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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Oaxaca does not Surrender

08-04-2007 15:16

Is a film screening and discussion to invigorate London-based solidarity with the struggle in Oaxaca. With the participation of members of Bolivia Solidarity, Africa Solidarity and activists working with Oaxacans. The discussion will attemp to develop the links between different current struggles such as climate change, multi-national control over governments among others.

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Chiapas: The New Face of the War

07-04-2007 21:49

Andrés Aubry
Originally Published in Spanish in two parts by La Jornada
March 24 and 25, 2007

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Let's defend the autonomous space "Les Tanneries"

07-04-2007 10:38

Les Tanneries
After nearly 10 years of existence, the squatted autonomous space "Les
Tanneries" (in Dijon, France) is being threatened by a private medical
complex, facilitated by the city council.

The excellent social centre, which hosted the centralised part of the PGA conference last year as well as digital struggles and free spaces sections, has a concert hall for do-it-yourself bands and
miscellaneous performances, a housing collective and some anarchist
affinity groups, a hacklab for developing free software and running
alternative servers, a free-shop, a space for mecanics and a bike-repair
workshop, rehearsal rooms and silk-screening facilities, a meeting
space, an organic garden, an alternative media center, a squatters'
helpdesk, a library, diverse ecological constructions, dozens of
collectives, associations, and local and international networks that use
the space to organise gigs, info-nights, actions, skill-shares, meetings
and projects...

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“Sack Parliament” cost Met £300,000!

07-04-2007 08:43

What was the cost of “Sack Parliament” ?

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Free Hali Savda

07-04-2007 08:28

Free conscientious objector Halil Savda

on trial 12 April

Sign URGENT on line petition

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notes from new palestine: revolution overturns and destroys everything...

06-04-2007 20:00

what is being done is selling the masses capitalism and calling it all liberation and now revolution -- b.u.t. what it really is is using our peoples -- a few select -- from to oprah to jay z and obama as a tool to colonize afrika and our minds for the masters. it works well for the bourgeois classes -- for it advances their cause, class and position and therefore them = the 10 to 1% -- for them it is a revolution -- one of privilege and capital and not of movement and the masses....

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AUSTRALIA:Our Fascist Welcome Mat John Howard's ABCs

06-04-2007 00:56

American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)?
When someone comes to visit how do you greet him or her? With open arms and a welcome mat or with a list of allegations and a naming and shaming file? True it is Labor this time but not Liberal even though Lab is Lib hence Lib/Lab but what proves the point is that when it's too embarrassing for Lib then it's up to Lab to do the dirty work and attempts to get away with it. But the process is clear it's all about Isamophobia and what mileage John Howard's ABC and their mass media and political allies can make out of it for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)?

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Mother of imprisoned youth Shaquanda Cotton on Uhuru Radio Sunday

05-04-2007 21:51

Shaquanda Cotton in prison
Talk Live with Creola Cotton about her successful campaign to free her daughter, 15-year-old Shaquanda from juvenile prison in Texas.

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Recently detained family need help!

05-04-2007 20:16

A family from Teeside have recently been forcibly removed from their home and taken to a detention centre in preparation for their deportation. The family have been living in the UK for six years after fleeing illegal persecution by the Sri Lankan army.It is extremly perilous for the family to return to Sri Lanka and it is inconceivable that they should be forcibly returned.
There are a number of ways in which you can help.

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'Anarchist Blogger' finally freed

05-04-2007 18:43

There has been some really good reporting here on Josh Wolf, the 'anarchist blogger' . He went to prison rather than submit video of an 'anachist rally' to a federal judge in the July '05 G8 clashes in California. I just thought it was worth mentioning to all the previous posters that he has finally been released after spending more time inside than any other journalist.

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05-04-2007 16:13

The Police, the English Partnership and Royal Bank of Scotland
working in partnership promoting best fascism practice into regeneration

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G8 2005 Indy Reporter Josh Wolf Freed after 226 Days in Jail

05-04-2007 11:24

Reporter Josh Wolf Freed - Thanks to all who campaigned on this one....

Sharing of Unedited Video and Minor Grand Jury Cooperation Leads to Release

On April 3rd, independent reporter Josh Wolf was freed from federal custody after spending 7 1/2 months in prison for failing to turn over video footage to a federal grand jury. The unedited video was the target of the federal grand jury subpoena that caused him to be held at the federal holding facility, in Dublin, CA for over 226 days, a record amount of time for any journalist in U.S. history.

That morning, Josh wrote on his blog, "During the course of this saga I have repeatedly offered to allow a judge to be the arbiter over whether or not my video material has any evidentiary value. Today, you the public have the opportunity to be the judge and I am confident you will see, as I do, that there is nothing of value in this unpublished footage."

Full Story at

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Coward Of Oz Bans Bilal Philips And Yvonne Ridley

05-04-2007 11:15

Ridley, who was a senior reporter for Britian's Sunday Express, converted to Islam three years after she was captured by the Taliban while on an undercover assignment for the newspaper in 2001.

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more big bro methods to aidthe work of the DWP

05-04-2007 08:59

DWP minister adds another tool to aid benefit fraud detection

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AUSTRALIA:GetUp! delivers 65,000 protest letters for David Hicks

05-04-2007 04:42

65,000 protest letters
The group says Australians have now lost faith that the Government will come to their aid if they are treated unjustly overseas.

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AUSTRALIA: Villawood detainee hospitalised after hunger strike

04-04-2007 22:11

Hunger Strike
The Refugee Action Coalition says 35 asylum seekers are taking part, but a spokeswoman for the department says she only knows of eight asylum seekers.

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Don't hate Americans - Our peril is your peril - Globalist Conspiracy

04-04-2007 18:33

There is a conspiracy among the international money powers of the world to create superstates that will (ostensibly) supplant the constitutional rights of the great democratic nations (UK, USA, etc). In the UK it will be a European Constitution that will (ostensibly) override the Magna Carta and British Constitution. In the United States the assault has been success versions of the USA PATRIOT Act and a movement toward a North American Union.

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200 Private Cops For Liverpool?

04-04-2007 14:28

It looks like Liverpool will have 200 privately funded police in 2008 – Capital of Culture year.

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Silence Broken David Hicks tells all - Afghanistan, Guantanamo, politics, guilt.

04-04-2007 04:06

1. Why I made a guilty plea 2. The guilty plea: how I advised David 3. My island home: first weeks at Guantanamo 4. Ten torture techniques in 12 months 5. Solitary confinement was one thing, just don't get me started on the food 6. I never met a DFAT official I didn't like. Come to think of it, I never met a DFAT official

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Swiss Court Ruling Allows Euthanasia For Mentally Ill

03-04-2007 16:11

A RULING by Switzerland's highest court has opened up the possibility that people with serious mental illnesses could be helped by doctors to take their own lives.

Switzerland already allows doctor-assisted suicide for terminally ill patients under certain circumstances. The Federal Tribunal's decision puts mental illnesses on the same level as physical ones.

The move has been labelled as "dangerous" as it could lead to a rapid rise in the number of people travelling to Switzerland for assisted suicide.

Read full story below....

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