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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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US military and Iraqi deaths soar amidst preparations for major offensive

19-10-2006 10:18

A mockery of Iraqi “democracy,”
The escalating crisis in Iraq, and the American government’s reaction, makes a mockery of Iraqi “democracy,” which has never been anything more than a means through which the occupying forces have sought to solidify their control. Sadr’s organization currently holds 30 seats in the parliament, as well as several cabinet posts. It gained these posts in the much-touted “democratic” elections in 2005. However, this has not stopped American forces from talking openly about destroying the organization.

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Dannitt Wins "Wings of Justice" Award.

19-10-2006 10:07

In the UK, General Sir Richard Dannatt is the current chief of the general staff. This past week, he told a British newspaper reporter "that British troops should be brought home 'soon' from Iraq and that their presence was 'exacerbating' tensions. Not only that, but he, in effect, accused the Prime Minister [Tony Blair] of being 'naive' in thinking they could install a liberal democracy in Iraq." He is the recipient of this week's BuzzFlash "Wings of Justice" Award.

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:::OAXACA::: llamado a la accion 21 de oct. a las radios libres de mexico y del

19-10-2006 08:18

llamado a la accion a las radios libres de mexico y del mundo.

transmision solidaria el dia sabado 21 de octubre con radio universidad de oaxaca y radioappo.
sumate a la transmision durante todo el dia.

intercambio de señal en vivo entre estaciones libres y comunitarias

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Five years since Australia’s SIEV X tragedy: the official cover-up continues

19-10-2006 08:02

Those responsible be held to account
Only through the development of a new political movement of the working class, completely independent of the establishment parties and organizations and prepared to challenge the very foundations of the present social and economic order, will the truth about the tragedy of SIEV X emerge and those responsible be held to account.

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Ismet Hyseni - Belongs to Glasgow

19-10-2006 05:18

Ismet Hyseni - Belongs to Glasgow
Ismet and the Hyseni clan were amongst the first asylum seekers to come to Glasgow in 1999. Why, after 7 years, is Ismet still waiting for the right to settle permanently in UK? Why was he taken into detention without justification and in a dawn raid? Why is his future still uncertain? Why is he faced with the worry of being forcibly removed from UK? Ismet has a dream - to be a maths teacher here in UK. Please help him stay in UK so he can fulfill his dream - but importantly, because such a dream is also UK's gain economically and socially.

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MENWITH HILL Worker Bus Info

19-10-2006 03:51

Menwith hill is the controversial US army base located between Harrogate and Skipton.

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Reports of police beating on two Asian youths in Shoreditch

18-10-2006 23:55

I have just recieved a phone call from an eyewitness outside Old Street police station that some 40 people have massed in protest against the beating and possible arrest of two Asian youths in Shoreditch.

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18-10-2006 16:01

I beieve this has come about from the work of Paulo Freire's and others work. Has anyone ever come across, or been part, or is involved in the Theater of Oppressed?

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Standing up against criminal fat cats

18-10-2006 13:10

CHODIEV, MACHKEIVICH, and IBRAGIMOV - Billionaire Kazak trio, owners of corrupt international firm Eurasian National Resources Corporation (ENRC), steal from the rich and the poor, sponsor organised crime circles and frighteningly are making progress in listing on the London Stock Exchange.

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The Right manipulates the Left...again

18-10-2006 11:59

The Armenian genocide of WWI has been talked about in left circles quite a bit lately, much to the delight of reactionary lawmakers trying to whip up anti-Islam sentiment. Robert Fisk, a professional radical journalist, is just one example of the left doing the work of the right by reporting this story has a progressive triumph, since it addresses the issue of holocaust denial – the bigger picture is missed entirely, either because of naivety or underhandedness.

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Bush signs Military Commissions Act authorizing police-state tribunals, torture

18-10-2006 10:39

President Bush signed the Military Commissions Act into law Tuesday morning, establishing a system of military tribunals to try prisoners designated as “unlawful enemy combatants.” This category will include both those now imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay and anyone else, citizen or non-citizen, whom the Bush administration so designates.

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Criminal Paradise is Government

18-10-2006 03:37

The answer is blowing the Constitution and Bill of Rights out the window – the Triads, Mafia, Latino, Cuban groups and various South American drug cartels all have something to learn from Cheney and Bush; in fact, they look positively tame in comparison. When confronted with accusations (and proof) of murder, torture, theft/plunder, illegal surveillance, etc, on levels traditional organised crime could only dream of, what is the recourse of neo-cons? Legislate and change the Law (it’s an ass anyway). Simply legalise activities that were once considered crimes and criminalise those who oppose or disagree! There’s nothing that compares to stealing government – computerised voting, subterfuge, lies, fabricated terrorist threats and THE POWER TO LEGISLATE – it’s just too damn easy!

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Torture is now legal in USA (by Latuff)

18-10-2006 01:08

Torture is now legal in USA
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Major public meeting on African asylum situation in Leeds

17-10-2006 23:40

Leeds No Borders has announced a major public meeting for Friday 27th October on the critical situation facing African migrants living in Leeds. The meeting aims to uncover what life is like in Africa, why and how its people are fleeing to the UK to claim asylum or work, and how they are treated when here.

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Achin Vanaik on US Imperialism and Political Terrorism

17-10-2006 23:00


Achin Vanaik is an independent Indian scholar and journalist and Professor of International Relations and Global Politics at Delhi University. He was speaking at the Independent and Radical Bookfair in Edinburgh on Friday, 13th of October 2006, about Political Terrorism and the US Imperial Project.
Here are two audio recordings of his talk, which is about 30 minutes, and some notes on the talk.

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17-10-2006 19:58

Verse-omercial for the American New 'passive resistance' Left, brought to you by the US Department of Homeland Security, the American Friends Service Committee, the Committee to Resist Alienating People (CRAP), and various other cowardly American Peace Without Justice groups, all 'collaborating' to "secure Peace while maintaining Process." (God Help Iran!)

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US vs THEM - A Johnny Commentary

17-10-2006 18:50

Johnny Wizard has been arrested by irrational bushite for
threatening the life of antiChrist enemy George W. bush, and
with the bogus warrant made to undermine the true FBI, used
the action to make fraudulent accusations in respect for
Johnny's love of Children. Don't miss out in the trial of the

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Saving Queens Market from the developers

17-10-2006 17:30

The women of the Olympic borough of Newham, London will be taking to the streets from their local Plashet Park on Saturday 28 October, heading a procession to save Queens Market, London’s most multi-ethnic market.

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Pathfinder hits the buffer

17-10-2006 17:11

Thanks to the courageous and determined efforts of a handful of local campaigners in Liverpool, the neo-Labour Pathfinder project appears to have been derailed.

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Photos of Survival Vigil

17-10-2006 15:59

Photos of today's vigil outside India House
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