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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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U.S. Government Insider Says Bush Authorized 911 Attacks

09-10-2004 17:43

Stanley Hilton was a senior advisor to Sen. Bob Dole (R) and has personally known Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz for decades. This courageous man has risked his professional reputation and possibly his life to get this information out to people.

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Statewatch Statement on Seizure of Indymedia's Servers in London

09-10-2004 12:56

UK-USA: Was the seizure of Indymedia's servers in London unlawful or did the UK government collude?

Tony Bunyan, Statewatch editor, comments:

"Rackspace may be a US company but Rackspace in London is subject to UK law not US law. If they took down and handed over Indymedia's servers simply on the basis of a US subpoena communicated to them this would not be lawful in the UK.

However it seems more likely that the US subpoena was the subject of a request for mutual legal assistance from the US Attorney General to the UK Home Secretary under the MLA Treaty. It would for the Metropolitan Police, probably accompanied by the FBI, to enforce the request and take possession of the servers.

This begs the questions: Why did the Home Office agree? What grounds did the USA give for the seizure of the servers? Were these grounds of a "political" nature? Has the Home Office requested that the servers be returned? What does this action say about freedom of expression and freedom of the press?

A trail that started in Switzerland and Italy has now ended fairly and squarely in the lap of the UK Home Secretary to justify."

Full text with links here:

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IMC Statement on Server Seizures - 8th October

09-10-2004 09:30

08 October 2004

Italy and Switzerland Requested Indymedia's Server Seizure

Today, October 8, 2004, Indymedia has learned that the request to seize Indymedia servers hosted by a US company in the UK originated from government agencies in Italy and Switzerland. More than 20 Indymedia sites, several internet radio streams and other projects were hosted on the servers. They were taken offline on October 7th after an order was issued to Rackspace, Inc., one of Indymedia's web hosting providers.

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When A Beautiful Soul Comes To Visit

09-10-2004 02:38

Tali Fahima , an Israeli woman under administrative detention, joins Palestinian women and girls held in prisons as political prisoners. The way in which Israel keeps them is cruel, without conscience and in violation of many human rights.

The Prison authority is answerable only to the Prime Minister, who has, himself, been accused of war crimes.
Please ask for a full investigation into the human rights violations.

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pre-shutdown statement from Nantes IMC (translation)

09-10-2004 02:19

statement dated 29 Sept 2004, translated by a human, not a machine

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Canary Wharf Group Trying to Ban Demo During ESF

09-10-2004 00:54

PA news via Scotsman reports that Canary Wharf Group have gone to Hight Court to stop the cleaners solidarity demo next friday during the european social forum:

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Swiss and Italian Authorities Requested US Assistance to Seize IMC Servers in UK

09-10-2004 00:11

News first noticed in Italy and put out by AFP and AP after an FBI spokesman finaly commented:

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UPDATE on FBI Trashing of Indymedia - Message from Indy Nantes

08-10-2004 22:02

Is this why Indymedia was raided and hard drives seized? Or are we supposed to think that? Obviously the FBI have aquired a great deal more private information than just what is related to the "hot" photos.

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Fairford Coach case in Court of Appeal next week!

08-10-2004 21:55

The Fairford coach case is at the Court of Appeal next week. The coach detainees will be taking the police to court once again over the basic human right to protest and the right not to be detained. The following press release recently appeared on the Fairford Coach Action website.

(For fun, also see -

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Cesar Zelada still in jail

08-10-2004 17:17

Cesar Zelada
We have just received news that Cesar Zelada, the Peruvian Hands off Venezuela Campaign organiser and member of the Fuerza de Izquierda Socialista jailed in Bolivia, is still in jail.

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ARNA’S CHILDREN - award winning film to be shown in Manchester

08-10-2004 17:07

Manchester Palestine Solidarity Campaign are proud to screen a landmark multi-award winning film introduced by its director, Julianno Mer Khamis:

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‘More Intimidation Than Crime-Busting’ Says IFJ re IMC Server Seizure

08-10-2004 15:51

International Federation of Jounalists Release on Indymedia Server Seizures

Full article


08-10-2004 15:39

Sweet! The newswire and all the archives are back. Wicked! That rocks :-)

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Re Server Seizures: See Support Indymedia Petition / Letter from 2002

08-10-2004 13:39

Copy of a letter / petition supporting Indymedia after the Genoa raids on Indymedia - June 2002. In the light of yesterdays seizure of Indymedia servers in the UK this if of particular relevance.

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The pictures the FBI didn't want you to see!

08-10-2004 10:04

Here is some of the background to the FBI's extraordinary seizure of indymedia hard drives in the UK. We don't yet know why they were seized, and indymedia's provider Rackspace has been gagged. It is an interesting coincidence that the European Social Forum in London starts next week. One of the things taken off-air was 'Radio RampArt', set up to provide coverage of the ESF:, still off-air when I tried. The FBI's latest anti-free-press actions began at the beginning of October when they visited Indymedia's ISP demanding the removal of identifying information from photographs of undercover police officers that was posted on the Nantes Indymedia website. Below are the relevant pictures of Swiss undercover cops, who were spying on anti-G8 activists.

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FBI seizes Global Indymedia Servers. Reasons Unknown

07-10-2004 21:47

FBI seizes Global Indymedia Servers. Reasons Unknown

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120 police detained and prevented from attending demo!!

07-10-2004 21:31

The police of London were travelling to a peace demo in Gloucestershire when an overwhelming number of anti-war protestors stopped and searched them in the sleepy hamlet of Lechlade. The police claim that the search was intentionally slow, and many police were filmed by the protesters through the duration of the search.

Full article

Samarra then (2001) and now.

06-10-2004 22:30

Map of Iraq showing Samarra.
This is a short account with photos of Samarra during my visit in 2001 and how it appears to be now under US bombardment.

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Western Sahara - still illegally occupied after almost 30 years

06-10-2004 19:34

Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford

Invites you to a seminar entitled

'The Saharawi refugee camps: death and stagnation in no man's land' by Fatima Mahfud.

1-2pm on Thursday 14 October 2004

Blackhall Seminar Room, Queen Elizabeth House
21 St Giles, Oxford

All Welcome
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