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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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05-10-2005 12:35


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The Continuation of the French Show Trials

05-10-2005 10:50

It has been three years now since the start of the Euro-repressive campaign of November 2002 paving the way for the arrest and imprisonment in France and Spain of about twenty communists, antifascists and supporters of political prisoners.

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Mark Curtis to speak at Uni, 18th Oct

05-10-2005 09:02

Author and campaigner Mark Curtis will give a talk entitled 'Government Propaganda and the Reality of UK Foreign Policy' at the University.

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Stirling Palestine Solidarity Campaign has first victory

04-10-2005 23:36

Since this post, the SPSC has managed to get the motion passed through SUSA senate.

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Birmingham Women 'rescued' by police from massage parlour to be deported

04-10-2005 17:53

Six of the 10 women 'rescued' by Birmingham police from Cuddles massage parlour last Friday, where they had been held aginst their will and forced into prostitution, are now being held in Yarl's Wood detention centre facing imminent deportation. Please make your opposition to this hypocracy and continued human rights abuse known.

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Big brother aims to force tracking on the tube ands buses

04-10-2005 17:09

Allow big brother to spy on your movements or pay twice the price for travelling by bus and Tube in London.

Thats London's Mayor Ken Livingstone latest plan, announced today.

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Embrace nuclear weapons: The Un-Australian?

04-10-2005 01:56

CIA Jewish bomb
Bashir describes one of the 2002 Bali bombs as "a Jewish bomb". "That bomb was a CIA Jewish bomb. You are stupid to punish Amrozi if he really knows how to make such a bomb," he says. "You should hire him to be a military consultant, because there is no military or police person (in Indonesia) who can make such a bomb. If Amrozi really did make that bomb, he deserves the Nobel Prize. So, the death penalty is not fair."

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6th October - Public Meeting: ID Cards

03-10-2005 10:04


What will ID card Britain be like? No ID card, no access to public services? No rights? Chaos & harassment for ordinary people, big money for fat-cat consultants & technology companies?

ID cards & a national identity database will destroy freedom & privacy – let’s stop it NOW. Come to the meeting this Thursday and find out more

7.30pm at Dingle Community Learning Project, 5 Shelmore Drive, Liverpool 8 (Catch the 82 Bus from Paradise Street, get off at Mecca Bingo Park Road, cross over & go down Wellington Rd, which continues into Shelmore Drive click here for a map)

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Unity Injustice - "Bringing Justice back home" Conference

03-10-2005 01:36

A working conference that will look at the failings of the secretive family courts & child protection systems whilst looking to create a roadmap for reform that prohibits further mass injustices within British families and wholesale state endorsed abduction of innocent children for financial reward.

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pdf flier for october 1000 cyclist critical mass - print and distribute!!!!

02-10-2005 22:58

in the wake of police attempt to criminalise the 12 year old critical mass cycle rides, here is a pdf flier (two on an A4 format) to print and distribute widely to try and creat a thousand cyclist critical mass for the 28th october

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Inside the Insiders

02-10-2005 22:07

Gaggle of protection for the elite
This is a copy of a letter sent to ABC online this morning in response to their 'current affairs' programme "Insiders". It reads, in part, as follows: "On your webpage you declare "Insiders" is a, "fast-moving treatment of national affairs". Because of the loaded reporting style, I would say Insiders is more like a gaggle of protection for the elite, and a thorough-going endorsement of the state's handling of national affairs."

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Ex-Carabiniere Shooter Won't Speak At Genoa G8 Trial

02-10-2005 12:47

Translation of press release by Supporto Legale. Mario Placanica, the ex-Carabiniere who killed an anti-globalization protestor during the Genoa G8 clashes in 2001, appears at hearing.

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Former UN Weapons Inspector SCOTT RITTER speaks in Bristol Tues 04 October 2005

02-10-2005 12:13

'Iraq as intelligence success and policy failure - how the CIA manipulates and sabotages the UN to achieve US foreign policy objectives' by Scott RITTER, former UN Weapons Inspector in Iraq

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Have I found the answer?

02-10-2005 09:50

It's all so simple really,

Until we all start putting the needs of others first, others will suffer.
That's it, isn't it?

look at the last postings on Art of War: Katrina

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800 March in Glasgow on Saturday against deportations

02-10-2005 09:46

800 people marched in Glasgow against deportations and detentions
This report aken from BBC News Saturday 1st October 2005.
Anyone got any links to photos or reports from the participants point of view?

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critical mass banned

02-10-2005 00:01

just in case people missed the innocuous title that looked like a report on last friday's critical mass below...........

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domain hosting companies who will let anyone censor any website one-sidedly

01-10-2005 18:01

How universal among domain hosting companies, is the position that Vision Internet has taken, saying that websites should be open to attack from any malicious complainant without the hoster having to look at both sides of the case?

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No Borders demo at communications house

01-10-2005 17:33

Communications House.
Refigees have to 'sign on' at immigration facility Communications House which is located at the top end of city road by the Old Street roundabout. Unlike signing on the dole refugees are regularly detained at Communications House, put in holding cells then deported. Imagine having to report to a building every week not knowing if your about to be returned to the country where you have been tortured? Very humane...

Today's demo was called to draw attention to what is happening inside the building. More to follow.

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September 24 - Peace and Liberty - London

01-10-2005 17:31

A bit late, but been busy as hell, so here you go.

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When Terrorism Outlaws Democracy

01-10-2005 14:08

Draconian Terror Laws set us up for police statehood
Federal and state leaders sold out democracy when harsher laws were agreed at the Terror Summit. The stronger laws potentially threaten to target Muslims and dissidents with searches, raids, and secret detention. In a country without a Bill of Rights, the draconian Terror Laws set us up for police statehood.
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