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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Palestine – the legal hell

14-06-2006 19:35

The legal system in Palestine and Israel. There are three legal systems, completely separated; the civil system, the military system and the Ministry of Interior.

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Revealed: the shrapnel evidence that points to Israel's guilt

14-06-2006 18:44

The Zionists are currently spreading the LIE that the explosion was a Hamas mine, and that the video which showed an Israeli naval vessel off the coast had been altered.

Unfortunately for them, the evidence says otherwise ...

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325 magazine - Issue#3 Out Now! Anti-Prisons / Autonomy / Insurrection

14-06-2006 17:51

The insurgent anti-prison zine is back with another 60 pages of anarchy, prison revolt and social war!

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Time for an Inquiry into London Bombings

14-06-2006 17:24

As we approach the first anniversary of the bombings in London which claimed fifty six lives and injured over seven hundred people, we are still expected to accept the official ‘narrative’ of the events on that day in spite of the fact that it has been proven to be incorrect.

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Palestine Today

14-06-2006 16:25

Palestine Today a service of the International Middle East Media centre, for Wednesday June 14th, 2006

One Killed another injured in clashes in Khanyounis, while Gunmen set fire to the house of head of the Preventive security force in KhanYounis. The Israeli Army invades Beit Wazen village and arrests three, Army and settlers attack a Hebron resident and his son, Army confiscates a house in a Bethlehem village.

Those stores and more coming up stay tuned.

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oaxaca city 14 junio dos muertan

14-06-2006 16:09

today, wednesday 14 june, the mexican military police have violently evicted over 4000 school teachers, who have been occupying the streets of oaxaca city, mexico for the past five weeks, demanding basic amenities for their schoolchildren. During the course of the evictions this morning two children and two teachers were killed.

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Stop Torture Flights Protest at Birmingham Airport Saturday 24th June

14-06-2006 12:29

This vigil is to highlight the UK government's complicity in moving detainees to secret locations for torture.

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Brian Haw Press Release

14-06-2006 12:07

Police change charge against Brian Haw at the last minute.

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Apartheid Israel bans its Arab citizens from internal flights

14-06-2006 10:45

People who argue that Israel is an apartheid state say that the system of apartheid is much more subtle than the old South African model of "whites only" beach signs. But sometimes it really is just like South Africa...

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parliament square 'forgotten protestor' faces deportation

14-06-2006 09:17

alex resting on the morning after police raid the square
alex tsiorulin, the 'other' long-term lone demonstrator in parliament square, is often ignored and forgotten by mainstream media. even here, he gets little mention. yesterday he was met at court by immigration officers and removed to colnbrook. his display at the square was cleared yesterday afternoon by police.

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Civil Rights Defence in County Court protest

14-06-2006 07:00

A small number of activists staged a protest outside the County Court this morning demanding charges against 13 Melbourne men be dropped...

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Incriminating documents looted in East Timor

13-06-2006 23:31

Indonesian military’s scorched earth preparations
Downer’s office flatly denied the CAVR report, falsely claiming that the Australian government supported the 1999 act of self-determination. In fact, as the CAVR report partly documents, the record shows that in December 1998, Howard urged the Indonesian president, B.J. Habibie, to delay an autonomy vote for up to 10 years. Once the 1999 referendum date was fixed, Howard and Downer were fully aware of the Indonesian military’s scorched earth preparations and cynically prepared to take advantage of the atrocities to intervene militarily. Their goal was not humanitarian assistance to the targets of the violence but securing Australia’s strategic interests, particularly in the disputed Timor Sea.

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SBS Dateline documents ultra violent suppression of West Papuan identity

13-06-2006 21:48

So we hope for help from the people there
'STUDENT, (Translation): They have been shot, cut up and stabbed. If we go back to Papua, we don’t stand a chance, we will be arrested and killed. Australia is the strongest nation in the Pacific region. We are not going there because we want to get rich, we may have fuzzy hair, they may have different skin and different builds. But it is an established nation and it’s … the biggest. So we hope for help from the people there. '

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Thirst for West Bank Water

13-06-2006 20:30

Deliberately cuts off our water
One example of this vastly unequal division of water resources is my West Bank village of Qira. Every summer the Israeli company that supplies water to our village and that provides about 53 percent of the total Palestinian domestic water supply deliberately cuts off our water, thus generating a crisis. Last year Qira, a village of 1,000 residents, had no water for more than three continuous weeks, despite the summer heat.

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Is the US behind the Death Squads?

13-06-2006 16:18

What the mainstream media refuses to report . . .

Crying Wolf: Who is Behind the Death Squads in Iraq?

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Virtual Protest Takes On Parliament Square Ban

13-06-2006 16:08

Strike the pose...
New website offers protesters the chance to protest together, separately, in one place, from everywhere...

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EXCLUSIVE: Full List of Bilderberg Attendees

13-06-2006 15:53

What the group doesn't say is that their attendees all share a particular (Right-Wing) political perspective. The media/bookseller attendees always bother me.

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Palestine Today - June 13, 2006

13-06-2006 15:18

Palestine Today a service of the International Middle East Media centre, for Tuesday June 13th, 2006

Army arrests three residents from Tulkarem and two from Nablus. The Israeli Army invades Jenin and unknown gunmen burn the PLC offices in Salfit, One youth from arrested from Bethlehem, Al Quds Open University students' protest in Beit Sahour, Gaza shelled by Israeli air force killing 9 and injuring 20, Palestinian resistance fighters ambush army vehicles in Nablus

Those stores and more coming up stay tuned.

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13-06-2006 13:11

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