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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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8-8-88 Burma Protests and Bike for Burma Report

17-08-2008 21:16

A Burmese monk unveils the glass memorial
Friday 8th August marked the 20th Anniversary of the 8-8-88 Burma democracy uprising in which at least 3,000 unarmed Burmese protesters were murdered by the Burmese junta. In London the Burmese unveiled a glass memorial at the peace park near the Imperial War museum, held a protest for political prisoners at the Burmese Embassy and in the evening had an exhibition on Burmese political prisoners at the School of Oriental and African Studies. The following day the new generation of Burmese students and exiled activists held a Bike for Burma event around London to remember 8-8-88 and ask people not to forget Burma.

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GSK and Mars vending machines sabotaged

17-08-2008 18:57

Sometime ago the Animal Liberation Front disabled vending machine coin slots owned by GlaxoSmithKline and the Mars Corporation because they mutilate animals for pointless, fraudulent research killing non-human and human animals.

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5th Sept: Global Day of Solidarity with the Austrian Ten

16-08-2008 21:32

Please join the International Day of Solidarity and organize Demos in your City! Let's spread the word for the freedom of the 10 activists in Austria and demand an end to repression of social activism."

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Fascist state censors Pirate Bay

16-08-2008 18:36

that's happened in italy

more infos here:

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Cash/personnel costs of public order ops, Apr 07 - Mar 08

16-08-2008 16:02

This PDF speaks for itself. I thought I'd be nice and share.

Note Climate Camp '07 nearly twice as big as the next biggest thing (Notting Hill Carnival), in personnel, but not cash apparently.

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Video of Free Tibet Cycle ride.

16-08-2008 11:16

Riders assembling
About 50 riders assembled for the Free Tibet Ride on the Southbank by Waterloo Bridge, London, on 15-8-08.


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Post Climate Camp Legal Call Out

16-08-2008 10:44

The climate camp was in many respects a remarkable watershed in the policing of mass public protest. Even under the spotlight of the mainstream media, police abuse of power was overt and unwavering. The unlawful indiscriminate searches along with seizure of personal property unrelated to any crime, actual or potential, should not go uncontested...

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Amadeu Casellas, anarchist prisoner, 50 days on hunger strike

16-08-2008 10:41

Amadeu Casellas participated in the recent European prisoner hungerstrike that saw 500 German prisoners refusing to eat in protest against their conditions and is now continuing the hungerstrike until death or freedom. Many anarchists in the prisons joined the common hungerstrike in total defiance of confinement itself and actions in solidarity occured 'outside', including in Canada, the burning of a police truck outside a courthouse.

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"Shot" reporter "from Georgia" may be from United States

16-08-2008 00:24

An expose of the video the Daily Mail's Sam Greenhill has been promoting as part of his warmongering efforts that supposedly shows a female Georgian reporter named Tamara Urushadze getting shot.

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Britain's Racist Police

15-08-2008 16:34

Making communities safer since...
While the BNP's notorious Red, White & Blue bash is this weekend set to benefit from the protection of hundreds of thousands of pounds' worth of policing, a simultaneous event promoting racial unity in Derby has been cancelled - due to direct pressure from the Police.

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AMW slams Israeli inaction over Reuters death, & British media silence

15-08-2008 13:34

Fadel Shana
Arab Media Watch condemns the Israeli military's decision to take no action against a tank crew that killed Reuters cameraman Fadel Shana and wounded soundman Wafa Abu Mizyed in Gaza in April 2008. AMW joins the International Federation of Journalists, the Committee to Protect Journalists and other media watchdogs in calling for a full, independent inquiry.

AMW expresses concern that the investigation's decision has been almost completely ignored by the mainstream British press, the sole exception being Guardian correspondent Rory McCarthy. This is surprising given its life-threatening implications for all journalists reporting from the occupied Palestinian territories.

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Solidarity with Workers in Iran

15-08-2008 11:52

On May Day this year in Iran, two brave women - Sousan Razani and
Shiva Kheirabadi - participated in open celebrations of the
international workers' holiday.

The regime considers this to be a crime and the women were arrested.

They have just been sentenced to 15 lashes apiece, as well as four
months in prison.

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DOs and DON'Ts in Italy today

14-08-2008 23:23

The Italian Government reacted angrily at a report in Famiglia Cristiana, a Catholic magazine that Fascism was returning under another guise. The Vatican also distanced itself from the report. Antonio Sciortino, Director of the Paulist weekly said he was surprised at the reactions because every citizen should be allowed to assess what the government does “In a normal country” he added “This is part of the free exchange of opinions”

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Austrian prisoner Chris Moser is out of jail!

14-08-2008 22:13

The animal liberation prisoners arriving at court
ELP Information Bulletin (13th of August)

Austrian Animal Rights prisoners, Chris Moser and Martin Bulluch appeared in court for a bail hearing. Sadly, Martin has been remanded back into custody, but Chris Moser has been granted bail!!!!

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SHAC-UK Prisoner Dan Amos - August Update

14-08-2008 21:51

Dan has had the news that hopefully in 5 weeks he will be moved to HMP Winchester for the start of the trial (which is not essential that he goes to). He will then stay at HMP Winchester for the remainder of his prison sentence, which is brilliant considering HMP Exeter is at least 150 miles from any of his friends and family.

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NW // Mersyside cops posing as lifts for Saturday Anti-BNP Demo...

14-08-2008 12:27

We had a phone call offer last night from someone calling themselves Steve saying they could pick us up for the demo in Derby this weekend.

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Fitwatchers Remanded at Climate Camp

13-08-2008 23:49

Two fitwatchers were kept in custody for five days after taking photographs of the police at the front gate of the camp.

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Iranian refugee hanging Emergency demo Sat 16 Aug 2008, 12pm

13-08-2008 17:21

There will be a demo in Manchester on 16 August, in response to the death of an Iranian refugee who hanged himself on 5 August after being evicted from his home by the racist British Home Office.

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America's Israeli-Occupied Media

13-08-2008 02:14

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