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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Brian Haw protest continues - 3 years in June!

14-05-2004 13:40

Brian Haw on Friday 7th May – shortly before his arrest. Vigil Day 1,072.
This is a short report about Brian Haw and his near 3 year vigil in Parliament Square. I have used some of the text from the emergency press release of May 10th, the four photos were taken by me before and after his arrest on May 10th.

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Breakfast with Caterkillar

14-05-2004 12:29

Caterkillar - Homewrecker of the Year 2004
Yesterday, we went to the Caterpillar offices near Solihull to present them with their well-deserved Homewrecker of the Year Award, and to ask the employees to take up the issue of arms sales to Israel with the company (see

Unfortunately, the employees were too shy to leave the building to talk to us. So this morning, we thought we'd join them for breakfast in the car park as they arrived for work.

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Animal rights are an Illusion.

14-05-2004 11:18

azlan + mother heleen
The Rotterdam Blijdorp Zoo would like to have a 100% pure-race (breed) lions. To have this, they are going to kill the last two lions in the zoo: mother Heleen (1984) and son Azlan (15-5-95).

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London meeting of NEW antiG8 group

14-05-2004 09:02

There will be a meeting for London-based activists to discuss solidarity actions in the capital as well as looking at the possiblities for a London-wide Dissent! group to join the growing list of groups emerging up and down the country.

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David Blunkett speaking at uni

13-05-2004 21:46

Home Secretary David Blunkett will be speaking at Sheffield University on Friday 14 May 2004 at 2pm in Elmfield Room 215.

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Caterkillar refuses to accept Housewrecker of the Year award

13-05-2004 13:33

A work of art. How could they refuse?
Many of us have protested against Caterkillar in the past, on the High Street, at trade fairs, in their offices and in their factories (see links).

We have seen the error of our ways.

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Night and Day Manchester venue threatened by moaning neighbour

12-05-2004 16:04

It's just another rock and roll suicide.
Manchester seems determined to shoot itself in the Northern quarter. The potiential gagging of city centre venue Night and day is another example of the city's cultural suicide.
How a long established city centre venue can come underthreat from one noisy resident beggars belief, but read on to find out the full story.

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Urgent - Greenpeace on Trial

12-05-2004 14:17

Greenpeace is going on trial on Monday for protecting the rainforest in the Amazon.

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Fortress Dublin? Report by Dublin Grassroots Network

12-05-2004 08:25

Fortress Dublin? - The criminalisation of protest and the demonisation of dissent.

It consists of two parts: firstly a chronicle of recent events giving rise to concern from the moment of the banning of the Farmleigh march; secondly a dossier of "dirty tricks" which we prepared before the banning of the march and released on Friday, April 30th.

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Public Meeting Government’s proposed National ID Card (19th May)

12-05-2004 07:47

Mistaken Identity
A public meeting on the Government’s proposed National Identity Card
Wednesday May 19, 2004; 13:30–17:00 hrs

The Old Theatre, London School of Economics
Houghton Street, London WC2A 2AE

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Urgent: Demand the release of haitian activist So Anne

12-05-2004 03:31

United States Marines have arrested Anne Auguste (So Anne), a prominent Haitian singer and humanitarian activist. A sizeable contingent of marines attacked So Anne’s home in Port-Au-Prince, where she was recuperating from surgery. They detained eleven friends and family, who were handcuffed and taken away, including two young children (ages five and twelve years old). The military ransacked the house. The U.S. Marines apparently still hold So Anne incommunicado.

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Fallujah Victory Celebrations

11-05-2004 18:27

Fallujah Rebels, Residents, Police Celebrate Victory over U.S. Marines

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The Zapatistas Reject the War on Drugs

11-05-2004 15:18

Alcohol and drugs prohibited in the Zapatista communities

Mexican Police and Army Grow and Smuggle Marijuana, While the Indigenous Rebels Don’t Touch Drugs or Alcohol

By Alex Contreras Baspineiro - Narco News South American Bureau Chief, May 8, 2004

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Abú Ghraib

10-05-2004 20:51

Abú Ghraib

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URGENT: Brian Haw "Disappeared" by the Cops

10-05-2004 09:56

Brian Haw at the Downing Street Demo against the Fallujah Massacre, Sun 11/04/04
URGENT: Parliament Square peace campaigner arrested and 3 year protest site broken up in midnight police operation

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Israel emptying Jerusalem of Palestinians

10-05-2004 09:22

The destruction of 24 more East Jerusalem houses clearly illustrates the political agenda driving Israel's relentless demolition policy. As Zaid Hamouri explains, the real issue behind these demolitions is Israel's attempt to alter the demographic make-up of the city.

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Forget The Trial Get The Rope: Bush Approved The Torture!!!

10-05-2004 03:46

While the shutter captured the gruesome horror in graphic detail, it missed capturing the full scope of the incident, as did CBS. This was not an isolated incident. It was not the result of a few rogues. Rather this incident was the result of careful long-term planning. In fact Bush and every other high official of this administration approved of the torture and we have their own words on that

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1a.m.: Police quietly dismantle Britain's freedom of speech

10-05-2004 00:47

Long term peace campaigners silenced

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Police detain 30 at Marijuana Day in Tel Aviv park

09-05-2004 22:18

Police detained 30 participants at the international Marijuana Day celebrations at Hayarkon Park in Tel Aviv yesterday, claiming the event was a drug party.

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09-05-2004 20:39

1 student has been killed by police and 70 injured after a riot Saturday night in the Polish city of Lodz.
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