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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Reclaim the Power: 13 actions, 0 arrests - repression and the climate movement

20-08-2014 11:46

This year's Reclaim the Power action camp took place near Blackpool in solidarity with locals (Operation Mothers and Grandmothers - OMG) occupying a proposed fracking site. A brief report of the actions and some initial thoughts on the climate movement and its relationship to state repression.

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A Way Out of the Embassy for Julian Assange?

19-08-2014 19:23

Ricardo Patiño and Julian Assange
Report on Monday's press conference at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London called by Julian Assange of WikiLeaks and the Ecuadorian Foreign Minister that triggered wild speculation that Assange was about to surrender to the police outside the embassy on account of ill health. Read on....

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Neither Ukrainian nor Russian!

19-08-2014 15:48

Let’s develop our own camp, the third camp, that of social revolution!

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Eight-minute video history lesson about Australian mistreatment of Aborigines

19-08-2014 06:22

Treaty on land rights which was never kept. See also
A group of "Concerned Australians" has published an excellent YouTube video outlining how governments are still mistreating Aborigines, stealing their money and land, keeping them poor and stripping them of any power they may have had. Aboriginal money was used to obstruct justice for several stolen generations cases in court, and fight native title cases in the courts.

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What Does It Profit A Man? (Moneyless Living, The Canadian Genocide)

16-08-2014 17:23

We hear two contrasting stories of people who had the courage of their convictions. We start with a reading from "The Moneyless Manifesto", by Mark Boyle, who has been living without money in the UK for years. Our main speaker this time is a new one on the show, Rev. Kevin Annett, who recounts how he uncovered systematic genocide in Canada and how when he raised this issue he was defrocked by his church.

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Philippines - On the arrest of “The Butcher” Jovito Palparan

14-08-2014 13:28

The arrest of “The Butcher” Jovito Palparan is long overdue. The warrant for his arrest was issued in December 2011. Under the Aquino regime, justice for Palparan’s victims remains elusive.

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When did we give the police permission to patrol our communities while armed?

12-08-2014 19:58

In a little-noticed move, a small number of police officers are now routinely carrying sidearms while on patrol in parts of the mainland UK. How did this come about, and does it alter the relationship between the constabulary and the public?

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10-08-2014 15:58

A bar code starting 729 is a product that was produced in Israel.

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BBC in Cardiff graffiti attack

08-08-2014 18:57

Video BBC graffiti attack
BBC's Cardiff building visited by Palestinian supporters.

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Israeli Smack-Down of Christian Political Philosophy: A Deeper Analysis of the L

05-08-2014 21:13

Benjamin Netanyahu ‘s own words: “Terrorism is the deliberate assault on civilians to inspire fear for political ends. Though one might quibble with this definition, for example by broadening ‘political ends’ to include ideological or religious motives, it nonetheless captures the essence of terrorism—the purposeful attack on the innocent, those who are hors de combat, outside the field of legitimate conflict. In fact, the more removed the target of the attack from any connection to the grievance enunciated by the terrorists, the greater the terror.” From “Fighting Terrorism: How Democracies Can Defeat the International Terrorist Network, 2001 Edition Chapter 1, page 8.”

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Every Little Hurts.

02-08-2014 08:32

On 1st of August 2014, activists from the Solidarity Collective hold a demonstration outside Tesco's store on Kensington High Street London. The protest was calling on Tesco's to stop selling Israel goods.

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Israel, and the war against the Palestinian Government.

26-07-2014 22:54

Free Gaza, Israeli Embassy 2009. Picture: Terence Bunch.
On 2nd June 2014, the Unity government of Palestine (Palestinian Government) was formed under Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. The "Unity" government brings together the FATAH and HAMAS parties to unite the cause of Palestinian statehood under a single political banner...

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Art of War : Gaza

24-07-2014 19:16


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Police harassment in Merthyr

21-07-2014 12:29

cops spotted in Merthyr
On Wednesday, July 9th, the otherwise successful Day of Action against Nato in Merthyr Tydfil was marred by an intrusive police presence, the attempted intimidation of Stop Nato Cymru activists and the harassment of a public meeting that afternoon.

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High Court rules against Met's 'Neither Confirm Nor Deny' policy on spy cops

05-07-2014 21:28

Women’s statement: High Court ruling: Met Police cannot maintain blanket ‘NCND’ to cover up “gross abuses” of intimate relationships while undercover.

On 2 July, in a devastating blow to the Metropolitan Police’s attempts to cover up gross abuses of women by undercover police, the High Court ruled that the Met could not use ‘Neither Confirm Nor Deny’ as a blanket response to all the fully pleaded claims of women affected.

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Sheffield protest in solidarity with the oppression in Palestine

05-07-2014 17:50

Supporters of the Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign held a protest outside Sheffield Town Hall on 5th July 2014.

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Mass evictions of over 600 people across Calais!

02-07-2014 21:49

At 6am this morning riot and border cops accompanied by gendarmes evicted three squats housing over 70 people, as well as SALAM, a food distribution point, where over 500 people had been sleeping outside since their camps were destroyed a month ago:

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Put your hands up and slowly step away from the wheelchair.

02-07-2014 20:53

"Making a hand gesture of someone with a severe disability, the police officer mocked the activist. It reminded me of a sketch from the worst of a Bernard Manning show. The other officers greeted the impression with chilling laughter, nothing more than a reflection of the thoughts, gestures and actions of this government to the most vulnerable in our society." – ACAB

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Interrupting of Pan-Greek hunger strike: Statement of detainees

02-07-2014 00:14

Today, Tuesday 1 July we interrupt the collective pan-greek hunger strike we started against the law making process for the high security prisons.
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