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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Met Deputy Commissioner to do live Question & Answer session - Weds. 10th Sept

09-09-2003 16:56

The Met's Deputy Commissioner, Sir Ian Blair will be doing a live question and answer session on BBC London 94.9 FM at 11 am on Wednesday - 020 7224 2000

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Further information from Liberty

09-09-2003 14:59

Telephone discussion with Liberty Press Office about their plans following today's events in London.

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Liberty launches High Court Action to protect right to protest

09-09-2003 14:32

Press release from Liberty Human Rights watch

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Arrest count - update on legal situation from DSEi radio

09-09-2003 12:38

Update on the number of people arrested so far in anti DSEi actions...

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Many uses for a can of pop

09-09-2003 12:19

3 strikes an your out!

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Police use of section 44 searches to deter protest at DSEI

09-09-2003 00:08

Police are misusing the Anti-terrorism legislation to inhibit protest and activism around DSEI. If you intend to visit London during the Disarm DSEI week (6-12) download or collect a Section 44 Search Monitoring Form/Advice Sheet. You may find it helpful if you get searched. If you fill it in and post it to Liberty, they can continue to document the grave misuse of the Anti-terror legislation. (See Liberty website for their detailed report about misuse of the terrorism legislation at Fairford "Casualty of War: 8 weeks of counter-terrorism in rural England"-

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DSEI - have we done it the wrong way?

08-09-2003 23:14

Inside here you can buy anything from a bullet -
I'm thinking we should have done all the serious blockading during the setting up process not after all the traders and weapons are already safely inside.

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Report and audio interview about Dungavel Detention Centre

08-09-2003 22:27

It was nice and sunny when over a thousand protesters followed the call of the Scottish Trade Union Council to travel to Dungavel Detention Centre, which lies isolated in the countryside 40 min away south of Glasgow in Lanarkshire, near Strathaven.
Protesters arrived from all over; buses were provided from Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Manchester, Birmingham and North East England.
A samba band played at the arrival, and the protesters banged against the fence with fists and sticks, so that the first speeches drowned in noise of the publics outrage against the seperation, the rascist and inhumane institutional treatment of refugees in this country. A whole line-up of politicians from a wide spektrum spoke out against the prison like institution, with the star speakers Mercy Ikolo, who was just released on bail with her 14 month old daughter Bessie from Dungavel, and human rights lawyer Aamer Anwar.

Pics [1, 2, 3], report

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Canada's safe haven for junkies

08-09-2003 21:41

Vancouver hopes to save hundreds of lives by opening street clinics where
heroin addicts can shoot up safely. But the White House is accusing Canada
of going AWOL from its war on drugs.

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08-09-2003 14:44

steve gough, has been walking naked from land's end to john o groats to highlight the issue that clothing should be optional in life. he has been arrested several times, with most charges subsequently dropped, he has been beaten up, and he is currently naked in inverness prison segregation awaiting a new trial, without exercise or access to a phone.

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'Honour killings' law blocked

08-09-2003 02:28

Some women in Jordan are regarded as their family's property

Parliament in Jordan has overwhelmingly rejected a proposed law imposing harsher punishments for men who kill female relatives in what are known as "honour killings".

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Brian Butterworth-Brent East Socialist Alliance-against war and privatisation

07-09-2003 04:48

Brent East Socialist Alliance-Brian Butterworth-Against war and against privatisation.
Brent East By-election candidate-End the illegal occupation now.

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Extreme Police Harrassement of DSEI Protesters from 11PM until the small hours.

07-09-2003 00:32

Three DSEI protesters were followed after leaving the convergence centre, at 11PM. They were followed all over North East London then all the way to South London where they sought refuge in a friend's flat. At 1.28 AM the police were still out side the flat.

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Charing Cross Police Station Protest

06-09-2003 22:51

Charing Cross Police Station
DESi protestors arrested for a protest action involving boats were held in Charing Cross Police station and a protest was held outside untill there were all released.

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More pics of Dungavel Detention Centre protest

06-09-2003 21:41

protesters in front of Dungavel Detention Centre
The rally at the Dungavel Detention Centre, which lies isolated about 40 min away (busdrive), in the country side, was visited today by about a thousand protesters.
At least 10 doubledekker buses made their way from Glasgow and several from the south and from Edinburgh to get a first hand knowledge and experience about the Dungavel Detention Centre which is constantly in the news particularly for its "family unit" where not only the parents are fitted up for no crime or charges, but also their children.

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Charing Cross Police Station Lobby

06-09-2003 18:48

A short video of the protest action outside Charing Cross Police Station where the DSEi boat action demonstrators were being held.

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Dungavel Detention Centre

06-09-2003 18:08

the samba band was üplaying at the arrival
The Scottish Trade Union Council called for a demonstration at Dungavel Detention Centre, to close this prison like institution down, AND to treat refugees and asylum seekers humanely and with respect.

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DSEi Boat Action - Noise Demo - welcome to released activists

06-09-2003 18:07

Around 16 people were arrested this morning for their part in an attempt to blockade the DSEi harbour area with boats.

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Rumsfeld Rumbled! - activists protest war criminals meeting in Baghdad

06-09-2003 17:29

Activists from Ireland, Poland/England, The US, Kurdistan and Iraq protested outside the Iraqi Convention Centre in Baghdad against the presence of recent Afghanistan and Iraqi war architect and US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

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Al-Jazeera Journos Hold Protest For Jailed Collegue in Baghdad

06-09-2003 16:57

Journalists at Al Jazeera hold a sit-in protest outside the Spanish Embassy in Baghdad tomorrow against the arrest of their collegue Tayseer Aloni. Jazeera have been recieving intense criticism from the US Occupation Authorities and the US government for what they say is biased reporting which is promoting incitement to vioelnce against US Troops.

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