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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Ox Arab Soc present :- Israeli Apartheid Week

02-03-2010 10:42

An amazing series of films and lectures. The Wednesday film is amazing

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§278a: Trial Against Animal Rights Activists in Austria -- Solidarity Worldwide

02-03-2010 09:31

Smash § 278ff
On May 21, 2008 the repression against animal rights activists reached a new high: numerous raids, 10 arrests and three and a half months of pre-trial detention. There were numerous solidarity actions, yet the investigations into the activists continued. Starting on March 2, 2010 thirteen activists will stand trial in Wiener Neustadt in Lower Austria. They are charged with Forming/Being Members of a Criminal Organisation according to §278a of the Austrian Penal Code. Thereby they all face 6 months to 5 years jail time.

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Brutal repression of protest march in Athens

28-02-2010 21:05

A protest march against the police killing of the 25 year old plumber Nikolas Toddi a few weeks ago in Byronas, Athens, was subject of brutal police repression with 11 people arrested and many badly wounded, with one of the arrested hospitalised.

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The Nazi Occupation of Darnall (Cop Alert)

28-02-2010 16:39

Darnall has been the scene of several police roadblocks recently, aimed at motorists. Read how they're currently waiting on Prince of Wales Road...

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Solidarity with Yarl's Wood protesters- Tues2 March - Communications House

28-02-2010 14:29

Solidarity with the Yarl’s Wood protesters!
Support all asylum seekers in struggle against Britain’s racist immigration laws!
Close Communications House!

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Nottingham Freemen Unlawfully Arrested

28-02-2010 09:57

Two Nottingham Freemen on-the-land we unlawfully arrested, kidnapped and incarcerated on Wednesday 24 February, by police who showed no warrant.

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Microsoft Global Criminal Compliance Handbook

27-02-2010 19:27

Wikileaks is reporting that was forcibly taken down following its publication Microsoft's "Global Criminal Compliance Handbook", howere it is still up and is hosting this file at this address:

Following is the article from Wikileaks on the matter.

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How luxury ecotourism destroys indigenous peoples and the jungle the live in.

27-02-2010 13:29

The government’s plans for tourism in Chiapas, and the implications for indigenous peoples and the environment.

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Is London Critical Mass getting its act together?

27-02-2010 11:42

During last night's February 26th ride I had the distinct impression that CM is gaining control of the traffic which threatens it. Corked drivers were mostly patient and were thanked by corkers as the end of the ride passed and there seemed to be less hooting. Could this be because there is now a plentiful supply of corkers and they appear more confident, or is it just a phase? I did speak to one corker who had been rammed by a driver but he said his bike was undamaged.

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Demo outside Court as more Gaza protestors are sentenced

27-02-2010 10:01

Protestors outside the court yesterday
After protestors gathered outside Isleworth Crown Court, Justice Dennis who has reserved all the cases for himself handed out more sentences. According to the Jewish Chronicle [1] "one of the protesters was sentenced to 12 months in prison. One will serve ten months in a Young Offenders Institute. Another was given 12 months conditional discharge and one given an 18 month supervision order.... Police said the men threw placards and sticks and pushed and kicked police officers."

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Honduras: A selective and low-intensity human hunt

26-02-2010 23:04

Claudia Brizuela
Another murder in broad daylight

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Listen to the heroes of Israel

26-02-2010 19:46

In his latest column for the New Statesman, John Pilger reminds us of the struggle by an extraordinary few in Israel against the repression and lawlessness of the occupation of Palestine. They are the inspiration to break the loud silence in the Jewish diaspora.

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Power to the People, over power for the some people using palm oil.

26-02-2010 16:28

Bristol City Council offices
Around 70 protestors joined a banner demonstration outside Bristol City Council offices against W4B’s plans to build a biofuel power station in Avonmouth. This could use 90,000 tonnes of palm oil a year and this would mean 22,000 of additional plantation mono-culture green deserts

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Glaxo Child Killers to open labs in Stevenage Science Park

26-02-2010 15:50

Glaxo Smith Kline have been caught experimenting on Black and Hispanic children in the U.S.A. Pfizer were caught experimenting on children in Nigeria, Africa. This has gone alarmingly unpublicised. For years people have campaigned to stop animal experimentation while these Nazi crimes against children have gone relatively unchallenged. Clusters of new labs are being built in the UK. The question is are they experimenting on orphans etc here in the UK behind closed doors?

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Detained for speaking out

26-02-2010 09:53

Two people, including a MULE editor, were detained by anti-terror police at Heathrow Airport on January 6 after they raised objections to a deportation taking place on their flight.

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Fri 26th: Emergency Picket of BP HQ in London

25-02-2010 22:44

SOLIDARITY ACTION: Emergency Picket of BP HQ in London
4pm Friday 26 February, outside BP HQ,
1 St James Square, London SW1 (nearest tube Piccadilly Circus)


Bring banners, placards and let's make a noise!

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tories to criminalise trespass

25-02-2010 01:24

worrying but not unsurprising little horror from their own website. this is likely to be used as a catch-all for just about every form of trespass ever used.

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Victory for Luton 4

24-02-2010 21:58

On the 28th of October last year 4 animal rights activists were arrested for breach of section 14 of the public order act during a protest at AstraZeneca offices in Luton for their use of the notorious animal testing lab Huntingdon Life Sciences.

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Two Freemen on the land unlawfully detained at Nottingham Oxclose Lane

24-02-2010 17:58

A peaceful demo is getting underway to secure the release of two freemen unlawfully detained for refusing entry to their home by Eon.

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Turkish military plot linked to USA

24-02-2010 12:08

A SINISTER military conspiracy, probably covertly backed by the USA, is being confronted by the Turkish government.
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