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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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15-11-2007 22:31



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Action to mark sixth anniversary of Guantanamo

15-11-2007 12:11

11 January 2008 marks the sixth anniversary of the opening of Guantánamo Bay on 11 January 2002. The London Guantánamo Campaign is holding a day-long action on that day to mark this sad anniversary. Your help would be appreciated!

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New Net Privacy threat - sale of activists details and history

15-11-2007 08:11 introduces Registrant Search, selling full lists of the internet domain names which people own together with their address, email and telephone. This is a major threat to privacy, and a direct threat to the physical safety of many who run websites of any kind. Even entering just an email address yields someone's name, address, telephone, and websites.

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Queen’s Speech signals attack on civil liberties

14-11-2007 20:39

When Gordon Brown became Prime Minister five months ago, he sought to distance himself from the unpopularity of his predecessor Tony Blair by pledging “a new kind of politics.” On counter-terrorism legislation, he talked of a consultation period of “good will” rather than an immediate rush to pursue Blair’s repressive legislative agenda. Sections of the liberal establishment gave credence to Brown’s claims that he would “strengthen our liberties,” even though Home Secretary Jacqui Smith made it clear that new anti-terror legislation would be presented later in the year.

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Uk activist update from USA/Mexico No Borders camp

14-11-2007 18:19

2 people released from custody.
1 person remains in custody.
Facing life in prison or deportation to Colombia, was also denied medication in solitary confiment.

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London ABC Stall

14-11-2007 13:55


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Greece: Simultaneous protests outside prisons in 8 cities

13-11-2007 20:43

Anarchists against prisons

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Northern HLS Collaborators - All Listed Here!

13-11-2007 19:19

Every single person has a part to play in closing down Huntingdon Life Sciences. Going on a march or two isn't going to stop the animal abuse. Listed below are the Northern companies dealing with HLS. Politelty contact them and demonstrate outside your local sites.

Form a local SHAC division and help bring attention to HLS in your area.

Hand out leaflets in the high street on a saturday afternoon and make everybody aware of Huntingdon and that companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, whomake products they may buy including Lucozade and Ribena, are involved in killing animals every single day inside HLS. As HLS's biggest client, GSK fund an experiment inside the lab 365 days a year - it only makes you wonder how many animals die for this sick company.

During weekdays and Saturday mornings hold demo's outside companies in your area propping up HLS and increase awareness about the 500 animals who die every day.

As Roche, an ex-HLS client and one of the largest pharmaceutical firms in the world, said - It's not a question of if Huntingdon close down, but when. Make it happen - for Greg, Natasha and Heather and for the animals dying inside the labs.

SHAC Yorkshire

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Time to re state the rules

13-11-2007 18:48

Recently I've been hearing lots of stories of the government monitering the migration patterns of birds to help prevent the spread of a terrible disease so I think it's time to remind everyone of three important rules in preventing a cull.

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Armenia - The Unanswered Question

13-11-2007 13:57

On Tuesday 6th November, Aegis Trust and Nottingham Student Aegis Society, in association with Nottingham Playhouse, a pre-show talk for Beast on the Moon to look at the history behind this compelling play took place.

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Nandigram massacre over Special Economic Zone in West Bengal continue...

13-11-2007 02:47

This follows the article posted on the 11/11/07

Originally forwarded by Narmada Andolan campaign...

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Pakistan, Somalia and the media. Two protests in London on Saturday.

12-11-2007 20:32

A noisy demo outside downing street...
Arriving at Downing St, I am surprised by the number of media present to cover the demo. There must be at least 30 photographers and camera people for the protest against the imposition of martial law in Pakistan. They all seem to be huddled around one corner of the demonstration which numbers about 500. Have our tabloid editors suddenly experienced a huge change of heart in what they consider to be news? Are the concerns of the British Pakistani community now worth investigation for the first time ever? Are human rights and the behavior of our terror-war allies now a priority for our media?

If only….

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Anti-Fascist Killed in Action.

12-11-2007 20:28

Young Antifascist murdered by Nazi scumbag in Madrid. Rising levels of Fascist violence across "Spain" facilitated by the state.

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Letter from Heather Nicholson read by friend at HLS National (Video)

12-11-2007 14:58

A video filmed by WARN activists of a letter from Heather Nicholson being read out by a friend.

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Updated Prisoner List

12-11-2007 14:21


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Tonight: Riots all over Italy after Police killed a soccer fan

11-11-2007 22:00

Police statios burn and are attacked all over Italy. Streetfights in many cities.

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Now It Is A Criminal Offence To Want Privacy From The Police

11-11-2007 20:07

From October 1st 2007 it has now been made an offence (punishable by up to 2 years in prison) not to hand over your pgp password to the police if they request it. An example below is from an animal rights activist who recently had her computer nabbed in a recent raid who now has been given 12 days to hand over the pgp password 'or else'. Many other AR activists have recieved the same demand/threat recently after recent raids. Who next?

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Press Release: Three Arrested @ Common Ground Community Garden

11-11-2007 18:02

(Sorry this is a little late, we've been veerrrrryyyyyy busy! Thanks for your continuing support!)

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Occupation Struggles Heat Up In Reading

11-11-2007 17:57

In Reading, as the entire town is flogged off to international money-men and and the needs of the people go ignored, its difficult to make the priorities and forces running our neighbourhoods and our world, and the injustice that results, more obvious. But two ongoing struggles in the Katesgrove area of the town do just that.
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