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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Supporting The Whistleblowers @OccupyDemocracy Protest at the Ecuadorian Embassy

05-04-2015 13:48

Attached is a audio recording of Eileen from Compassion in Care, and Nicola from Woman Against Rape, speaking at a Occupy Democracy protest held on 4th April 2015 in support of whistle blowers outside the Embassy of Ecuador, Knightbridge, London, where Wikileaks founder Assange WikiLeaks has been stuck for almost 3 years.

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Cardiff Smash IPP Demo / Protest Chwalwch IPP

04-04-2015 20:23

Report from today's Smash IPP Demo in Cardiff / Adroddiad o'r protest heddiw yang Nghaerdydd

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New Letter from Anarchist Prisoner Emma Sheppard

04-04-2015 19:29

Prisons do not work for anyone – except those who profit from them.

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Trouble on the terraces

30-03-2015 23:20

Video from an impartial attendee

On Saturday 28th of March 2015 an altercation unfolded during a home match of Clapton FC in East London. Clapton FC fans are known for their antifascist politics. The altercation took place between two sets of Clapton fans: on the one side some of the founders of the 'Clapton Ultras' and originators of its antifascist stance and their families, other well known antifascist activists, members of the RMT and visiting Celtic FC fans who had travelled to London from Scotland; on the other side the main bulk of Clapton Ultras this season, who now include members of the ISN and RS21 splits from the SWP.

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New anti-establishment party on the rise in the UK

27-03-2015 13:46

How millions who have turned off the political system have the chance to finally vote in the 2015 May general elections thanks to The Above and Beyond Party

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Audio: 'Mass Surveillance, Liberty and Activism' with ORG Director Jim Killock

26-03-2015 00:40

Audio Jim Killock
The Open Rights Group's Executive Director Jim Killock gave a talk in Sheffield on 25th March 2015 at a ORG Sheffield meeting about mass surveillance, liberty and activism, attached is a recording of the talk and the Q and A with the audience.

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Why we boycott the Sun Newspaper. Don't buy it, don't read it!

22-03-2015 19:37

Letter from the Sun received by Liverpool Manager Kenny Daglish
As you may be aware the people of Liverpool have been involved in a long, protracted and nasty battle with the British state, and their mediums of communication. In particular the Sun newspaper, or as it's known here the Scum. We don't buy it, we don't stock it in our newsagents. If you visit Merseyside you will not find a copy of that shit in any of our railway stations, railworkers amongst many others refuse to have anything to do with it...Don't ask for it because you will be causing offence.

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Greek Hunger strike updates in English

20-03-2015 10:21

A new website has been created to cover the ongoing hunger strike in Greece by anarchist and other revolutionary prisoners.

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(corrected) Dining With Vultures: Bristol Anarchists & the UK Media

17-03-2015 19:26

-corrected version, March 2015-
(Thanks to the Anarchist Black Cross of Bristol for their clarification. From the original; "fortitude to those targeted by Operation Pandora and their close ones, the dignified rebels holding strong in the Belarussian gulags, Emma Sheppard, all those across the world facing down repression head on and all those forced underground.")

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Does Met Cop Sir Bernard really care about dealing with Tower Hamlets Crimes?

16-03-2015 17:39

Sir Bernard, Cllr Rabina Khan, Cllr Ohid Ahmed, Cllr Amy Whitelock and MPs' Home Affairs Cottee Chair Keith Vaz all feature here

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Why is Liverpool City Council *not* registering voters?

16-03-2015 17:19

It could be incompetence it could be bloodymindedness but why is Liverpool City Council failing to register voters despite repeated attempts to register being made by people.

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VIDEO: Anarchists occupy the headquarters of the governing party in Greece

10-03-2015 08:51

On Sunday March 8th, 2015 anarchists occupied for almost 10 hours the headquarters of the main governing party “SYRIZA” in Athens, Greece in solidarity to political prisoners in Greece, 18 of them on hunger strike since March 2, 2015.

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[Good Video] London Climate March Time to Act 07/03/2015

08-03-2015 13:30

We Arrived Late for Time to Act

March 07 2015

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Dining With Vultures: Bristol Anarchists & the UK Media

06-03-2015 07:39

The purpose of this piece is to better understanding of mass media's relationship to rebels (including anarchists of all stripes), in general as well as in the context of a repressive atmosphere in Bristol. As well as raising local specifics, it hopes to encourage stronger awareness around wider issues of representation and counter-insurgency.

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Maximarse is more than a farce.

04-03-2015 20:38

Reworked banner

On the 2nd of March 2015 Disabled People Against the Cuts, Mental Health Resistance Network, Black Triangle and many other associated groups took to the streets to protest against the US company Maximus taking over the contract from Atos. The contract involves administering the Work Capability Assessment on behalf of the Department of Work and Pensions.

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Mental Health Resistance Network Statement

04-03-2015 20:26

MHRN members with placards
MHRN speech given outside Maximus' offices in central London and Balham on 2 March 2015 during the day of action against Maximus

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Cameron's Child Sex Abuse Announcements Tuesday 3 March 2015

03-03-2015 14:04

Child sex abuse and violence against children in several English local Council areas and David Cameron's highly-publicised stunts staged today

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Wrexham joins National Day of Protest Against WCA & Maximus

02-03-2015 16:35

A national day of action was called for Monday 2 March to protest the ongoing use of the discredited Work Capability Assessments to determine fitness for work or otherwise and to leave Maximus, the company that has taken over from Atos to carry these out, in no doubt that resistance will be ongoing.

2 March is the first working day of Maximus' new contract and protests were held in 30 UK towns and cities including here in Wrexham and at Maximus HQ in central London. A solidarity demo was also organised in Toronto at the offices of Maximus Canada. In Wrexham, there was a small but highly visible protest outside the DWP and Medical Examination Centre on Grosvenor Road.

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Cameron is attacking poorest pensioners as well

02-03-2015 13:32

Has anyone noticed that IDS is punishing some Pensioners for asking Qs?
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