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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Tamil leaders 'killed as they tried to surrender'

20-05-2009 10:16

Text messages sent by Sri Lankan officials told the rebels how to give themselves
up. They obeyed the instructions – but were shot dead.

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Sri Lankan Army burying the evidence of war crimes?

20-05-2009 09:53

A day after the conflict was said to be officially over, there are reports coming out of Sri Lanka overnight that over 1000 Tamils were shot on sight in the enclave where civilians & LTTE forces had been confined in the last few weeks. There are reports that Sri Lankan soldiers were using mechanical diggers to dig large holes in the same region (Mullaivaikal - northern Sri Lanka). An estimated 25,000 people are dead since January this year and 30,000 injured. This figure is expected to rise dramatically if the whereabouts of 25 to 50 thousand civilians who were left in the enclave and still confirmed to have been there last Sunday can no longer be verified.
Meanwhile, Tim Martin from Act Now! continues into day-3 of his indefinite hunger strike outside the US Embassy.

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Obama’s Animal Farm: Bigger, Bloodier Wars Equal Peace and Justice

20-05-2009 00:19

"The deteriorating position of the US is manifest in the tightening circle around all the roads leading in and out of Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul as well as the expansion of Taliban control and influence throughout the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. Obama’s inability to recruit new NATO reinforcements means that the White House’s only chance to advance its military driven empire is to escalate the number of US troops and to increase the kill ratio among any and all suspected civilians in territories controlled by the Afghan armed resistance."

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Saturday 23 May - Stop Police Violence, Kettle New Scotland Yard!

19-05-2009 15:26

Kettle Scotland Yard!
Saturday 23 May - assemble 3pm Trafalgar Square
March via Downing Street to New Scotland Yard.

The United Campaign Against Police Violence has called a national demonstration to highlight the issues of police violence and demand justice for those who have died in police custody.

The police tactic of "kettling" demonstrators - essentially detaining protestors and bystanders without charge - will be turned on its head on the protest, when we kettle New Scotland Yard.

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London Tamil Protest Policing Questioned/ video and blog

19-05-2009 12:32

Video of Monday 15 May, includes assaults and threats of arrest to journalists, and catches spurious comments by a police officer about the press "parasites".

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Call out for Calais Demo, 27th June- please forward

19-05-2009 10:53

MIGRATION CONTROLS. Calais, Saturday 27th June 2009.

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Burma Protest - First Day of Aung San Suu Kyi Show Trial

19-05-2009 03:58

Over 200 people protested at the London, Burmese Embassy on Monday 18th May as part of a global day of action. Some of the Burmese are continuing a 24 hour fast outside the embassy, which will be concluded with a demonstration between 12:00 and 1pm on Tuesday 19th May.

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police attacking tamils tonight

18-05-2009 23:53

eye-witnesses claim many injured as police push tamils from two sides, leaving them with nowhere to go. there is panic among the peaceful protestors, and people are being crushed against barriers. police are not in riot gear because they have experienced over and over that the tamils are completely non-violent.

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Obama’s Animal Farm: Bigger, Bloodier Wars Equal Peace and Justice

18-05-2009 20:27

It is just as George Orwell described in Animal Farm: The Democratic Pigs are now pursuing the same brutal, military policies of their predecessors, the Republican Porkers, only now it is in the name of the people and peace. Orwell might paraphrase the policy of President Barack Obama, as ‘Bigger and bloodier wars equal peace and justice’.

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Tamils in Parliament Square need tents

18-05-2009 18:10

Call-out from supporters in the Square. Please come into the crowd with tents.

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Freedom for the accused of the fire of Vincennes’ center detention of migrants!

18-05-2009 17:48

Vincennes in fire the 22th of june 2008
Since the end of 2007, the detainees of Vincennes’ center detention of migrants (France), have ceaselessly struggle for their freedom. The 21th 2008, a Tunisian called Salem Essouli died because of a lack of medical care. Then a revolt blew up, and the bigger center in France was destroyed by fire. Eight persons are accused of this destruction, we still don't know when the trial will be.

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tamils just broken police lines again

18-05-2009 15:30

monday 4pm tamils at parliament square have once more flooded the roads and brought the area to a standstill

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Boycott P&G “Trolley Dump” in Tesco

18-05-2009 13:34

Video from action in Cambridge. Report posted earlier.

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Justice For Pakistani Students Arrested under Terrorism Laws

18-05-2009 02:28

No to injustice !
Planning meeting to setup the local chapter of the national campaign against the deportation of 12 Pakistani students arrested under terror laws. Failing to present any incriminating evidence against them the government has decided to deport them.

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Tamil solidarity call-out - US embassy protest on Monday morning

17-05-2009 22:37

with news of more than 1000 new deaths and thousands injured in just a few hours today in Vanni, tamils in london are calling for a solidarity protest outside the US embassy, grosvenor square on monday morning to urge barack obama to intervene.

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Boycott Proctor & Gamble Day Action in Cambridge

17-05-2009 21:43

Activists Shopping Trip!
Campaigners headed to Tesco on Newmarket Road, Cambridge on 16 May 09 as part of an international day of action against Proctor and Gamble (P&G) who still test on animals. Proctor and Gamble are responsible for a huge array of products including Herbal Essences, Ariel, Fairy, Bold and even animal food under the label Iams/Eukanuba.

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Humanitarian disaster - Vanni, Sri Lanka. - pictures.

17-05-2009 20:57

Elderly women with injuries.
On the day Sri Lanka government forces claim victory over the LTTE (Tamil Tigers of Tamil Eelam), Tamils gather outside the US embassy in London to call on the Americans to intervene in the Humanitarian disaster now unfolding on the Island.

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Shift Mag 6: Summer of Rage?

16-05-2009 16:10

Issue 6 of Shift Magazine is out! It includes articles by Steve Cohen "writing as a Jewish traitor", interviews with the Whitechapel Anarchists and with Marina Pepper, a diary of the G20, thoughts on violence and the Climate Camp, and a review of the film "Baader Meinhof Complex". This is the editorial:

Full article

This is how to smash anti-pirate org BayTSP

16-05-2009 14:13

If you google "" you can see where anti-pirate mafia company BayTSP send warnings to people they believe downloaded illegal files. Anyone can click their web form to agree a legally binding contract on behalf of the alleged perp. But that is illegal. You can type anything, say anything. Just be careful what you click re: 'Compliance Statement'.
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