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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Birmingham anti-war socialists purged by SWP

29-08-2003 18:31

What should the Left do about the growing democratic deficit in the movement? How do we challenge abuse of power? One of the healthiest anti-war groups in the country was recently wrecked by the Socialist Workers Party who packed out key Birmingham meetings with its party members and purged a raft of well-respected activists.
They tell their story on their website.

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ISM Jenin: News And Video Of Yesterday's Clashes With IOF.

29-08-2003 15:15

News and video footage of clashes from Jenin.

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29-08-2003 00:36

Heading to Cancun for the WTO? Here are some suggestions from street medics -- how to prepare, what to bring, how to stay healthy so you can stay on the streets.

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Colombia: Mass demonstration in Bogota

28-08-2003 23:00

pics of the demo 12th of august, Bogota
Colombia: mass demonstration in Bogotá
Of Indymedia Colombia; translation: Kh. - 24.08.2003 11:32
Chronology of the 12th of august

There was a general strike on the 12th of august in Colombia, however this strike was only carried out in total in the petroleum industry, and there was also a mass demonstration of 100,000 persons in Bogotá, most of whom involved are employed in the agricultural sector.
Thereby acts of violence were committed by the police.
The protests are against the planned American free trade contract ALCA, that threatens the existence of the national economy.
Just in these days Bush's trade delegate Zoellick visted Bogotá in order to persuade the Colombian government to the conclusion of a bilateral trade contract.
Here is a chronological report of Indymedia Colombia about the events in Bogotá and different parts of the country.


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Child abuse activist George Farquar fitted up- put in Edinburgh Mental hospital

28-08-2003 18:37

George Farquar - scotish anti child abuse and electronic warfare activist committed to mental ward in Edinburgh hospital

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Marines menace Zapatista community Nuevo San Rafael

28-08-2003 16:57

Mexican government officials and Marines have once more menaced the Zapatista community of Nuevo San Rafael in Montes Azules. On 19 August officials from PROFEPA, marines from the state armed forces, and also TV reporters all arrived in the community, which is also known as Ignacio Allende, and is in the south of Montes Azules, Chiapas, Mexico.

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Severn Trent Caribbean!

27-08-2003 17:23

Remember Severn Trent (those fortunate to be outsode their catchment area) ?

THey wanted gardens paved up so water could be saved!
Well their dim brains are at work raping the Caribbean it seems.

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University lecturer branded `racist' for weblink

27-08-2003 13:01

The two leading Jewish newspapers in the UK last weekend kicked off a potential firestorm over the views held by university academics.

Dr Nat Queen, lecturer in mathematics and statistics at the University of Birmingham, has been lambasted for a link on his homepage to a website which accuses the US government of being satanic, criticises Israeli policy and questions what involvement Israel may have had in the September 11th attacks in the US.

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Benefit Gig for Ireland's Pitstop Ploughshares

27-08-2003 11:00

PDF downloads of flyers for Dublin gig

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Ron Jeremy for President

27-08-2003 05:25

Problems in America usually aren't addressed by Americans who troll about blindly as their leaders create havoc. An in depth look at the current events in America

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Attack on trade union activist in Colombia

26-08-2003 23:01

campaign against coca-cola
of paula - 26.08.2003 06:39

The president of the trade union umbrella organization CUT, Juan Carlos Galvis, was attacked in Barrancabemeja by two men, near the office of the CUT in Barrancabermeja, on the 22 August at 12 o'clock at noon.


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Mass arrests in Colombia

26-08-2003 22:48

military operation in Arauca, Colombia
of paula - 26.08.2003 06:33

In the framework of a huge military operation, carried out by the district attorney's office Saravenas, army and CTI (police units), the flats of numerous social activists in Saravena were raided and many persons have been arrested on the 21st of August 2003.


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US Hires Saddam's former intelligence People

25-08-2003 14:02

The United States has hired officers from Saddam Hussein's feared and notorious Mukhabarat intelligence service to provide information about people who may be involved in resistance attacks and guerrilla strikes against American forces and international targets.

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Call for support - refugees sleeping on Brixton streets

25-08-2003 08:32

We are 35 refugees, women and men, from many countries - We were evicted from our rooms on 7 August because Home Office said that we didn't apply for asylum in a "reasonable and practical time" but many of us applied within one or two days of arriving yet we were evicted.

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Chiapas: Paramilitaries threaten to attack

24-08-2003 18:38

Paramilitaries prepare attack on Caracol in Roberto Barrios

posted by "Direct Solidarity with Chiapas" - 24.08.2003 13:43
source. Imc Germany:
La Jornada, Sunday, 24 August 2004
Hermann Bellinghausen

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Caracas in red

24-08-2003 12:52

In Venezuela, this week opposition and left have demonstrated against or for the government. Today, this Saturday, Caracas was a sea in red.

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23-08-2003 06:26

Mumia is in bad health.

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News from Nablus

22-08-2003 17:48

Yesterday morning Israeli forces imposed a curfew on the Old City of Nablus, announced on local television and radio, in response to the third suicide attack in the last 7 days, this time in Jerusalem. Tanks, jeeps and other IDF vehicles entered the city to enforce the curfew and carry out searches for Hamas members thought to be hiding in the city. 14 men have been reported arrested; one 16 year old boy was found in possession of explosives.

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[La Haine] Breaking news - Demonstration in Bilbo, Basque Country

22-08-2003 17:13

12.15 – Bilbo, Basque Country: The demonstration against political Apartheid in Euskal Herria has just began with applauses and leaded by a gigantic ikurriña (basque flag) carried by the members of the comparsas.
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