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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Stonehenge - Summer Solstice 2005 :: Pictures 2 After dawn

25-06-2005 10:44

A jaunt out to another 'Managed Access' to celebrate the Summer Solstice at Stonehenge, at the permission [and conditions] of English Heritage. I had a nice time, met old friends and some wierd and wonderful people, doing wierd and wonderful things. BUT .... it is not as I would have it. I still sadly miss the festival that was / should be there.

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Stonehenge - Summer Solstice 2005 :: Pictures 1 Before dawn

25-06-2005 10:39

A jaunt out to another 'Managed Access' to celebrate the Summer Solstice at Stonehenge, at the permission [and conditions] of English Heritage. I had a nice time, met old friends and some wierd and wonderful people, doing wierd and wonderful things. BUT .... it is not as I would have it. I still sadly miss the festival that was / should be there.

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G8 Media Planning to Hype Violence (short info report) Fox TV + Dailies

25-06-2005 09:10

Not that this will come as a shock to anyone who knows the priority of some media corporations. However it's worth noting the following:

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National Conference on Civil Liberties and Anti Terrrorist Measures Nationally a

25-06-2005 08:55

Birmingham Guantanamo Campaign has called a conference of all activists nationally to discuss the threats to our civil liberties and the anti terror measures and their impact on our abilities to oppose repressive measures and regimes internationally.

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Anti-Protestor Propaganda In Newspapers

25-06-2005 08:38

After a long period with fairly starightforward newspaper reporting about protest worries and news of different demonstrations - the last few days has seen a resurgence in anti-protestor propaganda.

Most laughable, and indeed most malicious, is an article by The Scotsman claiming that "splinter groups" (implying exteme groups as opposed to just groups) are planning "disruption" of the Make Poverty History march on 2nd June. But who are these groups that plan to "infiltrate" (er attend i think is the right word) the MPH march? Well the terrifying list of groups is the rebel Clown army, the Disco dancing bloc, and the Fairy Army! All groups who like to dress up in colourful costumes, do street theatre, dance and prance about... Many groups who are part of the Dissent network have always said they will attend the MPH march, mostly to hand out leaflets about the protests in the following week (hence "radicalising")...

Other articles have focused on Glasgow with two examples of gutter journalism. An empty warehouse that is on the route of a planned road and which will be demolished has been used as an accomodation centre - but in the words of the press it becomes "condemnded". Then as press photographers chase people down to road or call at their houses to take pictures of people on their doorsteps, the newspapers revel in the fact that people do not like being photographed - especially when they know the photos are due to end up in an article branding them as extremists. This is becoming a growing trend with newspapers publishing names and photos of individuals.

Sadly this is part of the landscape in the run up to any large protest - demonise the protestors, spread alarm and fear, justify a clampdown by police. Selling newspaperrs is one thing, spreading lies and fear another.

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News Update : Bristol Indymedia Server Threatened by Police

24-06-2005 21:35

News Release : Bristol Indymedia Server Threatened.
by imc bristol
24th June 2005

Bristol Indymedia Server Threatened

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Iran's Elections

24-06-2005 20:14

Today, Iran's voters go to the polls faced with an unenviable choice for President.

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Repression in Copenhagen after squatters' demonstration

24-06-2005 15:49

Repression in Copenhagen after squatters' demonstration...

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Blair is standing on 22.000 corpses...

24-06-2005 14:49

It's not only their genocide in Iraq and Afghanistan: in England twenty-two-thousand old people died as a result of the cold last year. In Brussels however, the British PM shamelessly lied about his country as 'supporting a social Europe'.

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24-06-2005 09:15

A public talk will be held, discussing Indonesian colonialism
& Western corporate greed in West Papua (New Guinea).

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autistici/inventati review II

24-06-2005 08:36

english translation of the second review by autistici/inventati

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hoWARd, ruddock, ellison, keelty and news ltd plotted chaos

23-06-2005 23:46

Should the community now feel less safe?
Now they go on in the article to describe themselves as intelligence officials? But I'm sorry to say that any group of people who ask another group of people to believe what they believe based on no evidence is amongst the most unintelligent and lost group of people the world has ever known.

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Edinburgh-Solidarity Action with political asylum seekers Bahoz and Temiz

23-06-2005 18:16

Edinburgh-Solidarity Action with political asylum seekers Bahoz and Temiz//Greece

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EDO Injunction Prosecutions Continue

23-06-2005 17:18

Paul rebailed today till commital July 29th

EDO Injunction Court Date fixed.

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Third World Debt

23-06-2005 13:31

Debt is not an act of generosity on behalf of the lender, it is a tool of subjugation.

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Jailed for Flying a Flag

23-06-2005 11:03

Indoensian repression in West Papua continues as two men are jailed for over ten years simply for raising their national flag. Please help.

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Good article on G8 media manipulation and some of the effects

23-06-2005 09:35

First you scare them and then you play on their fears
Iain MacWhirter June 22 2005
The Herald

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American and British planes drop 500 lb bombs in Iraq operation

23-06-2005 00:04

While we were writing this report , Dr .H Al-Aaloossy , the director of Al-Qaim General Hospital sent a call for help (June 20,2005) to the international community asking for lifting the military siege imposed by the American and British troops on Al-Qaim and the neighboring areas, and to let the ambulances evacuate the wounded. He also called upon these troops to stop the blood bath, and to let water, electricity, and medical help reach the civilians. He said that tens of families are buried under the rubbles and no medical help can reach them. He confirmed that the majority of the casualties were civilians, women and children

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Without a UN mandate, the EU illegally fights and pays...

22-06-2005 14:33

Bush welcomes European Union Traitors to the White Haus - The Netherlands war criminals send another thousand troops to fight and do the dirty work for the US. Like Blair's England?

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Get ready to support anti-G8 prisoners in Scotland

22-06-2005 11:21

Get ready to support anti-G8 prisoners in Scotland
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