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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Top cop Blair wants armed ex-soldiers in the police

21-09-2005 20:51

can you say "police state"?

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21th bulletin of the Basque Observatory of Human Rights

21-09-2005 17:08

The subjects we have included in this issue:
- Cutbacks on the right to demonstrate
- Conclusions on the Jarrai-Haika-Segi trial
- Behatokia addressed the UN Human Rights Sub-commission on the issue of antiterrorist measures and human rights
- Greater distances and more accidents caused by the policy of dispersal
- Iñaki de Juana Chaos: arbitrary incarceration

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The Inspector Calls

21-09-2005 15:14

After the incidents I related in a previous post Over the top policing in Pitsmoor, I bumped into Inspector John Ekwubiri in Abbeyfield Park at Abbeyfield Multicultural Festival Part 2 [Sat 10 Sep 2005]. He promised to ring me the day after next [Mon 12 Sep 2005], and he did.

As he had not read my previous article, I appraised him of its contents.

I first asked what had been the purpose of the raid. He confirmed that it was one of two that took place that morning; the other occurring on Abbeyfield Road. The purpose was to arrest a couple of people in connection with the incident on Earsham Street – the threat to officers and the public was sufficient that it was deemed necessary to have an armed unit carry out the raid. The operation was a joint effort of local police, South Yorkshire CID and the armed unit [which I didn’t catch the correct terminology for].

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The new 7/7 London bombings "evidence"

21-09-2005 13:26

Luton June 28 08:10:36
Some elements of appreciation to make your mind.

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21-09-2005 12:40

Australian Government request Indymedia "remove" links to website which shows Australian Government Welfare Department falsified documents & withheld evidence from Commonwealth Prosecutors citing breach of "Copyright" of name & logo, "We Are Not The Nazi Regime!!!"

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Talk in Brighton by Spanish anarchist ex-prisoner Laudelino Iglesias Martinez

21-09-2005 11:42

Recently released long term Spanish anarchist prisoner comes to the UK to discuss state repression and prisoner resistance to it.

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Talk: Israel's Wall of Shame

21-09-2005 00:00

by Banksy
Friday 23rd September
Friends Meeting House
Jesus Lane, Cambridge
8pm -- Free Entry

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Dance for Peace And Liberty!

20-09-2005 16:29

After the Stop The War national demo "March For Peace And Liberty", come to rampART Creative Centre and Social Space, 15-17 Rampart Street, London E1 2LA (Whitechapel tube) and party from 9PM till 3AM with DJs, live music & Taybeh Palestinian beer

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ID cards: a story I thought I'd never write.

20-09-2005 16:06

Freedom is buried in 'Apartheid' state The Netherlands: from the 1st of Jan. 2006 all 16 million people in the country will get a new 'Citizen's Service Number', turning the country into one big jail. The first Apartheid process against 250 people - out of ten thousands who could not show an ID Card - starts next week.

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Sat 1 Oct: Social and Environmental Effects of Dams in India

20-09-2005 15:23

Music, art and politics in London on 1st October - film, talks, music, stalls, food, chai from 11:30am -11:30pm at Institute of Education Union ( and a UCL lecture theatre.

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Trial Of Anarchists In Germany About To End

20-09-2005 15:10

The summing up speeches of the accusations have been held.

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OutRage!-Iran state flogging of gay men revealed

20-09-2005 11:22

Gay rights group OutRage has received reports and pictures of the beatings given to gay men in Iran.

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Review of the DSEi arms fair last week with pics.

20-09-2005 10:20

This is a 2,200 word article about the DSEi arms fair in London's Docklands last week. 9 captioned photos are atatched.

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Raise a Ruckus for Rob los Ricos

20-09-2005 07:31

Rob los Ricos, aka Rob Thaxton, is a Tejano Chicano anarchist
political prisoner currently serving most 88 months (over 7 years)
for throwing a rock at a cop during the June 18, 1999 Reclaim the
Streets celebration turned police riot in Eugene.

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Iraqi Police Disrupt UK False Flag

20-09-2005 05:52

Just as the Downing Street Minutes proved that Bush/Bliar were LYING in order to fiegn justification for an act of naked aggression they knew to be illegal, the leaked "Iraq: Options Paper" proves that the UK/US were planning to incite Civil War, in order to take the heat off of the Occupiers, and allow them to plunder Iraq while the People killed themselves. If you'll study the media's coverage over the past few weeks, you'll note that they have served as a willing partner.

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I'm in a right f***kin mood

19-09-2005 21:24

But not by a country mile...
All the while the Labor right maintained the States, received big fat pay cheques and toured the world as well paid losers with no intention or ambition whatsoever to even try to be elected into government office and were prepared to sabotage anyone in their own party who disagreed. Having inside information did help.

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Demo Parliament Square on Saturday

19-09-2005 18:58

Challenge the ban on fundamental civil liberties by the UK Government and Authorities in Parliament Square on Saturday 24th of September 2005.

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19-09-2005 17:47

Solidarity Benefit Cafe for the people (Gabriel, José, Bart and Begoña) arrested in aachen, germany last year.
6pm Monday
26th September.

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prayer rather than disinvestment will bring peace - says CoE

19-09-2005 17:10

Caterkiller: No current grounds for disinvestment says Church of England as there have been no recent sales of the killer diggers to the Israeli authorities.

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