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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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London demo against Iceland's deportation of eco-activists

30-09-2007 12:26

A demonstration against Iceland's persecution of environmental activists will take place in London on Tuesday 2nd October, meeting at Sloane Square (nearest tube: Sloane Square) at 1pm.

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International narcotics agenda behind Myanmar instability

29-09-2007 23:58

For the past month, the military government of Myanmar has been the focus of increasingly strident demonstrations, resulting in violent military crackdowns in recent days. What must be noted is the Bush administration's open support for the dissidents, in conjunction with growing international (Western) support behind a coup attempt, and the likely parapolitical goals behind this agenda.

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Demo- in Solidarity with Miriam Rose and Persecuted Saving Iceland Activists

29-09-2007 21:48

1PM Tuesday 2nd October, Icelandic Embassy meet at Sloane Square
Come and show Solidarity with Miriam Rose, a Saving Iceland activist from the UK facing deportation from Iceland where she lives for being: "a threat to public order and security and fundamental societal values" also to show solidarity with Olafur Pall Siggurdson an Icelandic activist being framed for "Obstructing a Police Vehicle" following an attempt to run him over by a senior policeman.

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Is the "Gay Executions in Iran" story being ginned up for political purposes?

29-09-2007 21:06

There's been a lot of talk about Ahmadinejad's statement about how Iran supposedly "doesn't have gays like you do" - which of course totally distracts from the substance of his speech in which he proclaimed that Iran was not going to attack anyone and that he didn't deny the holocaust as claimed but only questioned why the Palestinians had to suffer for it.

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International day of solidarity with Jose and Gabriel

29-09-2007 08:51

Graffitti on Aachen Way in Halifax (twin town of Aachen)
Today, September 29th, is International Day of Solidarity with Gabriel Pombo da Silva and Jose Fernandez Delgado

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Burma is Free! It has to be

28-09-2007 22:37

As you may know, the Junta have now cut internet links out of Burma so there is a near news blackout. Information is still getting out via mobile phone signals near the borders.

The latest news is reported here:

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Sheffield ethnic Karen (Burma) demo 01/10/07

28-09-2007 21:24

Sheffield Burma demo - Mon 1st Oct, 4:30pm Town Hall / Peace Gardens.

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Protest at Burmese Embassy.

28-09-2007 19:31

Some pictures from yesterdays lunchtime demo. Mostly Burmese dissidents, many of them survivors of the last massacre 19 years ago.

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Dear Sir Richard Branson

28-09-2007 19:22

N.B. I also need to clarify, in open court, as to whether bollocks may be uttered in connection with the word Brown as I am not terribly fond of his idea of dealing with pension and education funding and thievery. Justice must be seen to be done.

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Arrest of Maya Evans and Fr Martin Newell at Labour Party Conference

28-09-2007 17:38

Maya Evans and Father Martin were arrested outside the Labour Party Conference in 2007 for daring to express the views held by 75% of the British people against the illegal and immoral wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

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Boycott Total for Burma

28-09-2007 16:02

Total has become the main supporter of the Burmese military regime according to Aung San Suu Kyi

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UK Greens Urge Icelandic Government to Stop Persecution of SI Activists

28-09-2007 15:15


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[Spain] Anarchist website condemned to pay 6000 € to rock-star celebrity

28-09-2007 14:20

One of the main anarchist websites in spanish language,, will have to pay 6,000 euro to a rock-star, Ramoncin, for some anonymous comments in one of their public forums. Those comments were considered as ‘ofensive’ to the artist ‘honour’.

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Green Scare: Federal court jury finds Eric McDavid guilty

28-09-2007 13:40

Thursday, September 27 2007: After deliberating for 11 hours over two days, a federal court jury has found Eric McDavid guilty of conspiring to blow up government and other facilities as part of an eco-terror plot.

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Deportation Alert! Icelandic State Cracks Down on Saving Iceland Activists

28-09-2007 11:53

Saving Iceland Activists Occupy an Aluminium Smelter Construction Site in 2006
The Icelandic State has hounded and harassed Saving Iceland activists since the network was formed in 2004. In the latest episode of this sordid saga; Miriam Rose, an activist from the UK who lives in Iceland is threatened with deportation for being: "a threat to 'public order and security' and 'fundamental societal values'. She has only ever been convicted of 'Disobeying Police Orders' contrary to the draconian 'Police Acts' for which she has served a short prison sentence; in solitary confinement in a men's prison.

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tschk! look what those pesky chinese are up to now...

27-09-2007 22:55

tongue in cheek comment on the hypocrisy of this governments reaction to the uprising of the monks

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Blockade of Total Garage in solidarity with Burmese protesters

27-09-2007 22:19

Around 30 activists blockaded a Total petrol station to protest against the company's heavy involvement with the military junta in Burma which is responsible for the deaths of several protesters in just the last few days.

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Burma Solidarity Protest in Bradford

27-09-2007 22:07

Around 25 protesters blockaded a Total petrol station in Bradford today in solidarity with the Burmese people.

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Large turnout at Burmese and Chinese embassies in London

27-09-2007 18:58

Large numbers of protesters rallied outside the Burmese embassy, before marching to the Chinese embassy to demand China's support for the pro-democracy uprising in Burma.
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