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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Occupation at Labour Party Offices for East Midlands

01-04-2005 19:09

A group of concerned people from around Nottinghanshire have occupied the Labour Party's Regional Offices at Harold Wilson House in Attenborough, Beeston. The object being to urge their local MP's to act on inhumane policies towards asylum Seekers that leave many destitute.

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Zimbabwe exiles call for people’s uprising

01-04-2005 10:25

Archbishop’s appeal for anti-Mugabe rebellion praised - Elections condemned as “rigged” and “not free, not fair”.
Zimbabwean exiles and UK supporters urged a “general strike and people’s uprising to overthrow President Mugabe’s tyranny”, today Thursday 31 March 2005.

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EDO arrests latest

01-04-2005 09:17

The 3 protestors charged for breaching a section 14 order last week outside EDO have been given a trial date of 28/29 July and 1 August. They had their bail restriction of the Wild Park lifted but are still banned from Home Farm Rd and Home Farm Business Park.

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Aachen trial, 4th day: urgent call

31-03-2005 19:41

Aachen trial: 4th day (31-03-2004) Today the tension in court heightened considerably (after yesterday, when we kept rather calm in respect to the two people who had been taken hostage and came to testify).

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Bloomsbury, MSN fear TV/web "war" over "gay bowel syndrome"

30-03-2005 22:22

"Gay Bowel Syndrome" must be deleted from MSN Encarta

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Iain Hook: Blair buries evidence of murder by Israel

30-03-2005 19:04

Tony Blair's government is involved in a cover-up over the killing of the British United Nations (UN) official Iain Hook, who was shot in the back by an Israeli soldier in 2002.

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FBI investigating incidents on Infoshop News and

30-03-2005 12:33

A message from the administrator of concerning two FBI subpoenas directed at sites hosted by the Flag server. One of these sites is Infoshop News.

FBI investigating incidents on subdomains hosted by

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Anarchist website Flag threatened by FBI

30-03-2005 11:40 which hosts a lot of anarchist web pages is under threat from the FBI. I post the statement from Dave who runs the site, its a C+P because there is a chance the server may just vanish all together but the original is at:

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My escape from homophobic hell in Algeria

30-03-2005 10:18

Algerian homosexuals are caught between the twin barbarisms of a totalitarian state and a clerical fascist opposition. Everyone is against us. Human rights groups in Algiers do nothing to defend ‘sodomites’. In their view, there is no such thing as gay human rights.

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West Papua : Rape of a Nation

30-03-2005 09:05

Armed and financed by Western corporations, Indonesia is waging a brutal but unreported war against a tribal people with little more than bows and arrows to defend itself. The West Papuan conflict is a war for gold, timber and cultural supremacy.

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Come to Nottingham this Saturday!!!!

29-03-2005 23:19

Show your solidarity!
Come to the demonstration in Nottingham this Saturday and show solidarity for asylum and migrant rights. People will assamble at 12 o'clock on the market square.

See also an earlier Indymedia posting;

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censure in Belmarsh prison

29-03-2005 20:09

Belmarsh censures Fight Racism Fight Imperialism magazine

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Giuliana Sgrena Shooting: 'Payment' for Ransom?

29-03-2005 19:20

In media pieces and conversations with Italian sources, there's a new twist to the Iraq episode wounding journalist and former-hostage Sgrena, killing Italian intelligence agent Nicola Calipari. European thought exists that the incident was 'payment' for ransoming hostages.

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29-03-2005 15:53

Thursday 31st March 4 'til 6
Home Farm Road Brighton (just after viaduct on lewes rd)
Brighton Arms dealers EDO/MBM are trying to stifle our right to protest with an injunction under the 1997 Harassment Act.

We're going to show them what we think of their attempt to rstrict our right to free speech.

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Report (part one) of Cairo Conference 24th March to 27th March 2005

29-03-2005 10:42

Banner outside Journalist Syndicate building.
This is part one of a report of the Cairo Conference held in Cairo, Egypt from Thursday 24th March to Sunday 27th March 2005. 8 photos are attached. Part two will follow.

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Nottingham and Notts Refugee Forum: A Noisy Demo

28-03-2005 23:07

NNRF is an independent organisation set up to help and support asylum seekers and refugees inNottinghamshire.
In support of the European Social Forum Day of Action against racism and in defence of asylum seekers and migrants .. Nottingham is having a Noise Demo on April 2nd

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War on Terror OR War on Community

28-03-2005 15:36

A Public Meeting discussing Human Rights violation internationally and in Britain. Speakers include, Moazzam Begg recently released from Guantanamo, Phil Shiner a leading Public interest lawyer acting on behalf of of victims of abuse by the British military.

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A private London school stands accused of sanctioning a racist terror campaign

27-03-2005 19:22

A London school stands accussed of conducting a 'racist terror campaign' against a lone elderly neighbour for two years despite repeated calls to the Police who failed to launch a criminial investigation.

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Smash Edo high court injunction affects 1000+ people.

26-03-2005 15:20

Yesterday Smash Edo, Bombs out of Brighton and 14 individuals found themselves issued with intended injunctions against them in the High court, London.

This is the first time that groups outside of the Animal rights movement have found themselves issued with intended injunctions at the High court.

Over 1000 people are connected to the groups listed in the injunction, most people in the anti-war movement in Brighton are members of Sussex action for peace, Smash Edo etc.

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Islamists attack students in Basra

26-03-2005 10:39

Students at Basra and Shatt Al-Arab universities have staged a strike following a series of violent attacks on students by religious extremists and supporters of Al-Sadr's Madhi Army, whilst British troops and Iraqi police stood by.
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