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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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In the Name of Counter-Terrorism: Human Rights Abuses Worldwide

16-10-2005 22:08

Babar Ahmad victim
Counter terrorism has been used as an excuse for governments to commit human rights abuses, and increase their fascist state powers.

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OFFICIAL: Fairy-Hugging is Not a Crime

16-10-2005 14:43

Despite reports implying that large numbers of G8 cases have been dropped, trials of people arrested during and around July's protests continue in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Last Thursday (the 13th) saw a Not Guilty verdict returned in a case related to Friday 9th July's anti-climate change Boogie on the Bridge.

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Support the Downing Street Peace Camp, 18-19 October

16-10-2005 09:57

Notice of this event has been sent to me from a variety of Oxford sources, including Oxford CND, who urge you to take part in this London action next Tuesday and Wednesday if you can.

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Ireland Puts The Iraq War on Trial

16-10-2005 04:25

Ireland Puts The Iraq War on Trial
Before the illegal invasion & bombing of Iraq, five
members of the pacifist Catholic Worker movement made their way into Shannon Airport and non-violently
disarmed a U.S. navy war plane in the early hours of
February 3rd. 2003.

Robbie Sinnott, who was recently in Binghamton NY, explains the significance of this trial.

See also:

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A Very Indecent Act

14-10-2005 21:42

Over 30 housing Co-op tenants to be evicted by Brent Council, is set to destroy another well established community. This is a trend that will spread through Britain as John Prescott's Decent Homes Standards becomes a reality.

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Mass solidarity with Gate Gourmet strikers - this Sunday!

14-10-2005 20:59

Gate Gourmet workers: 'It's not over yet!'

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Call for action: Pakistani Army goon to speak at Nottingham University

14-10-2005 19:04

Human rights protest
A representative of the Pakistani armed forces is speaking at the University of Nottingham. Action is needed because of the continuing militarisation of Pakistani society, human rights violations including attacks on labour and peasant activists and minority groups, and Pakistani army complicity in the US global torture gulag.

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Solidarity critical mass - Bristol 28 October

14-10-2005 17:57

A bunch of Bristol campaigners concerned about issues such as climate change, pollution, transport policy, wars & peace, and the current crackdown on civil liberties and expressions of dissent (see for info about the attacks on civil liberties and on London’s critical mass), have decided to call for a one-off solidarity & celebratory critical mass ride in Bristol on 28 October.

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Colombian women's rights activist to speak at Sumac centre

14-10-2005 17:17

Jackeline Rojas, organiser for Colombian women's rights organisation, Femenina Popular, is speaking in Nottingham on Monday, 24 October at the Sumac Centre. She'll be joined by Andy Higginbottom, national secretary of the Colombia Solidarity Campaign.

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Charles Clarke loses Zimbabwe deportation case

14-10-2005 17:13

Refugees have won a test case means that hundreds of refugees from the former British colony of Zimbabwe will be allowed to remain in the UK as asylum seekers. President Robert Mugabe has committed thousands of human rights abuses. Anyone Zimbabwean who has claimed asylum in the UK would be targeted as opponents of Mugabe's government, and if they returned could face torture or death..

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Deaths in Custody: Remembrance Procession – Birmingham coach details

14-10-2005 16:40

Between 1969 and 1999 over one thousand people died in police custody in England. Not one police officer has ever been convicted for any of these deaths.

Saturday 29th October 2005 is the United Friends and Family Campaign’s annual Remembrance Procession in London for those who have died in custody.

Book your return coach seat to the annual rally & procession of the United Families & Friends Campaign.

Reservations close at 5pm on 22nd October subject to availability.

For further details follow this link:

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Transform Columbus Day!

14-10-2005 12:41

Transform Columbus Day cheer. There is a Columbus Day parade in Denver, and Native people and allies protest it every year.

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New Tribes Mission sent packing from Venezuela

14-10-2005 09:53

Yesterday the Venezuelan president Chavez announced that the controversial American Christian missionary group 'New Tribes Mission' were to stop their activities with the countries indigenous communities. The NTM's website states that the organisation is to be 'expelled from the country. [Chavez] did not indicate a specific time, but did say it would be done in an orderly manner.'

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Genoa G8 Trial story on BBC Front Page

14-10-2005 07:39

Police brutality at a demo receives prominent media media attention.

No condemnation from Downing Street= no surprises

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"Day of Indigenous Resistance" picket of Colombian embassy in London (report)

14-10-2005 03:50

report from yesterday's demo, pix & vid coming soon...

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Police 'had role in' Bali blasts

14-10-2005 01:28

Links between Indonesian authorities and terrorist groups
"There is not a single Islamic group either in the movement or the political groups that is not controlled by (Indonesian) intelligence," he said.

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Third Reading of ID Bill next week! Ask MPs to Vote NO

13-10-2005 23:44

> From latest NO2ID newsletter:


The Third Reading of the government's ID Card Bill will take place next week,
on Tuesday 18th October. There will be a limited debate and further
opportunity for MPs to vote on the Bill before it goes to the Lords. At the
last vote on the bill (Second Reading), the government won by just 31 votes.
If all the other parties vote as they did last time, we need to convince just
16 Labour MPs to vote against the bill. NO2ID are busy lobbying and sending
briefings to MPs and constituencies but we need your help too."

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Fisk Launches Doc 3

13-10-2005 21:22

As Britain descends into the gutter with US imperialism, who is chronicling this slide? Fisk is an example of a mainstream writer who has become a pariah for some mild criticism. Tomorrow he launches Doc 3 in Glasgow. Listen to his talk, online live or download after...

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13-10-2005 15:20

Gloucestershire Greens have joined calls for the UN to hold an independence referendum in West Papua after the Green Party adopted last week, a policy motion condemning the UN-sponsored ‘sham’ Act of Free Choice which led to West Papua formally joining Indonesia in 1969.

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British US critic Harold Pinter wins Nobel Literature Prize

13-10-2005 14:33

The Nobel award also includes a $1.3 million cash prize, and just to remember how this famous jewish writer observes developments, here's a story on our present time's depressing detoriation.
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