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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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GCHQ Interview: Official Secrets

06-03-2004 19:02

Audio GCHQ from the air - is it a donut or a flying crop circle?
Dialect Radio interviewed Phillip Hilton this week, about GCHQ, Katherine Gunn and the official secrets act.

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05-03-2004 19:53

Racicot was quoted as " Senator Kerry crossed a grave line when he dared to suggest the replacement of America 's commander-in- chief at a time when America is at war," while implying that Kerry was a traitorous renegade. Just to remind the snide Racicot, Kerry happens to be a war hero. He has the medals to prove it. The Army doesn't award Purple Hearts out for catching syphilis, in some Mexican whorehouse, while guarding the skies of Texas from VC infiltrators.

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The Passion and Zionism

05-03-2004 19:02

My family lives in Beit Sahur, the biblical Shepherds' Field. The church of Nativity in Bethlehem is about 700 yards from the house in Beit Sahour where I was born and the church where I was baptized. Many, but not all, Palestinians adopted Islam over the years, just as not all Palestinian Jews and Pagans became Christians. Despite the usual problems between minorities and majorities, we all coexisted.

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Aboriginal march from REDFERN on NSW Parliament + Federal PARLIAMENT in Canberra

05-03-2004 16:14

(from Sydney Morning Herald)
MEMBERS of Sydney's Redfern Aboriginal community will march on NSW parliament later this month [One month after first march = MARCH 24 from 11am.] to express their concerns in the wake of Thomas "TJ" Hickey's death and the riot which broke out as a result. [..] Mr Munro said Aboriginal leaders would in the next month travel to Parliament House in Canberra to put their point across to Prime Minister John Howard.

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Massive Tree Defence / Eviction in France (jan/feb)

05-03-2004 14:13

Basic info from France where recently thousands of people turned out to defend trees in Grenoble, only to be met by CRS riot police.

If anyone can translate the main articles from Paris Indymedia into english and post them to uk indymedia newswire that'd be great.

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Hackney Council & Cops Threaten to Illegally evict Kingsland Squatters

04-03-2004 22:37

Three Stoke Newington drugs squad officers in plain clothes visited the Kingsland Estate in south Hackney today, warning that the council staff would be evicting squatters on Monday, and that they would arrest any refusing to leave. They referred to section 7 of the Criminal Law Act 1977.

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Travellers Lives in Turmoil after eviction

04-03-2004 16:45

A TRAVELLING community evicted from land in Essex have been forced to split up to secure a place to live.

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Prosecutors take on Genoa police

04-03-2004 08:39

Italian prosecutors have requested the indictment of 29 riot police for alleged brutality against protesters at the G8 summit in Genoa three years ago.
Prosecutors accuse the officers of inflicting injuries on anti-globalisation activists during a pre-dawn raid on a school.

Police say their action was needed to respond to violent demonstrations.

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Queer Boycott of Capitalist Exploitation

04-03-2004 01:07


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One place left on March 5-7 Medic Training!

03-03-2004 17:58

There is one half-funded place left on the Earth First! Medic Training being held over March 5-7 in Nottingham. Get in touch if you want to come.

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One Year Later, Justice Still Not Served: Remembering The Death Of Rachel Corrie

03-03-2004 17:00

One Year Later, Justice Still Not Served:
Remembering the Death of Rachel Corrie
by Elizabeth Corrie
Published on Tuesday, March 2, 2004 by

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Trial in Genoa begins - Solidarity demo taking place

03-03-2004 15:40

The trial against 26 people accused of committing offences at the demonstrations against the G8 Summit in Genoa in June 2001 began yesterday (March 2nd 2004).

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ISRAEL: Women COs and refusers in prison

03-03-2004 13:31

WRI Logo
Three women COs and two refusers imprisoned in Israel.

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mental health excluded from financial services

03-03-2004 11:58

new evidence shows that peoople experiencing longer term mental health problems are having to lie to access financial services or walk away from them altogether because of discrimination

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Holy Crimes for Oil

03-03-2004 07:00

Holy Crimes
Communism, Green Belt, Islamic Revolution, Death Rows, Terror, Stonings, Massacres, and more Massacres. Sounds Familiar? This is what my nation lived for 25 years now. And they are asking you to convince your politicians to >> STOP BACKING TERRORIST AYATOLLAHS FOR CRUDE OIL & DIRTY TRADES! YOU HAVE CROSSED THE LINE OF "DIALOGUEs" or RELATIONS! WE SEE THIS MORE AS WAR! ((

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UN Report: Iraq Had No WMD After 1994

03-03-2004 02:21

Headlines for March 2, 2004

- Up to 140 Killed in Iraq on Shiite Holy Day
- At least 17 Pakistani Shiites Killed
- UN Report: Iraq Had No WMD After 1994
- 18,000 National Guard Soldiers Alerted For Duty
- Candidates Prepare For Super Tuesday

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Coca Cola selling tap water

03-03-2004 00:31

Coca Cola selling tap water that we have paid for in the first place!!>

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Coke’s Killers. Soft drink giant to review union deaths

02-03-2004 16:13

Coca-Cola representatives told a fact-finding delegation that its employees may have collaborated with paramilitaries in the deaths and torture of Colombian union members

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Palestine Refugee Film Night - Wednesday March 3rd, Bristol

02-03-2004 13:25

An evening of films on Palestinian refugees for the benefit of the educational charity ENLIGHTEN (Markaz at-Tanwir) who are currently opening their second I.T. educational centre in the besieged refugee camp of Rafah, in the Gaza Strip.

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ERIO calls for urgent measures for Roma in Slovakia

01-03-2004 20:34

ERIO Press release on Roma prostest in Eastern Slovakia and call on the Slovak Government and the European Union to work towards the improvement of the situation of Roma across Europe.
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