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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Jeremy Hammond's Sentencing Statement [15/11/13]

15-11-2013 17:45

Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison, Anarchist Hacker Jeremy Hammond Uses Allocution to Give Consequential Statement Highlighting Global Criminal Exploits by FBI Handlers.

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Methods of work of secret service

14-11-2013 19:12

Here are some examples how secret service work, it can be useful to those who don’t have experience with them. Of course, it has nothing with national security. In the West, they follow you on the basis of nationality, color of skin and religion. They make paranoia and create fears about immigrants in order to spread racism and justify repression (imprisoning and deportation) against immigrants.

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Final Stage in getting justice for child rape and unethical human medical trials

14-11-2013 03:02

document and recordings of a very painful and damaging process

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COPFS Letter sent with following evidence

13-11-2013 01:03

I think you should listen to the audio

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Silence death instead of public execution in Iran, Rouhani’s message of change

11-11-2013 22:02

Diplomats from Islamic regime and the 5+1 group of “ world powers ” met in Geneva for a three-day meeting to discuss the issue of nuclear program in Iran. In their meeting there was no mention of the recent executions, torture and human rights abuse in Iran. We should not let the nuclear negotiations cast a shadow over human rights abuse under the Rohani’s regime.
“Don’t let their heartbeats stop!”

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Arctic 30 and Pussy Riot graffiti

09-11-2013 17:36

Graffiti dedicated 2 help spread the word!.......

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Syria Film Screening and Planning Meeting, London, Wed 13 Nov

08-11-2013 08:43

Syria Film Screening and Planning Meeting

Date: Wednesday 13th November 2013
Venue: London Action Resource Centre, 62 Fieldgate Street (corner of Parfett St), Whitechapel, London E1 1ES

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On the 12th of November we organize a press conference in Germany/Berlin.

07-11-2013 00:51

On this day we want to publish the results of the fire investigations which will show that the allegation Oury Jalloh set fire to himself is not sustainable.

This means, that Oury Jalloh was murdered by police!

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Councillor blacklock and other councillors MP's MSP's MEP's do nothing for CSA

06-11-2013 23:48

A recording of my councillor and an email I received from the Prosecution service or PF Office .

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Statement from Sarah Harrison of WikiLeaks

06-11-2013 17:55

Sarah Harrison, who accompanied Edward Snowden to safety and assisted him with his asylum claims, is now in Germany but cannot return home.

"Already, in the few days I have spent in Germany, it is heartening to see the people joining together and calling for their government to do what must be done – to investigate NSA spying revelations, and to offer Edward Snowden asylum."

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Weekend of Solidarity with Chelsea Manning's Family - the good news!

06-11-2013 08:09

Advertising the event outside the Casa

Over the past few days, supporters of Private Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning have been in Wrexham and Liverpool in solidarity with Manning's Welsh family. Close family members living in Pembrokeshire face years of costly travel to the US for prison visits and a family fund has been set up to take donations.

In August, after over three years of pre-trial detention and nearly a year of torture, a military court sentenced Manning to 35 years for revealing evidence about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan - including evidence of war crimes - that the US government was keeping from the public (along with many other things).

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Police complaint D.I. Walker attempts cover up CSA again.

05-11-2013 23:44

Police officers admit perjury by their colleagues and attempt to cover up the crimes and further destroy the chances for justice.

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Repeal Schedule 7 – demo on Wednesday against “anti terror” detentions

04-11-2013 18:22

Demonstration 10:00am, Wednesday 6th November outside the Royal Courts of Justice, The Strand, London WC2A 2LL

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UG#668 - Big Oil At Home And Abroad (How The 7 Sisters Took Us For A Ride)

28-10-2013 23:54

This week, a successor show to episode 664, using 3 documentary films to trace a bigger picture carefully avoided by commercially-controlled media. Firstly, "Secrets Of The 7 Sisters" which retells the recent history of the Middle East focusing on its oil reserves. Secondly, we hear "Taken For A Ride", a 1996 documentary on how the logic of capitalism dictated the destruction of cheap mass transit in the US, in favor of a more resource intensive method:- the automobile. We conclude with the end of The Hidden Life of Garbage on the effect of petrochemical waste on the environment.

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Solidarity Meeting

27-10-2013 18:11

A number of well intentioned activists have come together to discuss the problems facing our movement, we feel the need and desire to approach areas of difference and conflict in a more constructive way.

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Yet another arrest at NSA Menwith Hill - call out for support next Tuesday

24-10-2013 20:49

More trouble from the Ministry of Defence police at NSA Menwith Hill, near Harrogate, North Yorkshire...

Please consider coming to the Tuesday pm demonstration at Menwith Hill – held each week from 6-8 pm.

This Saturday, you can join the growing movement in the US calling on the government to get out of our private lives, at the biggest protest yet against NSA spying. But we could do this on Tuesday next week: STOP SPYING ON US – please bring a sign.

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Camden Council on the run over draconian anti-busking laws

24-10-2013 19:35

Camden Council are under pressure over their proposed new laws which license busking in the area. Licence fees have been lowered and new exemptions introduced after a protest campaign and petition, but the fight is gearing up against this draconian attack on public space.

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The Future Of Farming

24-10-2013 11:47

Current methods of land trading and farming are not sustainable.

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Banner on Parkinson Building (Leeds) steps in solidarity with Brazil's protests

22-10-2013 08:56

Today a huge banner appeared on the steps of Parkinson Building (University of Leeds) proclaiming “Freedom for Political Prisoners.” The group “Solidarity and Action Mobilization with Brazil Activists - Leeds” (SAMBA_Leeds) prepared this action in order to bring to the public attention the current violation of human rights occurring in Brazil as well as the group’s support and solidarity with the occurring popular protests. In particular they are calling for the immediate release of the people unjustifiably arrested during the protest on the 15th of October (300 arrested, 12 still in jail on 21st October) and the end of the violent state repression of a genuine and heavily supported popular movement.

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Life After Prison Evening at Hydra, Bristol - Sun 27th Oct

21-10-2013 17:56

Bristol ABC have organised a launch evening for our new publication ‘On the Out’ a zine about life after prison. Articles include pieces around license conditions and social control, tagging, the emotional affects of repression, supporting someone leaving prison and more.
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