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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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poland: police illegally attack Częstochowa squat

13-12-2004 01:37

On Saturday morning (11/12/2004) police attacked the Częstochowa squat,
forcing everybody outside of the building, beating people, arresting
people, alleging drug charges, spreading reports about drug charges
in the media. The real reason for the attack on the centre is presumed
to be its cultural and political and Food Not Bombs activities.

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Anti-terrorism legislation attacked in Whitechapel

12-12-2004 23:40

'At the very least, my son has a better character than David Blunkett,' Ashfaq Ahmad told the large, appreciative audience that turned out in Whitechapel's Brady Centre today to hear about the realities of British anti-terrorism laws from people who've experienced them.

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Media War Against G8 Protestors Begins (secret anarchist training camps)

12-12-2004 15:40

The opening shot of a PR war on protest groups has been fired ahead of next years G8 Summit in Scotland, with an article in the usualy quite well balanced Scotland on Sunday, published Sunday 12th Dec 04.

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The Alternative Nativity Play

11-12-2004 22:45

alternative nativity play
The alternative nativity play, complete with alternative Christmas carols,
highlighting the plight of Palestinians living in the occupied territories

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[Genoa] G8_ink

11-12-2004 20:41

..a project to put together signs, traces and memory of the G8-Summit in Genoa. A space to recover and to enhance what was produced during and after July 2001. An excuse to tell what we saw, thought and felt. Because memory is a collective gear.

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Five Go Mad In Egypt - Asbestosis and Isolation

11-12-2004 13:00

I was part of a group of International Solidarity Movement activists who travelled to Egypt on Sunday to meet Egyptian activists preparing to take a convoy of food and medicine from Cairo to Rafah (Gaza). The activists of the Egyptian Popular Comittee in Solidartity with the Palestinian Uprising have taken 25 such convoys since the start of the intifada in an atmosphere of repression and corruption. While in Egypt activists tried to make links with broader social movements in Egypt.

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11-12-2004 12:05

Two hundred Egyptian activists and fifty from Europe were prevented
from reaching Egyptian Rafah by security forces at Bahlouza, the
entry to North Sinai yesterday. The group was accompanying hundreds
of tons of relief supplies for the people of Rafah collected by the
Egyptian Popular committee in support of the Palestinian Intifada.
While the food and blankets were allowed to reach the border at
Rafah, the solidarity demonstration planed for Rafah was held in the
middle of the desert underneath the welcome arch of North Sinai

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US Election Fraud: something BIG happening

11-12-2004 11:03

Compilation of latest information including detailed quotes.
Note there are also nationwide demonstrations planned for Sunday 12th -
The 51 Capital March
"You Stole My Vote"

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European Observation Mission to US Elections: Findings

11-12-2004 07:33

Summary of the preliminary findings of the Election Observation Mission (EOM) of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) - ref. - on the US Elections of 2 Nov 2004. Note that the Mission was terminated at the moment the polls closed.

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A Taste of Palestine

10-12-2004 20:15

Advance notice of an upcoming event organized by Oxford PSC.

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Terrorist graffiti at London Army Recruitment Centre?

10-12-2004 11:36

Small group blocked the entry to Charing Cross, London, Army Recruitment Centre this morning with banner and fliers to amuse the commuters.

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Evidence of USUK war crimes in Fallujah - Thank you Tony.

10-12-2004 02:24

Two weeks ago someone was allowed into Fallujah by the military to help
bury bodies. They were allowed to take photographs of 75 bodies, in
order to show pictures to relatives so that they might be identified
before they were buried.
These pictures are from a book of photos. They are being circulated
publicly around small villages near Fallujah where many refugees are

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09-12-2004 13:42

You've just got to accept it the next time you travel with your good looking wife or daughter: of course their breasts are firm like Semtex. And when they or you are fingered, just ask yourself: where's your spine ? Are you going to protest ?

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Ruddock foreshadows new terrorism laws

08-12-2004 22:51

The new laws will allow police to access emails and mobile phone SMS messages, enable wider use of surveillance devices, and protect sensitive national security information during terrorism trials.

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How many of the UK armed services know the law as do these US patriots ?

08-12-2004 22:45

bliar bliar bliar
Not to mention our public servants from Prime poodler Bliar upwards ?

We Won't Go To Iraq

"I was told in basic training that, if I'm given an illegal or immoral order, it is my duty to disobey it, and I feel that invading and occupying Iraq is an illegal and immoral thing to do."

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Adventures in Oxford – “We put acid on monkey penises”

08-12-2004 16:05

Last week the police got themselves carried away by the injunction thinking that they could trample all over protestor rights at the behest of Oxford University, by moving people on when ever they tried to demonstrate against the animal labs being built. Not to be so easily dissuaded a group of us went back on Thursday and continued the mission to bring the horrific labs to the attention of the people of Oxford.

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Residenzpflicht on Trial in Germany

08-12-2004 00:26

Since 1982, Germany is the only country in Europe were refugees are criminalized by the law of the Residenzpflicht. The Obligatory Residency Law keeps refugees from seeing their doctors, their lawyers, their friends and relatives and for some of them worst of all from continuing their activities which made them flee their country. When German politicians are in uproar about how foreigners are not willing to integrate into the society, such an absurd and inhumane law and the discussion surrounding integration can only be seen as cruel and cynical.

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Letter to Blair Seeks Iraqi Civilian Deaths Inquiry

07-12-2004 17:59

Former ambassadors, senior military figures and a bishop were among 44 signatories of an open letter to Prime Minister Tony Blair today calling for an inquiry into civilian deaths in Iraq.

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Occupation and Resistance in Iraq

07-12-2004 16:37

All day conference on Iraq organised by Iraq Occupation Focus. Held at University of London Union (Malet Street) Sunday 5 December 2004.

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Fairford Coaches ruling at 10am in Court 4 of Royal Courts of Justice, London

07-12-2004 15:52

Latest news on Fairford Coach Case is that there will be a ruling hearing at 10am at the Royal Courts of Justice (see below). Come out and support the right to protest by joining the one hour demo outside the courts from 9am-10am. Bring your own signs/banners/samba bands etc.
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