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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Free Philip Rizk! - Call To Protest - Egyptian Embassy London

10-02-2009 03:12

5 Hours before being abducted by Egyptian Secret Police
On February 6, 2009, Philip Rizk, a German-Egyptian activist and a graduate student at the American University in Cairo, was arrested north of Cairo while participating in a protest against the Rafah border closure into Gaza. Rizk, who blogs about relief work in Gaza at, has been working to get medical and relief supplies into the Gaza Strip.

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German-Egyptian Journalist Abducted by Egyptian Secret Police

10-02-2009 02:58

We've had enough! Open the Rafah Border Crossing
A blogger and peace activist is being held by Egyptian security forces at an undisclosed location after he was arrested Friday following a march to raise awareness about conditions in the Gaza Strip. Philip Rizk, a 26-year-old Egyptian-German filmmaker and student at the American University in Cairo, was last seen leaving the Abu Zabal police station in a white mini-bus. Rizk and other activists had earlier marched at a rally outside Cairo to condemn the Israeli blockade of Gaza and urge Egypt to open its Rafah border crossing to allow aid to enter the Palestinian enclave.

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Man arrested in Indymedia animal extremism probe

09-02-2009 15:06

Police act on web comment including judge's details

A man has been arrested in connection with comments posted to the activist news site Indymedia.

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Police raid 'bomb factory' in Islington

09-02-2009 12:26

At 4am this morning, residents in a north london council block were woken by police and evacuated from their homes. No explanation was provided; however, one police officer did say that the police "have found substances that could be used to make bombs."

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Top secret police force to spy on political Campaign groups

09-02-2009 11:22

Allo, allo, allo. What's going on here then? I'm Inspector Clouseau, of the Confidential Intelligence Unit, and I'm here to investigate rumours that you may be part of Plane Stupid, the anti-aviation direct action group with a penchant for bad puns. Have I found anything out? I can't tell you: all our intelligence is confidential.

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Children Demonstrate for Gaza at Downing St

09-02-2009 10:32

Israel lie, Children Die; Stop Arming Israeli War Criminals
A children's demonstration for the children of Gaza and for
all children of Palestine took place in Whitehall opposite Downing
Street on Sunday 8 February. Pictures Copyright (C) 2009 Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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AEC members tear gassed, beaten and arrested; residents lay blame on ANC

09-02-2009 05:26

Earlier today, Gugulethu SAPS burst into an Anti-Eviction Campaign mass meeting, tear-gassed and beat residents, and then arrested two AEC leaders, Mncedisi Twalo and Mbulelo Zuba.

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Israeli forces open fire on Palestinian farmers and internationals in al-Farahee

09-02-2009 01:33

Israeli soldiers again opened fire on Palestinian farmers and international Human Rights Workers (HRWs) on Thursday 5th February, as they attempted to harvest parsley in agricultural land near the Green Line.

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Books not Bombs, A Rally for Gaza, University of Nottingham : Pics 2

08-02-2009 18:08

On Friday 6th Feb, a massive rally took place on the University of Nottingham main campus. Meeting at 2pm on Portland Hill, the rally aimed at expressing solidairty with the victims of the recent conflict and the population of Gaza and to launch an initiative entitled “Books not Bombs” that aims at getting the University of Nottingham to donate educational equipment to children and students living in Gaza.

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Books not Bombs, A Rally for Gaza, University of Nottingham : Pics 1

08-02-2009 18:01

On Friday 6th Feb, a massive rally took place on the University of Nottingham main campus. Meeting at 2pm on Portland Hill, the rally aimed at expressing solidairty with the victims of the recent conflict and the population of Gaza and to launch an initiative entitled “Books not Bombs” that aims at getting the University of Nottingham to donate educational equipment to children and students living in Gaza.

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yet more surveillance

08-02-2009 16:04

Welcome to the brave new world of the CIU (Confidential intelligence unit) as reported in the mail online -

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Water in Bolivia: Defeating the Multinationals Is Just the Start of the Problem

08-02-2009 14:07

Set in a landscape of dry brown hills and arroyos flooded with dust, Cochabamba, Bolivia's third-largest city, is not rich in water. Seen from the air in early September, at the tail end of the southern winter, the land is brown and barren from the ridgetops to the river valleys. A warm wind blows dust in billowing clouds. Thousands of feet below the soaring, icy peaks of the altiplano to the west, and thousands of feet above the lush coca fields of the Chapare to the east and the Amazon to the north, Cochabamba enjoys the mildest climate in the country, but suffers from what geographers call "water stress," compounded here, as everywhere, by climate change.

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London Basque Solidarity Campaign-Public Event

08-02-2009 11:55

PUBLIC EVENT organised by London Basque Solidarity Campaign
Thursday 12th February 2009 (7:00pm) Oxford House
Projection of the documentary The Spanish Inquisition
Speaker Saleh Mamon (Human Rights activist)

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Foreign Office colludes with US to cover-up torture of Binyam Mohamed

08-02-2009 11:37

A High Court ruling by two British judges regarding the torture of a Guantánamo detainee has unleashed a major political crisis.

The judges have stated that they have been pressured by the United States into concealing evidence that should be made available in any country governed by the rule of law. This took the form of threats to withdraw security cooperation, instigated under the Bush administration and continued under Barak Obama's presidency.

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The future of Azerbaijan- an eternal presidency, no foreign broadcasts, no freed

08-02-2009 04:09

In an interview with, the president of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Lluis Maria de Puig expressed his regret over the broadcast ban of foreign radio stations as well as concern over recent constitutional amendments. These changes seriously undermine the possibility for a democratic state in Azerbaijan especially because Azerbaijan took the responsibility to abide by the principles of democracy, respect for law and human rights when joining the Council of Europe.

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Madagascar: More than 25 killed in march to presidential palace

08-02-2009 03:59

At least 25 people were shot dead today in Madagascar's capital Antananarivo during a march to the presidential palace called by the city's mayor Andry Rajoelina after he declared himself the leader of a new transitional government at a political rally. In the past weeks, a power struggle between the mayor and the president Marc Ravalomanana has led to both violence and looting.

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Israel's Subtle Propaganda Strategy

08-02-2009 03:41

Propaganda is most effective when subtly planted and the reader remains unaware that a commentary is actually indoctrination. Sometimes the writer is not cognizant that what he has published has been moved by its propaganda effect – sources for the material are actually misleading and publication is facilitated when the commentary fits a particular agenda.

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How the 'press' treats homeless people!!

08-02-2009 02:54

The Lancashire Evening Press has outdone itself again with the lack of balanced reporting regarding a homeless person speaking the truth against a tory sc******bag

Im appealing for people to get in contact withe paper and register their disgust!!
or even offer advise as to get shit done!!!

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9/2 Fax action for antifascist prisoner, Christian

07-02-2009 21:39

Christian is an antifascist prisoner from Berlin who was condemned to 57 months of
incarceration as a result of taking part in antifascist actions (attacking nazi demos).

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Carmel-Agrexco UK report. Sat 7 Feb 2009

07-02-2009 19:18

The empty flagpole
Over 50 demonstrators and rather more police blockaded the main UK depot of Israeli company Carmel Agrexco today, Sat 7 Feb, to demand a boycott of Israeli goods and in particular the flowers and fruit which they bring from Palestine, from Israeli settlements and from Israel.
Pictures copyright (C) 2009 Peter Marshall
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