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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Urgent Support Needed by Tibetan Hunger Strikers in London ( Correction on dates

19-03-2008 11:56

The situation in Tibet is getting worse......
We will continue doing hunger strike outside the Chinese Embassy until this Saturday when there will be a Mass Solidarity March throughout London @ 11.30am Chinese Embasy to Trafalgar Square.
We urgently need volunteers who are willing to hunger strike tomorrow from 6pm Wednesday to 6pm Thursday .
Please contact 07725501995.
Please respect His Holiness' Request for Non-Violence

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Labour government plans to build yet more prisons

19-03-2008 11:50

In December 2007 Minister of Justice Jack Straw published the Lord Carter Review of Prisons and announced plans to build yet more prisons and create 96,000 prison places in England and Wales by 2014.

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Illegal to hand out flyers

19-03-2008 10:31

North Laine, Brighton
The forthcoming criminalization of people who hand out flyers in Brighton

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Betrayed by Sîan Berry

19-03-2008 02:20

Sian Berry and Ken Livingstone become mutual 'running mates'

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Are you Redwatch in disguise? FITwatch at the STWC demo - pics

18-03-2008 23:56

camera shy
A fun day was had by all FITwatchers on the otherwise boring STW demo on Saturday 15th March (although less so for the ones who got nicked). The FIT seemed more sheepish, uncomfortable and shy this time; it seems that a FITwatch is having an effect!

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Urgent Support Needed by Tibetan Hunger Strikers in London

18-03-2008 22:31

The situation in Tibet is getting worse......
We will continue doing hunger strike outside the Chinese Embassy until this Saturday when there will be a Mass Solidarity March throughout London @ 11.30am Chinese Embasy to Trafalgar Square.
We urgently need volunteers who are willing to hunger strike tomorrow from 6pm Tuesday to 6pm Wednesday.
Please contact 07725501995.
Please respect His Holiness' Request for Non-Violence

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Sami al-Haj’s Guantánamo torture pictures

18-03-2008 19:53

The first of Lewis Peake’s four pictures based on drawings by Sami al-Haj
Legal charity Reprieve releases the first of four pictures by political cartoonist Lewis Peake, based on detailed descriptions of drawings by Sami al-Haj, the al-Jazeera cameraman imprisoned in Guantánamo, which were censored by the Pentagon.

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Tibet Vigil at Chinese Embassy, 17 March 2008

18-03-2008 17:50

China, China, China, Out, Out, Out!
Tibetans and supporters held a vigil to show solidarity with the protesters in Lhasa to coincide with the Chinese government’s midnight deadline for them to surrender.
Pictures © Peter Marshall, 2008, all rights reserved.

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Tibetan march

18-03-2008 17:42

an email from a friend is attempting to raise awareness of a march to Tibet by exiles...text below

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Demonstration HMP Holloway in memory of Jamie pearce

18-03-2008 17:33

On the 16th of Jan 2008, Pauline Campbell led a demonstration outside HMP Holloway in memory of prisoner Jamie Pearce, who was found dead from an apparently self-inflicted death,whilst in the care of HMP Holloway.

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Police Lie About Involvement in Banning of Anti-Arms Trade Film

18-03-2008 16:24

Sussex Police have caused the Duke of York's Cinema in Brighton to cancel the showing of 'On the Verge' a documentary about local peace campaigners SMASH EDO.
Chief Inspector Laurence Taylor was quoted in the Argus newspaper as saying "We would never get involved with the certification of a film- it is not something we would do." However the council confirmed that the council had been contacted by Sussex Police about the film's certification.

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Report: CAMPACC “Creating a Climate of Fear” Public Meeting: 14 March

18-03-2008 10:57

Over 150 people attended the “Creating a Climate of Fear: Counter-Terrorism and Punishment without Trial” public meeting hosted by the Campaign Against Criminalising Communities (CAMPACC) and the Centre for the Study of Terrorism (CFSOT) at the London Muslim Centre in Whitechapel, London, on 14 March. The meeting focused on a number of new, dangerous measures the government is seeking to introduce through the current Counter-Terrorism Bill granting more powers to the police and the judiciary to undermine civil liberties and human rights.

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Help! Blair for E.U.president.

17-03-2008 21:19

Blair for president of the E.U.If this is not buggery then I don`t know what is.

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Sussex police pull Smash Edo film 1 hour before premiere at local cinema

17-03-2008 17:52

After months of publicity, Sussex Police chose late today to get the council to call up the local cinema, the Duke of Yorks, Brighton to cancel the showing of On the Verge, because it has no certificate!

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Shut Down Guantánamo! Weekly Protests in April 2008

17-03-2008 16:47

Since February 2007, the London Guantánamo Campaign has been holding a weekly vigil outside the US Embassy in Mayfair. At 6-7pm at the start of every weekend, come rain or shine, we’ve been there, supported by many individuals and groups over the past 14 months, to call on the American government to shut down Guantánamo Bay and other illegal jails in the “war on terror” and to respect human rights and the rule of law. The message is simple: no torture, no detention without trial!

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More evidence of MI5’s network of informers and provocateurs in the IRA

17-03-2008 02:45

According to the Observer, shortly before taking him into “protective custody,” it was MI5 itself that warned Roy McShane that he was in danger of being exposed as another British spy close to leadership of the Irish Republican Army (IRA).

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Burma Human Rights Day March 13th Report

17-03-2008 02:45

About 40 Burmese and their supporters, held a demonstration outside the Burmese Embassy on March 13th in memory of Ko Phone Maw and all those who sacrificed their lives in the struggle for Burma's freedom. Ko Phone Maw was the first student murdered by the Burmese junta on March 13th 1988 at a peaceful demonstration at Rangoon Institute of Technology (RIT). It was the start of the 1988 democracy protests in which thousands of demonstrators were later murdered.

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Tibet Vigil in London - Solidarity with the Tibetan protesters - 17th March

17-03-2008 00:46

The Chinese government have given an ominous deadline of midnight on Monday in Lhasa (4.00pm GMT) for the protesters to 'surrender'. In London, opposite the Chinese Embassy, Tibetans and supporters will be holding a vigil from 3.30pm in solidarity with the Tibetan protesters in Lhasa, Labrang, Gansu and elsewhere who have bravely stood up to the Chinese occupying forces.

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Protest at Totalitarian Oil sponsoring French Film Festival

16-03-2008 23:36

French director Jean Becker and French actor Jean-Pierre Darroussin
Nine protesters demonstrated on Friday March 15th at the French Film Festival at London Cine Lumiere 17 Queensberry Place London. They were protesting against Total funding the brutal Burmese military junta with 500 million dollars a year. Total Oil is the largest western sponsor of the evil regime and their pipeline in Burma was built with slave labour. Total exploits the French Film Festival and French Arts to try to whitewash their dirty reputation.

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IndyGlobal Report from Bethlehem,on Resonance FM104.4 17th march 08

16-03-2008 23:16

This weeks Indy Global Report comes amidst the people of Bethlehem, collective sorrow, at the loss of four of their community during an Israeli under cover operation. Israel claims the 4 men killed were terrorists. 20,000 people attend the the funeral of the killed.

We will be hearing from Ali Samoudi a Jenin based camera, man who has survived being shelled and shot, he lives on to continue to tell the Jenin’s story to the world and ofcourse we will be airing, ‘This week in Palestine’, from WWW. IMEMC org theFriday round up of news from across the West Bank and Gaza.

From a rather sorrowful Bethlehem, this is Indy Global Reports on Resonancefm104.4
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