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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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15 year old boy killed by cops in Australia

12-12-2008 22:43

"Gunned down by idiot cops. That's life hey?" the message left on the myspace page of a 15 year old boy killed by police in Australia.

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St Modwen hammered in Hatfield

12-12-2008 18:33

Hatfield town centre
At an open public meeting in Hatfield, St Modwen were hammered for what they have done to Hatfield town centre.

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Aldershot town centre hit with double whammy

12-12-2008 18:30

Aldershot town centre already on its knees is faced with the double whammy of an edge-of-town retail development and small retailers being kicked out of the town centre to make way for a larger retailer.

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SchNEWS: Go Greece Fighting!- Athens Explodes After Murder of 15 Year Old Punk

12-12-2008 18:06

Go Greece fightin’, you’re burnin’ up Athen’s town
Greece fightin’, go Greece fightin’
Go Greece fightin’, you’re bringing those police scum down
Greece fightin’ go Greece fightin’
You are supreme, the people scream for Greece fightin’

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Cardiff- Police station attacked in solidarity with greek rioters.

12-12-2008 17:16

In the early hours of this morning (12/12/08) individuals visited a police station in the Canton area of Cardiff. Slogans in support of the Greek rioters, in memory of Alexandros and anti police were painted on the front of the building. Two Police vans outside the station were also painted and covered in paint stripper.

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In Solidarity With The Social Rebellion In Greece Against Apathy In The UK

12-12-2008 16:57

Cops shooting again towards demonstrators
On Saturday December the 6th, the Greek police committed a cold blooded murder of Alexandros Grigoropoulos, a 15 year-old boy, in the streets of Athens. Since then, and despite the states attempt to quieten the mood, thousands have taken to the streets and hundreds of police stations, banks and government buildings have been burnt down across the country. High School and university students have been leading demonstrations, clashing with the police whilst occupying campuses to organise themselves. All around Greece, in big cities and small towns, social unrest is mounting and tension with the state authorities has reawaken social consciousness.

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to cut it short: we have enough reasons to hate the police

12-12-2008 15:57

there are several manifestations this weekend that were all planned
before the griots and now refer on them.

in vienna/ austria there is a demonstration on friday against repression
in germany militant group (mg)/ france (tarnac)/ austria. this
demonstration inaugurates a weekend of antirepression.

in berlin/ germany there is a demo on friday night in solidarity with
the people accused for being members of mg and trying to burn military
cars. mobilisation is very large for that.

on saturday in several cities people are on the streets in solidarity
with mumia abu jamal (berlin, hamburg). there is another demonstration
in bremen on saturday (against repression, internal/ external security,

what i consider to be very important on saturday is a demonstration in
freiburg against changing of police law/ demonstration law. as bavaria,
baden-württemberg (federal country south west of germany) tries to
implement this month a new law, that prohibits "militance" by
illegalzing to join a demonstration in black clothes (yes, true), what
is seen as an expression that you might be "in favour of violence". it
is obvious, that this new law is tried to be set up before the nato
summit in april. the german part of this summit is planned to be held in
baden-württemberg in the cities kehl and baden-baden.

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info about what happen thursday greek embassy

12-12-2008 14:54

wasnt the cops who did the demo

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reclaim the streets

12-12-2008 13:14

briefing from greece...

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DEMO Against Police Repression in Solidarity with Greek revolt 14/12/08

12-12-2008 05:44

DEMO Against Police Repression in Solidarity with Greek revolt 14/12/08

Full article interview about Journalists for Mumia Abu-Jamal

12-12-2008 03:27

Mishandling the Guns
Those advocating this radical journalist's execution show a disturbing lack of concern about the undeniable problems of racism (and all documented police/DA/judicial misconduct) throughout this case. At the most fundamental level, the FOP-led 'Fry Mumia' campaign's lack of concern is racist....The FOP appeals to a racist lynch-mob mentality that has long infected the US, so calling this a 'legal lynching' is no exaggeration.

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Athens, Greece update 11/12 Insurrection is alive...

11-12-2008 22:04

A description of the situation in Athens 5 days after the riots erupted

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More Bristol-Greek Solidarity

11-12-2008 18:43


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More Greek solidarity actions in Newcastle

11-12-2008 17:29

Banner dropped from roof
Leaflets handed out and banner dropped in city centre

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What happened in Patras on Tuesday night

11-12-2008 17:20

[ Finally, an account of what happened on Tuesday night in Patras, when the greek shadow state made its presence felt once again through the - apparently seamless - collaboration between the police & the neonazis. The text below was put together by Parartima, one of the most active local squats. The original greek text may be found here: ]

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200 attend Wednesdays Greek solidarity march in Edinburgh

11-12-2008 16:54

Vigil for Alexis
On Wednesday 10th, over two hundred people attended a march through Edinburgh city centre, in a vibrant protest against the murder of 16 year old Alexis Grigoropoulos.

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Royal Mail - Postman walk too slowly

11-12-2008 16:45

The latest ludicrous edict from Royal Mail is that their postman must walk their rounds at four miles per hour.

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nyc solidarity actions

11-12-2008 16:39

Greek consulate vandalized; protest

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Epaminondas Korkoneas-court pleading-lies..

11-12-2008 16:32

Summary of the main points of the pleadings of Epaminondas Korkoneas, the police officer who shot Alexandros Grigoropoulos

Summary from the pleadings of Epaminondas Korkoneas, the police officer charged with intentional homicide in the case of Alexandros Grigoropoulos

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Creating an "Arc of Crisis": Destabilization of the Middle East and Central Asia

11-12-2008 16:18

Yugoslavia - Before and After Balkanization
The recent attacks in Mumbai, while largely blamed on Pakistan's
state-sponsored militant groups, represent the latest phase in a far more
complex and long-term "strategy of tension" in the region; being employed by
the Anglo-American-Israeli Axis to ultimately divide and conquer the Middle
East and Central Asia. The aim is destabilization of the region, subversion
and acquiescence of the region's countries, and control of its economies,
all in the name of preserving the West's hegemony over the "Arc of Crisis."
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