majority party.

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OutRage!: Muslim hypocrisy on freedom of speech

25-10-2006 15:35

Following the Channel 4 debate on Monday 'openning', the debate on muslims and freedom of speech. Peter Tatchell of OutRage! posted this on the Guardian's blogspot.

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Lebanon - eye witness report and slide show

25-10-2006 12:54

The destruction of a country
Next Monday at the Common Place there will be a special event on Lebanon featuring an eye witness report and slideshow presentation by Indymedia UK activist who was in Lebanon during the recent war and its aftermath.

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