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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Urgent! English Defence League [EDL] have gone into Whitechapel this evening

15-06-2010 18:08

The racist Islamophobic football hooligans of the English Defence League have gone into Whitechapel, East London E1 this evening, Tuesday 15th June to cause trouble. They were in Barking earlier today. They punched Muslims, threw eggs and pork meat at Muslims. They have now gone into Whitechapel. If you live in East London defend your Muslim friends and neighbours in case the EDL attack.

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San Antonio Park Police Frame-Up Attempt

15-06-2010 01:42

Video Brighting.jpg
San Antonio Park Police and Cellular On Patrol try to frame homeless park visitor

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Calais: Destruction of Africa House - solidarity needed

14-06-2010 13:55

Right now Africa House is under eviciton - and the bulldozers are moving in.

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direct action in solidarity with palestine especially free gaza

14-06-2010 10:24

On wednesday 2nd june a tesco express in hartshill, stoke on trent was visited out of hours by palestinian solidarity activists.

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How the CIA Steals Money From Taxpayers

14-06-2010 08:23

In 1989 Catherine Austin Fitts became Assistant Secretary for Housing in Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). She began to notice money was not properly tracked as it moved between different HUD departments and there was a lack of proper accounting mechanisms to deal with discrepancies in revenue indicated fraud at an alarming level. [28] She attempted to put in place some credible financial tracking mechanisms to identify where the money was going and to identify the responsible individuals and HUD departments, but after 18 months on the job she was suddenly fired by the Bush administration. Fitts was told the day after she left that her financial reforms through ‘place-based financial accounting and statements’ would also be terminated. [29]

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13-06-2010 22:36

SYNOPSIS: The Peoples’ Front in Defense of the Earth (FPDT in its Spanish initials) brings together a number of villages and farming communities on the outskirts of Mexico City, including San Salvador Atenco. In 2002 they commenced a process of peasant resistance to the plan for a new airport that would expel them from their land. After an intense process of social mobilization, the airport project was cancelled. After its struggle The FPDT became a national and international reference for Mexican social movements defending their land.

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The Poor People's World Cup

13-06-2010 22:12

Poor people are excluded from the World Cup.
Fisherpeople who were normally allowed to fish from the piers in Durban, a struggle for which they fought very hard—it was one of the sort of key demands for certain people in the anti-apartheid struggle, is the freedom to be able to fish wherever you like— those rights have been rolled back for the duration of the World Cup.

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Venezuela: The jail bars will not silence people protest

13-06-2010 17:15

* National and international campaign of epistolary solidarity with trade unionist Rubén González *

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info about g20 arrests

13-06-2010 15:13

info about g20 arrests ........

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BMI Airlines identified in doing charter flights

13-06-2010 14:26

*BMI Airlines* have been identified as the company conducting the regular charter flights to Afghanistan.

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One month after execution of 5 Kurdish political activist, 27 more face hanging!

13-06-2010 10:48

Stop Execution
Islamic regime of Iran follows the Taliban rules - charging left wing activist with Moharebeh (taking up arms against God);
these brutality indicates state-sanctioned murders, and provide more evidence of the Islamic Regime’s brazen contempt for international human rights standards.

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The absurdities in the campaign for president of Brazil

13-06-2010 00:44

We see with deep regret the rating of terrorist circulates abundantly by the Brazilian Internet, targeting the 44 million voters-users of the network. The term, associated with economist Dilma Vana Rousseff is, at worst, a historical injustice.

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Think Globally and Act locally,, workers solidarity against execution

12-06-2010 09:26

Stop execution
To condemn execution and repression agonist unionist and Kurdish political activist, and to show their international solidarity against execution, Teachers organised a protest in front of islamic embassy in Jakarta.
Indonesian teachers showed their anger against execution of teacher trade unionist by Iran's islamic regime.
Protesters were wearing a T-shirt with picture of teacher activists Farzad Kamangar whom was executed along with 4 other Kurdish political activist.

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Europe wide surveillance on ‘extremists’.

10-06-2010 17:21

Statewatch has obtained documents showing that the EU has agreed a plan to gather intelligence on those they consider ‘extremists’.

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Kent Police Apologise To Climate Camp Activists

10-06-2010 17:07

Police force admits that Kingsnorth stop-and-search tactics in 2008 were unlawful, and agrees to pay compensation to the three people who brought the legal challenge

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Is the US Govt. Behind Microsoft censorship of Pravda

10-06-2010 16:57

Is the Obama regime behind the blocking of Pravda on Microsoft and Firefox?

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Condemnation of Israel’s Attack on Humanitarian Aid to Gaza

10-06-2010 13:01

The Mindanao Peoples’ Peace Movement a coalition of more than a hundred multi-sectoral, peace and human rights organizations coming from the grassroots tri-peoples communities in Mindanao would like to add our voice to raging protests worldwide against Israel’s attack on the Freedom Flotilla on international waters on the morning of May 31,2010 which resulted to the death of nine (9) peace and human rights activists while injuring others and the subsequent arrest of the MV Rachel Corrie on June 6,2010.

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26 June:Demonstration in Solidarity with Victims of Extraordinary Rendition

10-06-2010 11:12

26 June is international day in support of victims of torture. Over the past decade, up to 200,000 people all over the world have been swallowed alive into the black hole of extraordinary rendition - torture, kidnap, simulated live burial, sensory deprivation, physical, psychological and sexual torture...all in a day's work for the torturers

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Information on the 2010 World Cup

09-06-2010 11:06

Extensive archive of World Cup 2010 related material including: News, Analysis, research papers films & other multimedia
see also our Analysis,40 & Newswire,27 Pages

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Iran's disappeared nuclear scientist: Video points to unlawful US abduction

09-06-2010 09:34

Shahram Amiri
The mysterious disappearance of an Iranian nuclear scientist took another twist with the broadcast of a video message in which he claims that he was abducted by American and Saudi intelligence agents and taken to the US where is being held against his will.
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