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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Demonstrate this Tuesday at Communications House

02-08-2009 11:32

Show solidarity with asylum seekers and migrant workers!
Protest against reporting and detention centres!
TUESDAY 4 August 1–2PM
Demonstrate outside the UK Immigration Service, Communications House
210 Old Street, London, EC1V 9BR (nearest tube – Old Street )

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Request that UN Committee on Elimination of Racism to prosecute WHITE Racist Nat

02-08-2009 09:21

Request that UN Committee on Elimination of Racism to prosecute WHITE Racist Nations, incl Australia

Cant the Whiteman be trusted with a signed Treaty?

Come join this petition, and save American Taxpayers' dollars on useless UN rorts that only go to fuel terrorism through their hypocrisy and abuse of UN process, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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Demonstrate against the BNP in Liverpool on August 5th

02-08-2009 02:59

Demonstrate against the racist and violent BNP in Liverpool on August 5th

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Violence at Biocair demo in Cambridge

02-08-2009 01:42

Local activists attacked by occupants of passing car

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Two Irish Anti-shell Campaigners Imprisoned for Civil Disobedience (Update)

01-08-2009 16:44

Shell snaps its fingers and the State hops to it' - Maura Harrington

In Bellmullet court on Thursday, five Shell to Sea protesters were up for hearings on charges ranging from last August 2008 to this June 2009. Judge Anderson dismissed several charges on technical points but was very harsh in serving two of the campaigners with four and eight month prison sentences.

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Support Pensioner CND protester appearing at Aberystwyth Magistrates Court

01-08-2009 08:22

A pensioner from Tregaron, will be appearing at the Magistrate's Court in Aberystwyth (by the seafront)for the refusal to pay fines for CND blockades

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What's happening and ways to help

31-07-2009 14:45

If you are coming to Calais to show solidarity and want information call (from UK) 00 33 6 34 81 07 10 from France 06 34 81 07 10

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"Strawman arguments" expose racist Legal & Constitutional Affairs Committee

31-07-2009 13:30

"Strawman arguments" expose corrupt racist illiterate Australian Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs-Standing Committee

This article is describes the experience of Institutional racism, from Government to Judiciary, from police to health professional.

The itemised points will guide you through how a racist nation slides off the precipice.....

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Two Irish Anti-Shell Campaigners Jailed for Civil Disobedience

31-07-2009 02:30

--- Eight and four month sentences show dramatic increase in repression ---

Shell to Sea campaigners Maura Harrington and Niall Harnett were sentenced to four and eight months in jail respectively at Bellmulet district court today. Both protesters have been convicted for taking action as part of a campaign of peaceful civil disobedience against the ill-fated Corrib Gas Project. Maura was given her four month sentence under Section 8 of the Public Order Act; 'failing to comply with the directions of a Garda'. The sentence was handed down in relation to an incident that occurred duing a protest at Shell's 'landfall' compound gate on 30th August 2008. Niall was sentenced to eight months in relation to two separate incidents. He was given a four month sentence under Section 8 of the Public order act, and another four months under Section 2, for the supposed assault of a Garda.

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Upcoming demo in Luton

30-07-2009 20:49

Bedford Animal Action is planning a demo at the Luton offices of the drugs company AstraZeneca you try and make money out of doing this( The demo is also in retaliation to recent police oppression of previous protest at the offices.

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“Skip” Gates: A Curious Martyr in the Struggle Against Racism

30-07-2009 20:48

Dr. Henry Louis Gates
President Obama’s “friend” Dr. Henry Louis Gates has been richly rewarded for arguing “that poor African-Americans are largely to blame for the fact that blacks stand at the bottom of the nation’s steep socioeconomic pyramid.” Presumably, and by the same logic, Gates must now blame himself for getting arrested in his own home by a Cambridge policeman.

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Migrants Beaten & Arrested in Central Calais

30-07-2009 16:51

Two migrants are beaten and arrested in central Calais after leaving a mobile soup kitchen run by the French NGO Bell Toile.

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AstraZeneca Day of Action Part 1; Cambridge, Luton & Santiago

29-07-2009 23:42

Monday 27th July

Cambridge: First visit to AstraZeneca's subsidiary, MadImmune
Luton: Police try to violate SHACtivists' human rights
Chile: Santiago activists protest despite 'nasty' cop

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Demonstration and meeting to defend the cleaners arrested

29-07-2009 20:36

For the payment of unpaid salaries and holidays of the detained cleaners


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Fascist attacks in Greece but resistance to the anti-immigration State

29-07-2009 15:40

Fascists attack two Salonica squats while struggle against anti-immigration policies intensifies. During the past week both Radio Revolt, a pirate anarchist radio station housed in an abandoned train wagon within premises of the Aristotelian University of Salonica, and Europe’s largest squat, Fabrica Yfanet, came under fascist arson attack.

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Corrupt Racist Hypocrites: Hallmarks of White Australia and High Court Australia

29-07-2009 12:43

Labor Lawyer Tony Fitzgerald calls mates CORRUPT, Hon Justice Michael Kirby J calls his mates RACIST, the Australian calls them Hypocrites and Racist.

Are there any Doubting Thomases regarding the White Australian Policy being implemented by Australia in 2009

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Forced photographs of all migrants in Calais 'jungle'

29-07-2009 11:47

*Wednesday 29th July (12.30pm)

Around 9.00am this morning police surrounded the Pashtun (Afghan) 'jungle' and they forced all migrants to be photographed one by one and in groups.

"There are always CRS (riot) police coming to the 'jungles' in groups of about 20 at a time. Some sneak in through the trees, and then everyone is shouting 'police in the jungle'"

Thursdays are a common day for increased police raids so this may be a preparation.

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"Breaking the Silence:" Testimonies of Israeli Soldiers

29-07-2009 08:53

"Breaking the Silence is an organization of veteran Israeli soldiers that collects anonymous testimonies of soldiers who served in the Occupied Territories during the Second Intifada."

Its new booklet features 54 damning testimonies from 30 Israeli soldiers on their experiences in Operation Cast Lead. They recount what official media and government sources suppressed.

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USA: Declassified Docs Reveal Military Operative Spied on Peace Groups

29-07-2009 05:50

Newly declassified documents reveal that an active member of Students for a Democratic Society and Port Militarization Resistance in Washington state was actually an informant for the US military. The man everyone knew as “John Jacob” was in fact John Towery, a member of the Force Protection Service at Fort Lewis. The military’s role in the spying raises questions about possibly illegal activity. The Posse Comitatus law bars the use of the armed forces for law enforcement inside the United States. The Fort Lewis military base denied our request for an interview. But in a statement to Democracy Now, the base’s Public Affairs office publicly acknowledged for the first time that Towery is a military operative. “This could be one of the key revelations of this era,” said Eileen Clancy, who has closely tracked government spying on activist organizations.

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