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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Scottish Police Harass a Peaceful Protest

15-04-2008 22:40

Five members of the Edinburgh Clown Army (1) were detained for questioning this afternoon at a peaceful and entertaining biofuels protest in Bruntsfield(2). They have since been arrested and charged with a breach of the peace, despite maintaining a friendly atmosphere.

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Repression in Tibet: the class issues

15-04-2008 20:32

The Chinese regime’s repression in Tibet has been thrust into the international limelight by a series of protests in cities around the world, criticisms of Beijing’s actions by Western powers and the threat of a boycott of the Beijing Olympics.

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When The US Congress Denied The Mass Of Americans Their Possible Freedoms!

15-04-2008 20:10

When the wealthiest country in the world continues to allow the enslavement of the tens of thousands of their own innocent Middle Class and Working Poor to decades of false imprisonment,it's time to ask for International help!Currently there are reported to be 100,000 falsely imprisoned Americans living along with the estimated 2,000,000 US prison population nationwide.America now has the very unique distinction of not only being rated the #1 in the World for having the largest prison population,but America also has the distinct rating of having the largest wrongfully imprisoned prison population in the World as well.Our US Congress affords themselves all the perks and salary most Americans could only dream about,but ask anyone of these Leaders Of The Free World to protect our Middle Class or Working Poor Americans from continuing to be falsely imprisoned endless decades due to the lack of federal appeal legal counsel being afforded them, and you just might be thought of as being crazy?

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Palestinians versus Tibetans - a double standard

15-04-2008 19:51

Tibet and Palestine

The fact that the media has turned global protest into 'Free Tibet Month', after ignoring the slaughter and oppression of the Palestinians, and downplaying antiwar sentiment worldwide, is a glaring example of their Bias.

If Kant were dug up tomorrow and asked about the Palestinians, he would probably answer: "Give them what you think should be given to everybody, and don't wake me up again to ask silly questions."

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Reminder: tomorrow demo at Kalyx in support to the Harmondsworth detainees

15-04-2008 17:17

The detainees are complaining that they are being deported without having their cases properly heard. The so-called fast-track system means that asylum seekers are not getting enough time to prepare their cases. Legal representation is often of very poor quality. They further say that they are being abused by detention staff.

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Pavilion gets greedy

15-04-2008 16:48

boarded-up maisonettes Firgrove Court
Pavilion Housing Association is looking to the next four years to sweat its assets, to extract the maximum value.

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film screening on Brad Will/Oaxaca Friday, April 18, 8pm @ 6 Bowl Court

15-04-2008 16:11

Please join us at the Bowl Court Squat on Friday, for a screening of the film "Brad, One More Night at the Barricades" (55 min). Brazilian filmmaker and media activist Miguel will be on hand to discuss his documentary tribute to a fallen friend and will also show
another one of his films. Guy will also discuss the situation in Oaxaca, including the plight of indigenous people. DVDs will also be on sale. Entry by donation.

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Bristol Protest Against Biofuels; a solution worse than the problem

15-04-2008 13:23

People from Bristol Rising Tide[1] and Espacio Bristol –Colombia[2] will be at Tesco petrol station, Eastville, Bristol from 5pm – 7pm today to highlight the devastating consequences that agrofuels[3] from monocultures will have on the climate, ecosystems, food prices and human rights.

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You could be a Staffs Cold Turkey

15-04-2008 12:42

According to the Derby Evening Telegraph

Police are running an online recruitment campaign for more volunteer officers.

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American Plea Bargaining: A criminal Enterprize In uSA

14-04-2008 22:09

Plea Bargains- Unethical, Torturous and Abominable in the USA; now the fbi tries to force Plea Bargains on the people of England.

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The Military Family Network- A National Disgrace

14-04-2008 22:05

The Military Family Network-A National Disgrace To Servicemen, as it sends a porno and hate message to a Viet Nam combat veteran.

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Brutal eviction of Squat in Vienna (Spitalgasse 11)

14-04-2008 21:28

During the international action days for squats and autonomous spaces many activities took place in Vienna. After a powerful demonstration on Friday demanding free and autonomous spaces, followed by squatting a new place for the Viennese “Wagenburg”, the second day started with a “Bim Party” during which several tramways were occupied. In the evening dozens of people met to discuss queer-feminist aspects of squatting and their practical implications.

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Antifa trouble in Wroclaw, Poland

14-04-2008 17:21

Another trouble in Poland.

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Urgent: demonstrate for Mumia Abu-Jamal, this Saturday 19 April: Free Mumia now!

14-04-2008 16:24

Free Mumia now!

Mumia Abu-Jamal
is innocent!

Abolish the racist
death penalty!

Saturday 19 April
1pm, US Embassy,
Grosvenor Square, London W1A
(Nearest Tube: Bond Street)

See attached PDF leaflet, contact the PDC for more information and to help build the demonstration, to speak and to endorse the protest. 020 7281 5504 (includes international leaflet, full list of endorsers and further information about Mumia Abu-Jamal)

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London Mayday 300th Anniversary Party

14-04-2008 15:40

The Space Hijackers and Metropolitan Police Cordially invite you to

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Pavilion asbestos scandal

14-04-2008 14:28

derelict semi-demolished garages
Pavilion Housing Association fail to take proper precautions when removing hazardous asbestos.

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Iraq Militia hides their arms

14-04-2008 14:07

Iraq militias go into hiding until another "surge" has been completed. Once its ended, watch the blood flow in more sectarian killings!

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Indy Global Report from Bethlehem, on Resonance FM104.4 14 April

14-04-2008 13:36

This weeks Indy Global report presents interviews with two women health workers from the West bank village of Beit Sahour, who discuss the effects of occupation on womens' well being.

And of course This week in Palestine brings around up of news from across the West bank and Gaza.

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Extra London showing of 'On the Verge'

14-04-2008 12:56

On the Verge - extra London showing - 7pm, April 21st - London Action Resource Centre

Cos lots of folk missed it at Housmans (couldn't get in) State_of_Emergency cordially invites anybody who hasn't seen this important movie to an extra showing.

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New Nottingham Defy-ID Bulletin

14-04-2008 07:36

Nottingham Defy-ID's 6th bulletin is out now, containing information on the latest developments with the National Identity Register, new police powers, surveillance of university students and the extent to which the state is already snooping on us.
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