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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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A Real Victorian Christmas Party and Picnic at Triton Square

26-11-2011 19:48

Friday 16th December – 2pm

Triton Square, London NW1

Join us at the home of poverty pimps Atos ‘Healthcare’ for a Christmas Party to celebrate the continuing struggle against disability deniers Atos.

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Pay Council Tax Hove MP tells Occupy...

26-11-2011 14:53

Hove & Portslade (East Sussex) MP. Mike Weatherley suggests Occupy 'tents' in London/ Brighton etc should pay council tax...

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Colombia, Stop Murdering the Homeless in the Name of Social Cleansing!

25-11-2011 16:35

Death squads and social cleansing have been a large part of Colombia’s past. Unfortunately, they are still a part of Colombia’s present: the government is using police groups and parts of the military to exterminate people that are considered to be socially unwanted, such as the homeless.

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Northgate occupation ends, New Occupation Tomorrow

25-11-2011 02:38

The occupation of Northgate house ends but the occupation of a new location begins tomorrow

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Anarchist demo against prison - New Orleans, LA, USA

24-11-2011 23:15

Noise Demo against OPP!

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Occupy - Just Do It

24-11-2011 18:07

Time 25 November · 09:30 - 12:30
Location north gate University of Birmingham.

Solidarity action in support of the Northgate occupation at the University of Birmingham

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Rough night for Birmingham occupiers

24-11-2011 16:18

At 23:30 as the occupiers were settling down for the night, university security began harassing the students. Simon Furse a second year International relations student said “It was disgraceful, I have never seen like it university security are just hired thugs who seem to enjoy violence and causing distress with no regard to the law. I was at the window that we use as an entrance to the occupation. The security guard tried to drag someone out of the window. We peacefully resisted and got the person inside at which point the security guard kept the window open and punched me three times in the face. The security then adopted a policy of open harassment ringing the doorbell for long periods of time, knocking on all the windows, pointing lights and cameras into the toilet and shouting insults and abuse.”

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Response to the University of Birmingham with regards to our Occupation: Reinven

24-11-2011 01:33

Earlier today we were told we are already facing disciplinary action and would have to pay the “substantial” cost of the university’s legal fees for an injunction they will take out against us if we do not leave by 9am tomorrow. The threat to the university and the system of public education is so grave that we are more afraid of the risks posed to society at large than our own immediate future. As such we have resolved to stay. We believe that students nationally must take action to defend education, despite the risks.

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Urgent From Tahrir: Join our struggle for the survival of the revolution

23-11-2011 19:16

Tahrir Square on Monday night
We are in the midst of a decisive battle in the face of a potentially terminal crackdown. Over the past 72 hours the army has launched a ceaseless assault on revolutionaries in Tahrir Square and squares across Egypt. Over 2000 of us have been injured. More than 30 of us have been murdered. Just in Cairo alone. In the last 48 hours.

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Short notice! Census court case Wed (23rd) in Birmingham

22-11-2011 21:53

If anyone has a free hour or so Wed afternoon, there's a census court hearing at Birmingham Magistrates Court at 2pm. Solidarity and support would be much appreciated.

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Nov 28: Solidarity action at court for the Cardiff Occupiers

21-11-2011 12:02

Two of those arrested at the Castle occupation in Cardiff on 11 November are up in court on Monday 28 November. Come to the court and show your solidarity.

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OCCUPY UC DAVIS - Scenes of nonviolent resistance to in the face pepper spraying

21-11-2011 11:24

*Stills, Vid & Interview following pepper spray of students at Occupy U.C. Davis, Cal/USA
**U.C. Davis Vice Chancellor gets the silent treatment during her walk of shame. Students are calling for her to resign

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Egypt today

21-11-2011 00:58

As the military dictatorship tries to consolidate power and people continue to be horrificly tortured to death in detention (eg Essam Atta), large numbers reconverge on Tahrir Square and are violently attacked by the security forces

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Occupy Cardiff is Back! Get on down there.

20-11-2011 23:58

support from passing traffic at the junction
I saw Clayton Blizzard doing his stuff at a pub in Bristol last night and was inspired to action. Economics 101 (The Natal Lottery) did it for me: "Change doesn't trickle down to us; it rises up like dust so stamp your feet!"

So I diverted a bit on my journey back up north and spent a few hours this afternoon at the new Occupy Cardiff site outside the Unite/PCS union offices, Transport House, 1 Cathedral Road, Cardiff CF11.

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Open Letter to a Chancellor (U$A)

20-11-2011 16:57

Yo I'm reposting this great letter to a Chancellor at an American university from someone on her staff (or how much longer is an open question I suppose).
For all it's problems, at least the Occupy is bringing out the contradictions inherent in repression of peaceful protest .. and I guess that's good.
Context -

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Slowly slowly falling apart any illusion of democracy or the real face of civil justice

18-11-2011 22:49

Slowly slowly falling apart any illusion of democracy


the real face of civil justice.

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Let’s Not Forget the UK Antifascist Prisoners

18-11-2011 12:42

There are five comrades behind bars in need of support.

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An open letter to social justice activists, from an anti-psychiatry campaigner

18-11-2011 11:27

Not enough is being done to challenge the prejudice and exclusion of people labelled by the state as having "mental disorders" This issue affects all of us; it's time to get informed.

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Legal Challenge to Government’s slave labour scheme

18-11-2011 03:07

Britain's biggest supermarkets are now using slave labour as young unemployed people are being sent to work for them for up to two months with no pay and no guarantee of a job. During this period they will be exempt from national minimum wage laws.

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Democracy & Capitalism - Reform and Revolt.

18-11-2011 01:21

Counter Revolutionaries.
We are living in an age in which a revolution is currently being constructed using life shattering violence, global-scale deception and industrial strength persecution the likes of which we have not seen since the Second World War.
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