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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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“Come and see our overflowing morgues"

30-10-2007 09:07

But Bush will not withdraw and apparently no one can force him to do so. So, the killing will continue unabated behind the media’s iron curtain while the overall situation on the ground continues to deteriorate. Eventually, after years of ethnic cleansing, sectarian fighting and stepped-up military operations; the position of the US will become untenable and the troops will come home. But the cost in human terms will be enormous. Already one million Iraqis have been killed in the war and 4 million others have become refugees. Credit the US media for concealing the real savagery of foreign occupation and its effects on Iraqi society. The country is in ruins.

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9th Deaths in Custody Protest pics

30-10-2007 08:44

The March along Whitehall.
The March was strictly policed and protesters ended up penned in, as usual.

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Deaths in Custody: What the Families demand

30-10-2007 03:41

As every yearon the occasion of the annual Death in Custody Protest, the United Families and Friends Campaign handed a letter to the Prime Minister, offering a spot on resume and key demands how to reduce casualties and treat the bereaved with dignity and respect for a change.

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Video of 9th March against Custody Deaths.

29-10-2007 11:32

Every year families and friends of those who die in State custody march from Trafalgar Square in London, England, to Downing Street, the fortified official residence of the Prime Minister.

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He liked to ride his bicycle

29-10-2007 00:00

Incredible stuff! Maybe 'having sex with a bed' will become an offence (applies if you have a boner in the morning on waking etc and are caught doing it with your bed) FFS. BTW does anybody know how you have sex with pavements? (read below) Maybe it's like with the bed but a bit rougher? :- ) Answers on a postcard ..

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Jason McPherson -- Another Death in Custody not in the News

28-10-2007 20:02

Flyer by the family (Photo: JudyGr)
Last Saturday at the 9th Annual Rally against Custody Deaths, some familiar faces were missing, but like every year there were also plenty new ones, having lost a loved one during the past year. Amongst them the family and friends of Jason McPherson, who had died on the 18th January 2007 in Police Custody in Notting Hill. Unsurprisingly, only a local paper catering to the black community reported the incident at all, and the 'I'PCC's 'investigation' didn't turn up with anything yet.

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SOCPA consultation re-opened

28-10-2007 19:04

OK, so this isn't necessarily the good news it may seem at first :-/

The gushing intro from home secretary Jacqui Smith(*1) on 'the importance on protest to democracy' might reassure many readers they need read no further, sadly this is not the case...

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NETCU backtrack in brown nosing with vivisectors shock

28-10-2007 18:59

The shady police advisory body known as NETCU (National Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit) have stopped promoting pro-vivisection groups and multinationals on their links page at

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One Year Since Brad Will's Murder in Oaxaca, Mexico

28-10-2007 15:59

Brad Will: Open Letter International

Like in the cases of so many other journalists, human rights activists, indigenous leaders and social activists, the murder of Brad Will, a U.S. journalist and documentary video maker from Indymedia New York, who was killed in Oaxaca on October 27, 2006, has been addressed by the Mexican Government with impunity for the murderers.

Brad Will's Last Video:

Brad Will's murder and solidarity actions reports in IMC-UK:

IMC-UK's Oaxaca topic page:

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Pic's from annual death in custody rally

28-10-2007 13:23

Stop the killings
The following are pictures from the United Families & Friends rally against custody deaths (courtesy of Kevin Blowe), and a recent related BBC report.

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Burma: Total HQ and petrol station targeted again in London

28-10-2007 11:14

Protesters picketed Total's London HQ and the Total petrol station near Baker Street this week.

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Bash the Rich: Fight the FIT

28-10-2007 09:15

FIT Watch will be present at Bash the Rich.

Meet 3rd November, 11:30, bar area of Royal Festival Hall (to discuss tactics and actions before the event).

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Custody Death Protest, London (27.10.07).

28-10-2007 08:36

Photo by Marc Vallée/ (c) Marc Vallée, 2007.
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – 27.10.07. Custody death protesters march from Trafalgar Square to Parliament Square via Downing Street on Saturday 27th October 2007. Members of United Families and Friends congregated to demand justice for those who have been killed in police custody, prisons and mental health institutions.

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lloyd george statue comes clean

27-10-2007 23:32

lloyd george statue in parliament square
there was a small chalk addition to the new lloyd george statue this afternoon. it attracted half a dozen 'heritage wardens', four community support officers, and several police. there were no arrests, but eventually the statue was cleaned.

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Rising fascist tide sweeps Turkey

27-10-2007 19:48

As the Turkish govt threatens to invade northern Iraq a rising fascist tide seeks to silence dissent.

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Call for nationwide prayer support for deaths in custody march

27-10-2007 12:58

No more deaths in custody
A public call to all Christians to support in prayer families of those who have lost a loved one in custody has been made by BMC3, the (Black Majority Churches Consultative Consortium) this week.

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UK Deaths in Custody -- Facts, Figures, Suggestions

27-10-2007 01:38

Brixton, April 1978 (Pic: Ian MacKintosh)
As some comments on a recent article indicate [see ], even top-notch activists often know precious little about this exceptionally grave and widespread abuse of state power, and even less about the decadelong struggle against it. So here's a few details, just in the nick of time for the 9th Annual Rally against Custody Deaths today (Assembly: 12:30 Trafalgar Square). Additions welcome!

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FIT on bikes at Critical Mass

26-10-2007 23:22

At least one officer from the FIT (Forwards Intelligence Team) were spotted on the critical mass without their usual blue-shoulder uniforms on and on bikes!

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Making traveller children cry

26-10-2007 18:52

Police sprayed children with gas in dorset car park

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Founding Statement of London ABC

26-10-2007 12:02

founding statement of London ABC
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