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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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International Tribunal to investigate the mass genocide of prisoners

20-05-2012 19:38

Islamic regime
Iran's Islamic regime must be held accountable for its crimes against humanity.
Thousands of political prisoners been killed as a 'enemy of God ' under ' Islamic Law'

“Iran Tribunal” aims to raise the awareness of the international community and the civil societies by exposing the horrific magnitude of this human tragedy.

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Comments critical of Globalisation strategies deleted

20-05-2012 12:56

Comments on the recent article on DHL 'investment' in a distribution centre for Jaguar Land Rover have been deleted without any justification.

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Authoritiarian capitalism bears its teeth - Blockupy Frankfurt as it happened

20-05-2012 06:40

Critical Legal Thinkings operatives have been in Frankfurt to blog the astonishing police crackdown that has been going on. Read our liveblog of the events, and see our photos and links at our website.

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Huge Student Protests in Canada

19-05-2012 09:14

Quebec's provincial government has passed an emergency law restricting demonstrations and shutting some universities as the government seeks to end three months of protests against tuition fee increases. Outraged students reacted by calling it an act of war

Amazing You Tube video -

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Nigerian Doctors Strike

18-05-2012 14:02

Reflections on the Lagos state government’s onslaught on doctors
A recent crackdown on doctors in Nigeria is symptomatic of a wider state attack on the working class.

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Corrupt Social Workers Attempt To Rid Themselves of Prisoner John Bowden

18-05-2012 12:31

Long-term prison militant John Bowden, imprisoned since 1980, is once more facing harassment at the hands of the prison authorities – and all because of another idiot social worker.

Previous articles at , -worker-2/, and

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Statement by Census refuser Deborah Glass Woodin

17-05-2012 20:09

Deborah's Census case was heard in Reading Magistrates Court on Monday 14 May. She was found guilty, fined and is minded not to pay the fine.

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Shrewsbury: Case against Census refuser dismissed

17-05-2012 18:38

The Crown's case against Judith Sambrook for refusing to complete the 2011 Census was formally dismissed at Shrewsbury Magistrates Court this morning. The CPS offered no evidence against Judith and she was therefore found not guilty. This is the first not guilty verdict we're aware of in relation to 2011 Census refusers. Two cases have been very recently dropped (discontinued) by the CPS, but others are continuing and only this week Deborah Glass Woodin of Oxford was found guilty of the same offence at Reading Magistrates Court.

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Mexico: Demand Grows for Release of Chiapas Schoolteacher

16-05-2012 20:17

May 15-22 “Week of Global Struggle for the Liberation of Alberto
Patishtán Gómez and Francisco Sántiz López,”

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Policing the Crisis Today - New pamphlet

16-05-2012 09:27

We had 'Pop sociology', well now we've got punk criminology! This could be an early contender for the pamphlet of the year award?

“Policing the Crisis Today”, 44 pages, printed in A5 and A4 sizes
Published by Cl@ss War Classix; Mayday 2012, £1, ISSN 2042-048X

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Census Refuser Latest - three court appearances this week

16-05-2012 06:43

Judith Sambrook is back in court Thursday 17 May: Shrewsbury Magistrates, 10am. Solidarity vigil outside the court from 9.30am.

Deborah Glass Woodin appeared in Reading Magistrates court at the beginning of the week, was found guilty and fined. Barbara Dowling appeared at Glasgow Sheriff's court and her trial has now been adjourned until 25 September.

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Fri 18 May, London: Solidarity with South Indian Anti-Nuclear Peoples' Movement

15-05-2012 12:05

Defend the right to Democratic protest Against Nuclear Power in Tamil Nadu, India
Picket the High Commission of India, Aldwych, London WC2B
Friday 18 May 2012 4.00pm - 7.00pm
called by South Asia Solidarity Group, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Foil Vedanta & South West Against Nuclear (SWAN)

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Census refuser case dropped: Press Release from John Marjoram

14-05-2012 16:28

John Marjoram was prosecuted for failing to complete the 2011 Census. His trial was set for the end of this month in Bristol, but the Crown Prosecution Service suddenly decided that it didn't have enough evidence to "provide a realistic prospect of conviction." It has likewise dropped the case against John Voysey, which had been linked with John Marjoram's case but had latterly been referred back to Wrexham Magistrates. Other census court cases are still going ahead with some hearings taking place this week.

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Zero tolerance on Lewes Road Brighton??

12-05-2012 23:49

This is weird - just heard today about two mates who both had (separate) overly thorough searches on Lewes Road in Brighton. Thought it's worth posting to see if anyone else had the same experience or has a view on the leaglity of the searches. Seems to go beyond the normal definition of a stop and search.

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Census refuser court update: CPS drops some cases

11-05-2012 08:03

Lockheed Martin - World's largest arms manufacturer processing our census data
An update on some of the court cases involving those who refused to complete the 2011 Census on anti-war and anti-surveillance grounds amongst others. Many objections were directly related to arms manufacturer Lockheed Martin's contract to process census data. The CPS has started dropping cases. This is the latest information we have. Please get in touch if you have more up-to-date info on any of these cases (or others).

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Please Support Petition

10-05-2012 15:49

Please support petition

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Join the Equity & ICAF (the International Committee for Artists Freedom) demonstration

10-05-2012 09:44

Bloomsbury Theatre, 15 Gordon Street, London WC1H 0AH

THURSDAY 10th May 6-7.30pm

This Thursday the Bloomsbury Theatre hosts a performance by the Belarus National Theatre.
However, in reality, going to the theatre can be a crime in Belarus.

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Banner drop at Egyptian embassy in London

06-05-2012 14:24

Banner drop at Egyptian embassy
In response to a call for solidarity from egypt with the 600 + detainees and the 20 + killed by SCAF (military) in the latest round of repression in Cairo, activists dropped a banner on the 6th of May 2012 outside the Egyptian Embassy in London. The banner reads: Free the Prisoners, Down with the military rule.

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Anti ACTA & DEA March, Birmingham, Sat 9th June

06-05-2012 10:13

June 9th is to be part of a EUROPE WIDE day of action - see, which means EUROPE is taking a stand. Which in turn means the the UK needs to take a stand also and show the world that we are listening and we are in agreement.
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