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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Met Press Release: Placard Amnesty to Free Our Streets from Protest Crime

29-05-2006 18:36

A citywide placard amnesty will be held between 29 May and 5 July, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Ian Blair, announced today. The amnesty will target those who carry placards and critical slogans.
A public campaign supporting the amnesty will urge people to hand in their placards during the five week period. Police stations throughout London will take part in the amnesty.

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support Brian Haw in court tomorrow

29-05-2006 17:57

Brian is in court Tuesday 30 May from 9am at Bow Street Magistrates Court for failing to comply with SOCPA conditions police placed upon him. This is the first case of its kind. It is not known what the outcome is likely to be but the police could be given more authority to remove Brian from Parliament Square. So... come along to the court and the Square to support if you can.

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Australia Is Bullying Timor-Leste

29-05-2006 13:17

In the current climate of enegry insecurity, Australia is using (if not engineering) the recent unrest in Timor-Leste as an excuse station troops there to ensure that huge Timorese oil reserves and revenues remain within Australia's control.
When the unrest is quelled Australia will ensure that the make of subsequent Timorese governments always remain friendly to Australian energy interest.

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Children (Detention Centres) Amendment Bill 2006

29-05-2006 05:30

Harsh and dehumanizing
It is important to remember that development of a separate Juvenile Justice system was intended to provide a model that was more focused on rehabilitation than the adult correctional system. As with other recent reforms in the area of juvenile justice this legislation is yet another step towards creating a juvenile justice system that is harsh and dehumanizing.

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28-05-2006 18:40

Get a (down) load of this before it disappears?
It's still up on Google but the projected US 'tour' of this film seems to have been torpedoed - wonder why?

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Top Cop Blair complains his lies were leaked.

28-05-2006 17:29

Sir Ian Blair, Met Police Commissioner, has complained that the fact he lied about the cost of trashing Brian Haw's demonstration was leaked to the press. In an extraordinary e-mail to Metropolitan Police Authority members and officials he wrote:

"I am disappointed by what seems to be a leak to the press out of what is an ordinary and internal meeting. Such behaviour appears to be contrary to the values of the organisation and this will be looked into accordingly."

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Expediency: the Death of Ideology

28-05-2006 16:29

While the forces of the traditional ‘left’ argue and analyse themselves into irrelevance (out of existence) the expedient right rumbles forward like a juggernaut. The left has been overwhelmed by simple expediency, the ‘whatever it takes’ (just get the job done) mentality is winning the day. Political correctness has all but destroyed the left whereas the right streaks ahead unburdened by any ethical issues. Ideology has been completely abandoned in favour of strategy. Any semblance to ideology is merely coincidental or a ruse/distraction.

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Activists arrested as gays defy Moscow Pride ban..

28-05-2006 13:50

Reports from the Moscow gay Pride parade and conference which have gone ahead despite the threats of bans and violence...

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"Stranger than Fiction" - time to review precisely why justice has failed us?

28-05-2006 13:44

In light of Mark Thomas's excellent move on Thursday in Parliament Square in support of Brian Haw and what he stands for, I feel it is necessary to air this inflammatory but undeniable article again. -- Will the real Goldstein please stand up?

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Revealed: how US marines massacred 24

28-05-2006 13:04

PHOTOGRAPHS taken by American military intelligence have provided crucial evidence that up to 24 Iraqis were massacred by marines in Haditha, an insurgent stronghold on the banks of the Euphrates.

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US Concentration camps: Training for the American Gulag

28-05-2006 12:01

The U.S. army opens a mock detention facility on June 2 to improve training of soldiers for detainee operations. Instructors will include soldiers with experience at Guantanamo, Iraq and Afghanistan, according to the Army.

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Call for Weekend of Resistance Against the "Green Scare" June 9 - 11

28-05-2006 01:28

This June marks Jeff Free Luers' 6th year in prison. For the last three years, June 11th has been celebrated as an international day of solidarity with political prisoner Jeff Free Luers. This year has seen an increase in state repression against activists and radicals alike. It is truly a scary time, and in response we need to make June 11th a day of solidarity with all prisoners who stand up for the Earth and animal nations and resistance against those who stand against them.

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PHILIPPINES: NPA carnage in Bukidnon bared

27-05-2006 23:47

CPP-NDF-ILPS Jose Maria Sison & Jalandoni with BAYAN
THE military has unearthed more atrocities committed by New People’s Army rebels in the countryside, the latest of which were the mass execution of rebels and civilians alike, the recruitment of child warriors and the abduction and rape of a teenager by a rebel commander.

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A legal protest in Parliament square.

27-05-2006 16:51

"We are hereby licenced to protest against protest licencing"
On Thursday May 25th a legal demo took place when Superintendent Peter Terry of Charing cross nick licensed Mark Thomas to hold a protest in Parliament square against the licensing of protests in parliament square.

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A 'plod' supports Brian Haw !

27-05-2006 15:28

A letter in The Independent from I think a serving police officer who says she supports Brian against the Met....!

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Security Risk? Critical Mass visits Brian Haw

27-05-2006 08:55

Critical Mass Assembles
Critical Mass cyclists in London visited Brian Haw in Parliament Square on Friday 26 May, 2006, following the trashing of his display and severe restrictions placed on his protest by police earlier in the week.

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Torture UN/OPCAT: 20 ratifications!!

27-05-2006 01:10

Parklea Prison NSW
The National Children's and Youth Law Centre, together with Justice Action, are leading a campaign for acknowledgement of the mistreatment of Corey Brough, in the NSW prison system, and further, for systemic reform.

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Terrorist comics???!!!

26-05-2006 23:02

Big Brother is reading comics...
Well, Big Brother is not only watching us but also reading comics...

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Date set for photographer 'obstruction' trial for snapping armed police

26-05-2006 20:31

On Saturday 18th March, photographer and Indymedia contributor Alan Lodge - or Tash - was arrested after taking photos of armed police in public. Tash continued to deny the charge of wilfully obstructing a police officer at Nottingham Magistrates Court on Tuesday the 23rd May. A trial date has now been set for the 17th October

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Salute the US Generals! - Don't you hear the boots?

26-05-2006 20:02

General Hayden will have to see how the latest loot on the spook-tree, the Orwellian named 'National Clandestine Service', fits in with the CIA and other intelligence agencies. This organization, is made up largely of the CIA's spookiest operatives.
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